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Career Skill[]

Career Skill Quote Audio
Morale Boost Oi! *pause* We're the bloody Ubersreik five! Or four, doesn't matter.
Yahh! Stand up, shape up, or shut up!
Gahh! We'll give 'em all out war, right here, right now!
By Taal! Carve 'em up, smash 'em in!
Haha! This is where we stand, and they fall!
All right! Come on! Kill for old Kruber!
By Taal! *pause* Fight! Kill! Death!
Stand together! Send the buggers back into the filth!
Give 'em hell! Chop 'em to bloody pieces!
Weapons up! Fight like it's payday!
Think ya can stop us? You're welcome to bloody try!
By Taal!
Hunter's Prowl Taal, mask my scent, bless my aim.
Blessed Taal, guide my aim.
Root, trunk, branch.
King Taal, in your name.
Buggers won't see me coming...
Keep 'em busy. I've something special to prepare.
Can't see me now, can you?
One 'poacher's surprise' coming right up!
Oi! Which eye d'you want this in?
Call your target! I'm off hunting!
Watch and learn, mates. This is how it's done.
Rhya and Taal, guide my steps.
Valiant Charge Bull of Ostland!
Sir Kruber, ha ha ha!
Coming through!
Get in there!
For Karl Franz, and bloody Sigmar! Yeah!
Clearing a path!
I'm a bloody battering ram, that's what I am!
Kneel before Sir Kruber, you filthy bastards!
Just try to stop me!
For the bloody Reikshammer! Blessed Blade Perish, fiend!
For the Lady!
Virtuous Strike!
Heart, body, and soul!


Trigger Quote Audio
Ambient during level One of my few competent commanders used to say the Northlanders were like a plague themselves, waxing and waning in strength, but never done with for long.
(Grail Knight) They're not done with us. By the Lady, they're not.
Encouraging Words We're nearly done.
Sigmar wants us to rid this town of vermin.
For the Comet, keep going.
We'll kill them all, you'll see!
I've served with good men before, I do so now.
Slay the rats, that's all we can do.
Those Skaven regret us coming here, I bet!
Almost there, mates!
Not long now!
Keep those blades a-swinging!
You're my mates, I'll not abandon you now!
Close up, let the bastards have it!
Don't tire now, mates!
You know, we're not a bad unit, all things considered.
We really don't mix, but it works.
Fighting Taal, give me this!
We've a fight on our hands now!
Well, they're on the attack now!
I'm fine, you'll see.
Alright. Come on then.
Fighting with no one losing health We've done well so far, mates. I'm impressed.
Taking heavy damage I'm not long for this world!
Taking heavy damage!
Fall back! I'm hurting!
They're swarming!
I'm getting trounced!
This can't go on!
I'm taking damage!
This isn't good.
Didn't feel a thing! Argh...
Argh, I'll get you for that!
Argh, now I'm pissed off!
Argh, alright, come on then!
Argh, alright then!
Argh, thank Tall... ow!... for armour...
Argh, I'm fine, you'll see!
Yargh! That's a hole!
Ow! Bloody ow! Give a man a moment, would you?
Argh, not nice!
Argh! By... Fine, so that's how it is!
Ha ha! Frisky, aye?
Low HP Argh! *coughs*
Taal! I need your strength.
Oh, I'm taking a good beating!
I'm taking a blow or two!
Those gods-cursed skavens have done me!
Argh, I'm in pain!
I could do with Shallya's blessing!
Soon I'll join my brothers in arms...
Don't let me die with my boots on!
Anyone have some healing? Or an arm they ain't using?
Hanging by a thread here!
Only hurts when I laugh. And when I breathe.
Can't lie, I'm not feeling great.
Yeah, that bloody hurts!
Reckon I'm done for...
Down Ah well, last man standing...
Waiting to be rescued Didn't feel a thing. *gasp*
Aggh. Fine. So that's how it is?
Out of ammunition No shots left!
No more shots.
Parrying with shield against Horde Nice bit of shielding, coming right up!
Being alone Don't wander off! Blast!
Where'd you all run off to?
