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Career Skills[]

(note: there is currently a bug that prevents the correct audio file from playing for Career Skills. Only the host's equipped/unlocked heroes voicelines will play when in groups.)

Career Skill Quote Audio
Trueshot Volley Seek!
Fly true!
For Loren!
For Kurnous!
For Lileath!
Truth hurts.
Take their eyes!
You cannot hide.
Strike them down!
There is no escape!
Kurnous, hunt them down!
Dash Isha!
By the Weave!
Star and shadow!
The eternal dance!
As fleeting shadow!
Make way!
With the Winds!
Infiltrate The shadows hide me.
I walk beyond the light.
In darkness.
Dusk and shadow.
Into gloom.
Pale Queen, shield me from sight.
For Clar Karond!
For the exiled kin!
I walk in endless silence.
Thornwake The Morai-Heg claims you!
Worship your Mistress of Thorns!
Malice and mercy!
Let the Weave be avenged!
By Lileath and Atharti!
By Hekarti and Isha!
Ancients! Lend me your might!
Arise thorns!
Let the forest feast!
Bleed for me!


Trigger Quote Audio
Ambient during level Blessed Isha, there's corruption on the breeze. Has the world slid so far?
Mine is a tale of heroism, mayflies. You merely share it.
Rats and Scunners. This Empire is rotten to its very heart. Some things don't deserve rescue.
If only I could return home, I care nothing for this place.
The Rotbloods' patron is vile, but he is not the worst of the four brothers.
They say the gods ignore our struggles. How I wish it were truly so.
The gods are returning. We should not be found wanting.
Dark times breed strange alliances...
The Weave rebels
Come, wretches! An Asrai is never cornered!
Killing Another kill. You see, mayflies? That's how it's done.
I think he's dead, lumberfoots.
Not progressing Can we get moving? Before the Skaven die of old age.
Are we waiting for someone else, mayflies?
Must you hesitate at every turn?
Fighting multiple enemies Kill faster, mayfly!
Come on, tainted ones! I'm getting bored!
We'll slay them all!
Take your time killing it, why don't you?
Being greatly outnumbered There are so many of them...
Being hit Help me! Are you blind?
That hurt! The insolence!
I'm fading! Gods preserve me...
Orgh. Lucky swing.
Aoof. Just a scratch.
Pain? I'll give you pain.
Think that'll stop me?
Gods! I can't keep going...
So many. Even I cannot... ah!... prevail.
Low HP The Pale Queen.. she calls me
If I die, return me to the soil.
I am lost... Lost beyond words...
Come! Finish me if you dare!
Fading... Gods...
Darkness... pressing... in...
The Weave calls me back...
Down Save me from the Pale Queen! Save me!
No, of course I don't need help. Idiots.
No, not the Pale Queen...
How dare you strike me down!
Out of ammo An empty quiver serves no one.
I need ammunition!
Alone Great. Alone again. Typical.
Mayfly brains. They've wandered off again.
They have no idea what teamwork entails.
Not fighting for a long time Surely we've not killed them all? Seems a little... anticlimactic.
What was that?
A silent spell is welcome reprieve, but our battle's not yet done.
Ah, looks almost peaceful, doesn't it? Enjoy it while you can, mayflies.
These quiet moments bore me. Bring on the foe.
They're still near. I hear them breathing.
Being the last survivor The lumberfoots have fallen. I'm so surprised.
Mayflies always fade, but I'll miss them all the same.


Trigger Quote Audio
Tagging Ammunition Ammunition
Here! Ammunition!
Fresh arrows are always welcome.
Crude shot, but crude shot is better than none.
I'm glad Araloth ain't here to see me use these worthless arrows.
Help yourself to ammunition!
Take whatever ammunition you can carry!
They call these arrows? Hah! They'll have to do.
Tagging Potions Potion, if you're so inclined.
Potion, here!
Healing draught, over here!
Lumberfoot healing draught!
Tagging Medical Supplies Bandages, or the filthy human equivalent.
Healer's tools!
Medical supplies, here!
Bandages! Filthy, of course.
Dirty Mayflies, who'd use such rags on the wounded?
Filthy bandages. Can we do no better?
I'd rather some nokra-leaf, but this will do.
Medical supplies!
Tagging Explosives Bomb here!
If you use that bomb, mind where you throw it!
Yet another bomb!
We can use that bomb.
Filthy bomb, but useful.
Hello little bomb. We could do great things together.
I loathe bombs. But I loathe the enemy more.
What a reek that bomb has.
Filthy bomb.
Are we reduced to bombs now?
Disgusting little bomb.
Blackfire bomb here!
Blackfire. Take whatever you need.
Has Goreksson's brain come loose or is that a bomb?
That bomb stinks of ash and tears.
I loathe bombs. But I loathe losing more.
There's a bomb here.
A bomb, for those who need it.


