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Spear and Shield
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Unlock Level
Forgotten Relics
Foot Knight


"No one knows what happend to Captain Grauber after he ventured into the troll den. Happily, his weapons survived"

- In-game description, Grauber's Arms


  • Long, wide sweeps with moderate speed and good cleave values allow for effective horde clearing. Where other weapons struggle heavily with Beastmen hordes, this weapon handles them very well.
  • Has a special attack that can be performed while blocking, which is useful when fighting Berserkers.
  • As with all weapon/shield combinations, you can block more attacks than normal weapons. This includes the Rat Ogre's ground slams, and ranged attacks such as the Ratling Gunner's and Deathrattler's bullets.


  • This weapon's attacks stop if they hit armoured targets. As a result, armoured enemies in the middle of a horde can be very troublesome.
  • This weapon's Heavy Attacks have low stagger values, moderate damage, and long wind-up animations that disallow cancelling the attack into a block. This makes killing armoured enemies unsafe, in a similar way to how switching to a ranged weapon to kill enemies while you are engaged in melee is unsafe.


Light attacks:

  1. Right to left swing
  2. Left to right swing
  3. Stab

Heavy attacks:

  1. Right to left swing
  2. Overhead
  3. Stab

Push attack:

  1. Stab

Unique move, Weapon Special while blocking:

  1. Stab
  2. Stab

Weapon Attributes[]

Fast Attacks, Wide Sweeps, Powerful Blocks

This is a DLC weapon![]

You unlock it by purchasing the "Forgotten Relics"-DLC. After purchase, it will become available to craft in the crafting menu.

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