Being the last survivor They're all down. Like Ostland all over again.
I always wanted a heroic stand! Well actually I didn't, but you get what you get.
Now Kruber there's no need to panic. Yeah, who am I kidding. Oh and now I'm talking to myself!
Mates! Oh that's just bloody typical that is.
Well. It was fun while it lasted!
Heh. The empire stands alone eh?


Trigger Quote Audio
Tagging Ammunition Ammunition!
Ammunition here!
There's ammunition here!
I've spotted ammunition!
Here - ammunition.
Ammunition stash!
Ammunition! Take what you need.
Out of shots? Here's more!
It's an ammunition stash.
A Nuln crate. Marking's still fresh!
Tagging Healing Draught Healing draught!
A healing draught here!
A healing draught! Over here!
Healing draught in sight!
Got a healing draught here!
Look, healing draught!
Here's a healing draught!
Taal's Gift! A healing draught!
Healing elixir!
Curative potion! Or green piss.
Healer's draught! No sense wasting it!
Here we are! Healing draught!
Anyone need a healing draught?
Healing draught, mates!
Blessed Taal! A healing draught!
Looks like a healing draught!
Tagging Medical Supplies Medical supplies!
Medical supplies here!
Look! Shallya's gifts!
We're blessed! Health!
I found aid!
Ah, medical supplies!
Healer's kit!
Healer's satchel!
Anyone need medicine?
There! Stuff for patching wounds!
Hey there's a spot of aid here!
Healer's gifts!
Here we are, mates! Healing supplies!
Gifts of the healer!
Healing supplies on my position!
I found us some healing!
Tagging Potion Potion!
Potion cache!
There's potions there!
Look, potions!
More potions!
Hey, see that potion?
Is that a potion?
Potion! Who wants it?
Here! Ain't that a potion?
A potion, anyone?
Found a potion!
Oy! Need a potion?
Grab that potion!
Hey, don't waste that potion!
Here, a potion!
Potion on my position!
The potion! Right here mates!
Tagging Explosives Found bombs!
Ranald's joy! Bomb here!
Get yer bombs here!
Bombs for all here!
A bomb!
Just what I wanted: a bomb.
A bomb! How we'll have fun with this!
Grab yourself a bomb!
That'll make a nice hole!
A bomb! Thank Sigmar!
Who needs a bomb?
A bomb! Lovely!
Here, ammunition.
Oh, I love a good bomb.
Dibs on the bomb!
A bomb! I love me a good bomb!
Here we go, a bomb!
Out of my way here, mates!


Mission Trigger Quote Audio
Righteous Stand Reaching the Franz Erikson Platz Oi! This street! Now!
This way! Down this street!
This is the street!
Before crossing the cart barricade Stay together. We all know what's waiting inside.
Convocation of Decay Finding the door switches I guess one of these probably opens the door?
Opening first or second door It's open. But another's shut.
Hunger in the Dark Finding the rails How about we follow the rails?
Halescourge Mission start Just close up, and don't get separated. They'll be over us before you know it..
Riding the guildsmen's list Hear that? loudest ambush since Salkaten. Stupid beastmen mewling in the bushes.
Near the cliff with falling houses Don't like the footing here. Not at all.
Athel Yenlui
The Screaming Bell
Fort Brachsenbrücke
Into the Nest
Against the Grain
Empire in Flames Mission start This won't be easy. Ussingen's a Chaos stronghold now. They'll have the supplies well guarded.
Festering Ground 
The War Camp Reaching the Blót Tree I don't like the looks of that tree.
Horrible. You don't treat your enemies like that. Well, I don't leastways.
Before the Rotblood War Camp Another sodding wall ahead, mates.
Nearing the ram Look at that. This looks like a handy key for that gate, wouldn't you say?
Ram near the gates Gate's in sight mates! One last effort!
In the Inner Abode There is no end to them! Press on! Press on! Find the champion!
In the tunnel to the Arena Given how they're cheering I think this is an arena.
Start of Bödvarr fight This is what we're here for, innit? *shouted in challenge* We'll fight, don't you worry about that!
Bödvarr charging What can I say? He likes his charging.