Mission Trigger Quote Audio
Righteous Stand Mission start (Bardin interaction) I understand we are approaching the city gate. What could go wrong with that?
Mission start Let's get this over with.
In the barracks If you see anything of value, take it.
Reaching the closed gate We cannot pass through.
Reaching Heldenhammer Terrace They know we're here. I don't want to die on this ridge.
Convocation of Decay Reaching the bridge to the Ritual Site A chant in the Dark Tongue. My fears were correct...
Ritual Sorcerer dying Look at them fall! A fate well-deserved!
Hunger in the Dark Mission start If Lohner wants this done, why's he sat on his fat arse while we're out here in the cold?
Is this really necessary? Only fun so far is seeing you mayflies shiver in cold.
(Rarely) Bardin replys to Kerillian about her insults:
Bardin: Are you still complaining about the weather?
Kerillian: Well, the world has enough horrors. Let's stop more from being creating down below.
Climbing down the ladder If you do fall, try to land on your heads.
Seeing a track Where to now? We could always follow the rails.
Seeing a cart Should we take that cart along?
Entering the Troll Den So this is our troll-warper's lair. It could use a good scrubbing.
Final charges blowing up (laugh) Not so threatening now, are they?
Halescourge Halescourge fight start Fine words do not make the man, scunner. Even less so delivered like that.
Athel Yenlui
The Screaming Bell
Fort Brachsenbrücke
Into the Nest Light lever at the start If this device still functions, we can expect others to do so too.
Against the Grain Mission start What's a few mayflies worth anyway? We're wasting time here, lumberfoots.
Running around after mayflies foolish enough to get caught? What has my life come to?
This is a waste of time. If the scunners have come through here, we'll find no survivors.
Mark my words. We'll find only corpses on these farms, mayflies.
Remember not to kill the survivors by mistake. That manner of thing upsets folk.
I give fair warning: if any of the survivors swing for me, they'll regret it.
Normally I despise playing mayfly hero, but today...
No more cages to break, and no more captives to save. Time we were gone.
Empire in Flames Streets around the first tome The streets are full of rubble, but it's too late to go back. Better press on.
Dankmar Platz Behold, the world the scunners will leave us, if they remain unchecked.
Marketplace This area is less ravaged. Any theories, mayflies?
End of mission One town avenged, and a scunner horde humiliated. A good day.
After the manor blows up More of them! Make for the gate!
Festering Ground Start of cleansing Nurgle infections Oh that's one foul abhorrence, I give it that.
The War Camp Mission start With a score of my kin at my side, that champion would already be dead. With you lot? A bit more effort.
The War Camp Bödvarr dying That was their champion? (laughs)
Like a rat. He talks brave, but hides behind minions.
The Skittergate Riding the first lift Such devastation. Fit to challenge Hukon himself.
This may one day be the fate of the world. The Skaven will multiply, and we will fade.
Seeing the Skittergate That's the skittergate, mayflies.
Reaching the Skittergate controls Look for the lever. We need that gate open, and you know it.
Turning on the Skittergate It's alive. How fortunate... for Lohner.
Exiting the Skittergate Ugh... That was unsettling... like the thought of puff pastry.
Seeing the Rotblood's camp Avoid that endless scunner camp for now, lumberfoots. Use the back door.
Reaching Nagvik The Docks. That's where we find the entrance. Just as well. My waning patience won't tolerate anything else.
In front of the War Camp Push on. We have business inside, mayflies. Murder business.
Gatekeeper fight start Does he think he's the first scunner whose tedium we've had to endure?
Defeating the Gatekeeper Well, Olesya's delivered so far. To the gate controls, mayflies.
Reaching the second lift with the keystaff The keystaff goes in the panel, lumberfoots.
Riding the lift to the warp regulators The warp regulators, mayflies. They need vandalising... oh, just like Olesya needs Kruber! Haha!
Reaching the warp regulators Aye, these look fragile enough. A few good blows ought to destroy them.
All regulators destroyed Go! Through the skittergate! Keep up or be left for dead, lumberfoots!
Exiting the Skittergate for the second time Ugh. Even worse this time... I felt my soul seeping away.
Attacking Rasknitt when on Deathrattler Don't target the Seer! Aim for the Stormfiend!
Remember the Seer's shield. He still has it, lumberfoots.
He's hiding behind his magic! Focus on his mount!
When Rasknitt is casting magic The seer-rat won't like it if we hit him when he's casting, mayflies! Do it!
If you want less dark magic coming your way, hit him hard as he casts!
Killing Rasknitt Oh by the Oak... Mayflies, I can't deny it... this was worth it. The look on his mangy face!
The Blightreaper Entering the sewers As ever, the swiftest root to the heart is through the bowels...
Exiting the sewers The next time Lohner sends us into a sewer, I've a mind to refuse.
Before Bögenauer's steps Drunk, blind and insensate. Just like all mayflies. We should let them rot.
Entering the high temple So where did the priest hide the sword?
Seeing the dead priest A faithful servant and an untimely end. Seek your reward, priest.
Blood in the Darkness Starting the mission I have little hope for finding the captives, but we should free any we do find.
Freedom for the chained and death to their captors. A good day's work.
I cannot abide cages, or slavers. This will be... rewarding.
Seeing the ritual Are we to allow this foul ritual to conclude? I don't think so.
Such vileness. No one deserves to die such... apart from the ritual's master. Let's find him.
Chaos Wastes I never should have come here. What is friendship weighed against one's soul?
(Citadel of Eternity) Lileath, I abase myself. Heed me, I beg you...
Any mission Advancing down Down here, glaikit mayflies.
Down here!
Down here, are you all blind?
Entering dark place There's danger in the dark.
Climbing stairs Stairs, mayflies. Stairs.
Stairs, lumberfoots.
Up these steps!
Up the steps, mayflies.
These stairs look right.
Going through the right door This is the door!
This door, mayflies.
This doorwar! Move!
Going through the right way Lumberfoots? Can you not see this is the path?
Hurry, this way!
It's this way!
Follow me!
Getting out of a boss arena Steady, lumberfoots. We're not out of this yet.
Going to the Bridge of Shadows The portal awaits, mayflies. I wonder what mess Lohner has planned for us next?

