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Kerillian Portrait.png
Level 1
Kerillian waystalker active.png Waystalker
Level 7
Kerillian handmaiden active.png Handmaiden
Level 12
Kerillian shade active.png Shade
Kerillian sister of the torn active.png Sister of the Thorn
Level 1
Level 2
Sword and Dagger
Level 3
Hagbane Shortbow
Level 6
Level 7
Elven Spear
Level 8
Level 9
Dual Daggers
Level 11
Dual Swords
Level 12
Volley Crossbow
Wood Elf
Voice Actor
Alix Wilton Regan


Kerillian is one of the five playable Heroes in Vermintide 2. In official media, she is always seen with her face covered, wearing a cloak and usually wielding a Longbow.

Enigmatic and sharp-sighted, Kerillian is a Wood Elf with little affection for others. She left her post as a Waywatcher in her ancestral home of Athel Loren, for reasons that are her own. Using her exceptional skills with a bow and blade to take down anyone perceived as a threat, she is as likely to kill you as she is to begrudgingly acknowledge your presence.

Kerillian has little patience to teach others, mainly focusing on her own path and improvement. Like all elves, Kerillian regards humans as nothing more than clueless children, and treats them accordingly, most often drenching her answers to their naive questions in patronising sarcasm. 

Based on which Career the player chooses in-game, she is seen as either a Waystalker, resolved to perfecting her existing Waywatcher skills, a Handmaiden, who has whole-heartedly devoted herself to Isha, a Shade who has embraced her role as an exile, or a Sister of the Thorn who embraces the dark side of nature.

 Official Description[]

Like all wood elves, Kerillian feels the pull of both light and dark. First as a Waywatcher, and now as a more experienced Waystalker, she has kept those aspects in balance. Indeed, Kerillian’s reason for journeying to Ubersreik was an attempt to help her reclaim her moral poise. Thus Kerillian is mercurial at best, at once resentful of the path she has been called upon to walk, and grateful for the chance to make amends. But who knows how little it may take to topple her from that path?[1]


Even for a Wood Elf, Kerillian’s sight was sharp, able to pick off a ladybird eating a leaf at a hundred paces if she chose to. But this gift, coupled with a natural curiosity also turned into a curse when she saw something that no mortal was meant to see. One autumnal night, when both moons rode high in the sky, Kerillian spotted a Spellsinger as he meandered under the boughs. The Elf mage was no trespasser and so there was no reason Kerillian should have kept track of him, and yet she did.

Her curiosity piqued. The Waywatcher followed the mage from above as he walked deeper into the forest… and put her on a path that would change her fate forever?