Fighting Bödvarr I can proudly say, we did all those lovely things, and then a little more, just for you.
Bödvarr throwing axe Don't fall for the flying axe trick, mates.
Near the Bridge of Shadows Is that the bridge? About bloody time. Reckon I'm coming down with rotlung.
The Skittergate Mission start Well, I too wish we had a plan that wasn't based on insanity. But as always, you make do with what you got.
I ain't in the mood to be stopped after all we've endured. It's us or the Skittergate, mates. I choose us.
Going through the skittergate (Grail Knight) Foul ratman sorcery. But the Lady kept us safe.
The Blightreaper Mission start If it's in the Temple of Sigmar, it's safe. Holy ground is safe ground.
Entering the sewers Soggy feet's no way to start a fight. I need new boots.
Finding a torch We'll carry light with us. Just in case.
Approaching the first Brazier Light the room up. Might as well see how shafted we are.
Exiting the sewers Bugger. The Ubersreik Five. If the ratmen haven't burnt your city up, we'll take care of it.
In Rosen Allee You sure we don't have time to grab a drink or two? Sounds like they've got plenty.
Looking for Sanctum switches Right, let's find these switch-contraptions.
Enchanter's Lair
(responding to Nurgloth's speech) Yeah? Well we're the Bloody Ubersreik almost-Five, and you're going down!
Any mission Finding the right way Over here! Quickly now!
Keep going! Here!
To me! It's this way!
This way!
Finding stairs Stairs. Looks like they go down.
Try not to trip on these stairs.
Stairs. Just what we need.
Hey! I've found the stairs.
Finding the right door This is the door.
Through this door!
This door! Quick!
Well, well, well, this is the right door!
Going to the Bridge of Shadows And... we're done. I could use a kip, and a stiff drink.
Finding elevator Does that lifting platform still work?


Enemy Eliminated Quote Audio
Plague Monk
Chaos Warrior Rot-helm won't bother us now!
Chaos Warrior's dead!
Take that, Northlander!
That's better. One less Chaos Warrior!
Ratling Gunner Yeah, that Ratling's done for.
The gunner's dead.
Yeah, that ratling's dead.
Gutter Runner The assassin's dead. There'll be more.
That critter's fast.
Yeah, you stay down, sneaker.
Poison Wind Globadier Eat my steel, gas-rat!
Globadier's down.
Gas-rat's dead.
Warpfire Thrower We're all good, mates. Fire-rat's dead.
That Warpfire-rat won't give us any more grief!
Hah! And I'm uncooked!
Fire-rat's dead!
Warpfire Thrower's out of it!
Packmaster I killed the hook-rat!
Yes! You killed the hook-rat!
We got the hook-rat!
Strangler's dead!
Lifeleecher That's another leech down!
Leech is no more!
Leech is down!
Blightstormer That's what you get for Blightstormin'!
Storm Sorcerer's out of it.
Sorcerer's gone, and so's his bloody vortex!
Rat Ogre
Stormfiend Stormfiend's down. At bloody last.
Spawn of Chaos
Bile Troll


Character Interactions[]

See also : Character Conversations

Action Hero Quote Audio
Praising Generic Nice! He's not rousing from that!
Nice! That's another down.
Nice one!
Ain't that a beautiful shot?
You've a good aim.
That strike! Pure textbook!
Right in the kisser!
Can't argue with that kill.
Bardin Kill more, Goreksson, haha, kill more!
Good going, Goreksson! Kill 'em all!
Again, Goreksson! Hit it again!
(Grail Knight) The Lady sees your efforts, Bardin. Laughing her head off, she is.
Kerillian Ha! More proof that Kerillian's more fun on the battlefield than anywhere else, mates!
That elf knows how to clear a path - I'll give her that.
Victor You kill them like you're possessed! Sir!
Good show, sir! No heretic safe today!
You're a born killer, sir, and no mistake!
(Grail Knight) Impressive, peasant. Almost acceptable.
Sienna Yes Sienna, burn them all!
Ally mass killing Bardin Taal's blood, Bardin! You're unstoppable!