A Quiet Drink Event[]

Quote Audio
You may stink like rotting pigs, but I'll miss you all when you're dead!
A shared drink doesn't make us friends, mayflies. But keep them coming, and who knows...?
Dwarves are filthy brewers, but it just so happen I like a filthy brew!
I'm so tired. Won't somebody carry me?
I want to go home. It's not fair!
Now if I were a door - I'd be the best door, obviously - but where would I be?
Queen Kerillian the First demands more ale!
You hate me. You all hate me. You're jealous, that's what it is.
Like so many broken dolls. I had a doll once. I had to keep it tied up. Otherwise it stabbed all the other children.
So many bodies. So much death. More please!
They look so much smaller when they're dead, don't they? Like little dolls. Can we stuff one and keep it as a souvenir?
We don't need to run mayflies. The flames only want to give us a nice, warm hug.
Hands off that ale, lumberfoots. Age and beauty before... you lot.
My feet hurt. Can't we just go home?
Into the portal. It's time to go home.


Enemy Eliminations[]

Enemy Quote Audio
Clanrat The foe falls, and not before time.
Plague Monk
Stormvermin Each new breed seems fouler than the last.
Chaos Warrior The rot-helm breathes his last!
What a shame. The Chaos Warrior's had enough.
The Chaos Warrior's dead!
Dark Gods or not, the Chaos Warrior has fallen!
Back to the soil, Chaos Warrior!
One less scunner rot-helm!
Ratling Gunner The Ratling's breathed his last.
Ratling's our problem no more.
Gutter Runner Ha! A dead assassin, and not before time.
Go softly into your failure, assassin.
Not so good at a fair fight, assassin?
No more kills for you, assassin!
Poison Wind Globadier The gas-rat is dead.
Foul gas-rat. Death is too good for you.
Warpfire Thrower No more fires!
I think we broke the Warpfire Thrower.
See, mayflies? That Warpcaster wasn't so bad.
I'm a child of Athel Loren! I'm not bested by warped contraptions!
Is that all? I was hoping for an explosion. Maybe next time.
Packmaster A dead Packmaster is a sight for song!
No sorrow for a dead Packmaster.
Packmaster's dead.
Lifeleecher We got the Leech, mayflies.
Scunner leech down!
Hah! One less leech!
Blightstormer The Blightstormer's dead.
One last gasp from the Sorcerer!
The winds die with their master!
The Blightstormer's finished!
Rat Ogre
Stormfiend Killing rats never loses its entertainment. Even with the large ones!
Someone save a bit for the dwarf. We all know he'll eat anything.
Spawn of Chaos
Bile Troll