Kerillian Did you see Kerillian? Nice bit of killing there. Inspiring even.
Ally hitting armour Generic The body's armoured. Aim for the head.
Bardin Can't pierce that armour, Bardin.
That's armour, dwarf, but the head's weak!
Kerillian Kerillian? No sense battering that armour. Hit the head.
Sienna Wizard. Why're you hitting armour? The head!
Ally with low HP Bardin Don't leave us yet, ranger.
Get yourself healed or be done.
You're injured dwarf, sort it.
Cough your guts up Goreksson, and get healed.
We get it Bardin, you're tough, now heal!
Stop fighting wounded, Bardin!
Heal up dwarf, you're fooling no one!
You'll pull through, dwarf.
Kerillian Waywatcher, you're hurt!
You don't look spry, maiden.
How can I help you, waywatcher?
Wood elf, you're badly injured!
Elf, you've looked better! A lot better.
You could use some aid, elf.
You're a bit bloody, elf!
Looks like our elf isn't as eternal as we thought.
Victor You alright, sir?
You don't look good, sir.
You're wounded sir!
By the comet, get healed!
You're wounded sir! (2)
Bind your wounds, sir! You ain't worth much dead!
You ailing, sir?
That's a nasty wound, sir!
(Grail Knight) That's a nasty wound, peasant.
Sienna Cool your fire wizard, you're injured!
You alright, bright wizard?
Cool your fire wizard, you're injured!
You're low on health, mage!
Don't you have a healing spell?
I bet you wish you were at the Jade College now, Sienna!
You're badly wounded, Sienna!
You don't look healthy, Sienna.
You're no good to us dead, Sienna.
Ally dying Bardin Gods dammit, we lost our dwarf!
Back to your ancestors then, dwarf.
The ranger bit the dust.
They got the dwarf!
Our dwarf's done for!
Bardin's no more! Bloody shame.
Bardin's a goner!
Kerillian I'll make the ratmen pay for this!
Taal! One of your own comes to you!
The Waywatcher, no!
The elf's gone! It's quieter already.
Our elf's no more!
Kerillian? Kerillian! She's gone!
We've lost our elf!
Victor We needed him alive!
The Witch Hunter's dead!
He was always gonna die here.
Saltzpyre is gone!
Mates! No more Saltzpyre!
Saltzpyre! He's gone!
Oh, he was one bright bastard!
Sienna By the comet! She'll be missed!
We've lost the bright wizard!
They got our wizard.
No! The wizard!
No Sienna, no!
Sienna, no! She's gone!
Sienna, don't leave us!
Ally healing with high HP Bardin No... Bardin... not the healing.
Not so rugged today, Bardin?
You're wasting healing like the Elf's hurling insults, a bit too much.
Friendly fire received Bardin Stop that Dwarf!
I'm losing my patience, Dwarf!
Stop it, Ranger!
Keep doing that, and I'll take yer beard!
Kerillian Now what have I done?
That's enough, Kerillian! Check that otherworldly aim of yours!
You gone blind, elf?
The high and mighty elf is hitting me, can't shoot straight! ...or can she?
Elf, is this the time, really?
Victor Sir? Please stop shooting me.
Sir! Pack that in!
Your eye gone bad, sir? You're shooting me!
You terminating our contract, sir? With you shooting me, I mean...
Sir! Mind your aim!
(Grail Knight) Peasant, please stop shooting me.
(Grail Knight) Your eye gone bad, peasant?
(Grail Knight) Shoot them peasant, not me!
(Grail Knight) Peasant! Mind your aim!
(Grail Knight) Oi, peasant! Pack that in!
Sienna Sienna! Watch your flames!
Again? Sienna? Stop it!
Sienna! Don't burn old Kruber! Come on!
Again, Sienna? Watch your flames!
Bloody hell, Sienna! You're scorching my undeserving arse!
Ally being hit Bardin I thought dwarfs knew how to parry?
Kerillian Parry while you still can, elf!
Victor Block 'em, sir! Like I showed you!
Stop letting 'em hit you, sir!
Healing ally Bardin No fussing dwarf!