Character Interactions[]

See also : Character Conversations

Hero Hero Quote Audio
Healed by Ally Generic You're kinder than you seem.
My thanks, mayfly.
Kruber Watch your hands, Kruber!
If you must Kruber, but be quick about it.
Ally healing with high health Saltzpyre Oh we'd be doomed I tell ye. Doomed!
Ally ranged kill Generic Luck is nothing to be proud of.
Crude shot, but a crude shot's better than none.
Admit it, you hit him by mistake.
He walked right into it! No cause to celebrate
Almost precise enough for an elf. A drunk, blind elf.
A good strike! But can you repeat it?
Not bad, mayfly. I thought you'd miss.
So you can hit a slow, lumbering target, after all.
That was a fine shot.
Praising Generic Keep this up, and I might not find you contemptible!
The mayfly knows how to strike!
Dead, and good riddance. Nice work, mayfly.
Look at that. You actually hit something.
All that flailing. But you can't argue with results.
I'll admit it. I'm impressed.
Kruber Kruber, your lack of finesse makes your rampage somewhat more... endearing
Kruber [laughs] Kruber, it's not pretty, but you get the job done!
Bardin The dwarf seems agitated.
Victor Calm yourself down, One-Eye. Lest you strain something.
Well, One-Eye's gone mad, in case anyone missed it.
Sienna YES. More fire! More flames!
Let Addaioth lend you flame, wizard!
Careful your fury doesn't make you sloppy, Sienna
Receiving Friendly Fire Bardin Have you rocks in your eyes, Bardin?
Do that again dwarf, and I'll skewer you.
Goreksson! Shoot them. THEM.
Do you want war, Dwarf? Keep shooting me, and you'll start one.
Dwarf, you aim like a goblin!
Kruber Stop shooting me, Kruber! Lumberfoot with a lumber-aim!
Kruber? Shoot them. THEM.
You keep hitting me, Kruber! You don't want that.
Mind your aim, Kruber!
Kruber! You just hit me!
Victor Can you not contain yourself, One-eye? Stop shooting me!
If you cannot shoot straight, One-eye, don't bother!
You do know you're shooting me, One-eye?
Open the good eye, One-eye!
One-eye! Would you kindly refrain from shooting me!
Sienna Really, wizard? You think setting me on fire is a good idea?
Wizard? Why is my skin scorched?
Why am I on fire?
Why am I on fire? Sienna?
Aim that flame elsewhere, wizard!
Stop burning me!
Sienna, stop roasting me!
Ally dying Generic Another mayfly gone.
Kruber No more Kruber. It's just how it is.
(choked up) For Kruber's sake, I do hope that Sigmar is real.
Victor One-Eye is no more.
One-Eye is dead. He'll find no solace.
Sienna Don't let her sacrifice be in vain.
I will miss your warmth, Sienna.
Bardin Go proudly, dwarf.
Don't tell ANYONE, but I might just miss the dwarf.
We are SHORT a dwarf.
Typical dwarf, no staying power.
Ally with low HP Kruber You've looked better, Kruber.
You're sorely wounded, Kruber.
Bardin Our dwarf's in a bad way.
Time to heal, Dwarf. Or not.
Heal Dwarf, or you'll soon be dead.
Ally hitting armor Bardin Can you manage precision, Goreksson? The head!
Ally being hit Bardin Parry, dwarf! How hard can it be?
Ally missing bomb Bardin Missed? Really? I suppose you're going to blame your short arms?
Kruber You missed! Do you earn much money as a professional soldier?
Missing a bomb Bardin Quiet, dwarf.
Kruber Filthy thing. I never want to touch one again.
Reviving Ally Bardin So you can get closer to the ground, dwarf.
Try to stop falling down, Bardin.
I don't help you lightly, dwarf.
Behind every dwarf, an elf propping them up.
Saltzpyre Up, One-Eye. Think of all those heretics left to burn.
That's another one you owe me, One-Eye.
No, you're not dead. More's the pity.
Kruber Shall we face them together, Kruber?
Rouse yourself, Kruber.
You've fought through worse, Kruber.
Kruber! Can you stand?
You'll fight another battle yet, Kruber.
Rise up, Kruber. One last effort.
Sienna If only you were as unstoppable as your flames.
Healing Ally Kruber This wound? This wound is nothing.
I'm getting tired of patching you up, Kruber. One day I won't.
Hush your yelping, Kruber.
It's not that bad, mayfly.
Bardin Stop complaining, dwarf.
You're tough dwarf, I'll give you that.
This isn't a delight for me either, and you know it.
Victor You owe me, One-Eye!
Ally jumps repeatedly Generic Must I put an arrow through your leg? You look ridiculous.