Don't mess me around, ranger, let's get you healed!
Time to heal, dwarf.
Patch up time, Goreksson.
Come still, won't ya?
You're nothing but layers of scars!
No squirming, Bardin, or it'll do more bad than good!
Kerillian Some on-the-spot healing for ya.
Time for some healing, elf.
Let me heal you, maiden.
Kerillian, you need patching up.
Not looking so good there, elf.
Wound binding, elf! It's that time of the year.
You need healing, elf.
Here we go, a little pick me up!
I guess you'll trust mayfly medicine after all!
Victor Sir, you need healing.
Do you have the flacks, sir?
Dressing your wound, sir.
You NEED this, sir.
Some nasty wound here, sir.
You can't keep going, sir, not like this.
Applying bandage, sir.
You need this, sir.
I'll handle this wound, sir.
(Grail Knight) You need this, peasant.
(Grail Knight) Peasant, you need healing.
(Grail Knight) Here peasant, this will help.
(Grail Knight) Hold peasant, I'll aid you.
Sienna You need healing, wizard.
Time to heal you pyromancer!
Bright wizard you're about to die, let's heal ya!
Stay still, wizard.
I'll take care of that wound, Sienna.
I'll soon have you feeling your old self.
Bit of a wound there, Sienna, but this should fix it.
Patching up a wizard. Patching, patching, patching...
Reviving ally Bardin Stop wasting my time, get up, dwarf!
Come on, up!
Quick ranger, we're not safe yet!
Let's go, Goreksson!
You having a nap, Goreksson?
I have you, master dwarf!
You're not bored, are you Goreksson?
Up! Or at least, as up as you get. Ha!
No time for resting, Goreksson!
Up you get, Bardin! You owe me one.
Kerillian Rise.
Let me help you.
Quick! You're not safe on the ground.
I've got you, waywatcher.
Bet you'll only fall over again.
Aaw, be more careful next time, elf.
See? I do have my uses.
Not sure you deserve this rescue, elf.
How become elf!
Up, elf! Smartly now!
Victor On your feet, sir.
Come, we need you.
You won't kill many ratmen down there.
Need a hand, sir?
Is that willpower failing you, sir?
Please sir, no weakness, not in front of the others.
A helping hand, sir?
Here, sir. Let's get to it again.
I have you, sir.
Up we get, sir. Plenty of miscreants to judge yet.
(Grail Knight) Need a hand, peasant?
Sienna Quickly wizard, we haven't much time.
No use to us on the ground, wizard.
Up you get, wizard.
Get up, wizard.
Here Sienna, come on.
Plenty left to burn, Sienna.
Strong enough for another round, wizard?
Bet your crown you'll make it out of here, wizard.
Up we get Sienna, I've got ya.
Easy now, Sienna. You'll make it.
Being revived by an ally Bardin Thanks, ranger.
You do have your uses.
This doesn't put me in your debt.
About time, dwarf.
Thanks, Bardin.
Cheers, Bardin.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was about to get myself up.
Obliged to you, Bardin.
Kerillian Thank you, waywatcher.
Thanks for the hand, elf.
You saved my life, elf.
Cheers, waywatcher.
Thanks, Kerillian.
You just helped a lumberfoot, mate.
Helped by an elf, well I'll never!
Victor Cheers, sir.
Many thanks, sir.
Thank you.
I needed that.
(Grail Knight) Thanks, peasant.
Sienna You have my thanks, wizard.
I'm in your debt.
You took your time, pyromancer.
Alright, for a mage.
Yeah, that's better.
Thanks, Sienna.
Cheers, mate.
Girl, keep your hands off me, aye?
Ally jumps repeatedly Generic Why the Bretonnian dance? Keep your feet on the ground.
Ally eaten by Spawn of Chaos

Enemy Interactions []

Enemy Trigger Quote Audio
Horde Spawning We've been through worse than this. Hang on!
Watch out for your mates, and we'll get through this.
Stay calm - support each other's attacks!
Side by side. Face it together.
Here they come!
Close up! Nobody get separated!
Face it together! Stay close!
Hold the line, mates!
Sigmar protect us!
Remember your training, mates.
Stand ready!
We've a fight on your hands now!
Come on, then! We'll have you!
Thick as the scum on the Reik!
Here, mates, maybe we've scared 'em off? No, I didn't think so neither.
Eyes peeled mates.
Close up! Don't show 'em a tempting spine!
Close up. Don't want to get separated!
Plague Monk In vicinity Plague Monks ahead. Don't underestimate them!
Close up! We've got Plague Monks coming in!
Savage In vicinity Savage!
Watch for that Frother!
Stormvermin Tagging Oh, I'll slap that blackrat!
Look - a warrior-rat!
That stormvermin's mine!
Here! That's a stormvermin!
A warrior-rat! I'll have it!
Hey-hey! Come here blackrat!
Black ones!
Ware the Stormvermin!
Come on then, you black-furred bastard!
Bloody Blackrat!
Skaven Patrol In vicinity Bloody blackrats!
Chaos Warrior In vicinity Chaos Warrior, work together!
Sigmar! A rot-helm!
Chaos Warrior? I need another drink.
Rot-helm incoming!
Taal! A Chaos Warrior!
There's a rot-helm! Careful, or he'll have your head!
Northlander knight! On your toes, mates!
I've lost mates to Chaos Warriors. I don't want to lose more.
Armoured rot-helm! Watch out!
Chaos warrior!
Keep your guard up! That's a Chaos Warrior!
Chaos Warrior! Maybe don't fight it alone?
Ratling Gunner In vicinity Hear that, mates? It's a gun-rat.
Ratling Gun, move!
That sound... Ratling Gunner.
Ratling Gun!
Kill that Ratling!
Vermin gunner!
We need to take that gun team out, fast!
Get out of the way, gun team!
Gun-rat, sneaking around.
Stay out of its sights!
Tagging Filthy ratling gunners!
Gutter Runner In vicinity Something in the shadows mates!
Something there... Assassin!
There! Runner in the shadows!
Backstabber loose nearby. Stay alert!
There's an assassin close by!
Assassin! Assassin!
Backstabber! Did you see it?
There! Gutter Runner!
Pinned down Gods damn Skaven!
Get off, get off, get off!
Poison Wind Globadier In vicinity Gas-rat!
I hear a globadier!
Gas-rat incoming!
Now that... that's the Globadier.
Gas-rat, close!
That rasping breath... A gas-rat!
That's a gas-rat!
Poison-rat! Find it! Kill it!
Gas-rat, sneaking around.
I hear something... gas-rat!
I think that's a globadier.
Heads up! Globadier!
Bloody globadier!
Throwing gas Taal's teeth! Kill the gas-rat!
Gas ball!
That Gas-rat's about to throw!
Globe-lobber coming in!
Gas globe coming in!
Gas attack! Watch out!
It's about to throw its poison!
About to commit suicide Look out! It's going to blow!
Bloody thing's gonna blow!
Warpfire Thrower In vicinity Be ready. Fighting Warpfire with steel and shot is no laughing matter.
Ere, that's a Warpfire Thrower! Sodding hell.
'ere. Clap your ears on that, I reckon it's a fire rat!
Look out! Flame-rat!
That Warpfire Thrower's getting closer.
I don't want burning to a crisp! Kill that Warpfire Thrower!
Fire-rat! Careful or you'll burn!
That's a Warpfire Thrower! Get clear! Get clear!
Listen, Fire-rat...
Scatter! Don't make a juicy target for the flames!
Another bloody rat! And this time with a flamethrower!
Packmaster In vicinity That rat's got a reach alright!
Hook-rat's prowling. Don't get caught.
He'll have you by the neck.
Skaven slaver!
Another Hook-rat!
Strangler rat!
Hook-rat inbound. Someone put him down.
That's a hook-rat!
Look out, Strangler!
Mind the reachy-grabby one.
Tagging Look out. Strangler!
Lifeleecher In vicinity Listen! Lifeleech!
You hear what I hear, mates? Leech.
Aye. We've a Leech by the sound of it.
That's a leech and no mistake.
Eyes open! Lifeleech!
Listen. Leech.
Leech incoming!
Blightstormer In vicinity Spread out! One of us has to reach that Blightstormer!
You hear that Blightstormer, right? Don't waste that advantage!
Sorcerer! He controls the wind!
Oh, a fat-arse Blightstormer!
Listen! There's a Blightstormer somewhere close.
Ere! That's a Blightstormer! We're in for it now!
Storm Sorcerer! He's up to no good! Well, 'course he is!
Storm Sorcerer!
Listen. Blightstormer.
Bloated bloody Blightstormer!
We all hear the Blightstormer, right? Don't waste that advantage.
I hear 'im! Blightstormer!
Rat Ogre Spawning Mates? I hear a rat ogre.
Group up! We've a rat ogre near.
Fighting Rat-Ogre, coming for us!
Stormfiend Spawning Ready? I hope so, 'cause that's a bloody Stormfiend!
Fighting Rat Ogre flamer!
Armoured Rat Ogre's prowling. We'd better be ready.
Bloody armoured Rat Ogre!
Stormfiend coming up, lads.
There's a Stormfiend nearby...
Taal! Rat Ogres are bad enough without flame-spouters!
Spawn of Chaos Spawning We'll have to kill that Spawn, and quickly!
Grabbing Bardin Chaos Spawn snatched the Dwarf! Hit that thing hard or Bardin's a goner!
The thresher's hungry for our dwarf! Someone stop it from biting his bit off!
The Spawn caught Bardin! So: the dwarf lives, the Spawn dies, no discussion!
Thresher threshing Bardin mates! Get off your arse and kill that bugger!
Grabbing Kerillian Oi that Chaos Spawn's gobbling down the elf! Face like a bloody meat grinder!
Taal, that Chaos Spawn's eating the elf! We've gotta stop that or we'll never be sober again, alright?
Kerillian got caught and the Spawn's up to no good! We need to kill that thing even more now!
Chaos Spawn grabbed Kerillian! Hey, elf! Stay away from its mouth! And-and its other mouth! And the-the things!
Grabbing Victor Sir! That Spawn's about to eat your face! But don't you worry, I have a plan!
Spawn's caught Saltzpyre! Better solve this quick mates! Both things have a temper!
Bloody tentacle beast, munching parts off willy-nilly!
Stinking nightmare breeding tentacle-arsed bastard! I'll kill the one pestering you with pleasure, sir!
Grabbing Sienna Hey, Spawn got Sienna! Don't let it chew off anything important!
Spawn's just caught Sienna! Pester that thing mates, make it hurt!
Taal's tankard! Spawn's hungry for Sienna! Better put it down, quick!
Quickly! Slay that Spawn before it gobbles up our wizard!
Bile Troll Vomiting The Troll going to throw up!

Item Interactions[]

Item Quote Audio
Bomb Throwing bomb!
Lobbing bomb!
Bomb's away!
Letting this bomb go!
I'm throwing this!
Taste my bomb!
Bomb's inbound!
Chucking a bomb!
Healing Draught I'm drinking this potion.
Using potion.
Fine, I'll drink it.
Potion drank.
I wish you were an ale.
Ah bollocks, you're still no ale.
Ah, lovely. Can feel it doing me good.
There, a lovely drop.
Drinking a potion.
Health to all, and confusion to our foes.
Down the hatch.
Hold on, let me drink this.
Drop of this'll help me along.
Smells a bit odd, but it'll be worth it.
Never did like potions. Oh well, any port in a storm.
Potion's going down me gob.
This potion better hit fast.
Medical Supplies Give me a moment.
Just a moment.
Let me heal up.
I need to rally.
Maybe a drink will get my humours back.
Let me patch my wounds.
Hold on, some of us are hurting.
I'm still bloody hurt, but at least I'm not bleeding now.
Not a pretty job, but it'll hold.
Blessed Sigmar, that last blow went deeper than I thought.
Hold up, I'm feeling a touch out of sorts.
Another battle, another scar.
I've had worse than this.
Taal, that was a bit close.
Hold up. Need to patch a wound.