Enemy Interactions[]

Enemy Trigger Quote Audio
Horde Horde spawn Ha, it's to be numbers against skill again.
Numbers seldom best skills. Let's prove it.
Think you can match an Asrai with sheer numbers? Hah! The arrogance.
You think that's a lot? Hah! Lumberfoots. This is nothing!
Come, skunner! An Asrai never cornered.
Come, wastelings! You'll find me ready!
We have more incoming. Pray if you must, but fight.
We are watched. Do you not feel the eyes upon you?
Welcome to your doom.
Stand firm, mayflies. They're only rats.
More to kill!
They're crafty, but it'll do them no good.
Hold fast. They may be repulsive, but they die easily enough.
They're swarming! Be ready!
Never have I seen such a display...
Plague Monk In vicinity Have a care! We've Plague Monks to deal with!
Plague Rats!
Plague Monks! The worst of their kind!
Lileath, more Plague vermin!
Plague Vermin! Get ready!
Watch out. Plague monks!
Fanatics! Plague monks!
Can you not smell that, mayflies? Festering ratmen ahead.
Savage In vicinity That Frother's getting closer!
Stormvermin Tagging Another blackfur? These vermin never learn.
Face me, blackrat!
A blackrat - a challenge at last!
I do not fear a Stormvermin.
Let the blackrat come. I've an arrow for him.
Their black fur doesn't scare me.
Blackrat? Your hour's come.
A blackrat approaches!
Another Stormvermin? It'll die like the rest.
That stench! Stormvermin!
Another of these black-furs comes to challenge me?
Come blackrat, taste steel!
Stormvermin Patrol In vicinity They march like warriors... but they're still vermin.
Blackrats! Are you ready for this, lumberfoots?
A blackrat patrol!
These blackrats fight as strong as they smell.
Beware blackrats!
Chaos Warrior In vicinity Are you deaf? There's a Chaos Warrior near...
Be ready. Chaos Warrior's near.
A Rot helm. He's as clumsy as you, mayflies.
A Chaos Warrior. Just what we needed.
Over there, lumberfoots! A Chaos Warrior!
That heavy tread, arrogance in every step. It's a Chaos Warrior.
Have a care! That's a Chaos Warrior!
That rot-helm'll might test us, mayflies.
Come, scunner! My disdain alone will fell you!
A rot-helm! He's clumsier than you, mayflies!
Ugh. Chaos Warrior!
Look at that armoured brute! More plate than sense!
Rot-helm! Kill it good!
Rot-helm! Shoot it!
That clanking brute can't fool my ears...
Chaos Warrior, out to get you, mayflies.
There's a Chaos Warrior near.
A scunner warrior comes for us. Stand ready!
Ratling Gunner In vicinity Get your head down!
A Ratling! Stay out of its sights!
Skaven gunner. Try not to get shot, mayflies.
Rat-gunners! Someone draw their fire.
Warpstone shot coming in!
There's a Ratling somewhere close.
About to fire It's preparing to fire!
Firing Get your head down!
Gutter Runner In vicinity A Gutter Runner is near.
I hear a backstabber. They still haven't learned.
Not as sneaky as you believe, runner.
You cannot hide your stench, I'll find you.
There are assassin eyes in the dark.
Eyes that gleam in the dark... Assassin!
Hiding in the shadows, Assassin?
Gutter Runner!
There! Gutter Runner!
A Gutter Runner. Are you ready, mayflies?
A Gutter Runner treads close.
The Skaven's faster than it looks!
Tagging No stomach for a fair fight, assassin?
Look out, assassin!
Being pinned Mayflies! Kill the assassin! Now!
Poison Wind Globadier In vicinity I spy a Globadier.
A Globadier! Hold your breath and shield your eyes!
Globadier! Bring it down!
I hear a gas-rat.
That's a Globadier!
The stink of it. There's a Skryre-rat close.
I sense a globadier.
That wind blows straight from the false moon.
That smell... like festering flesh...
Can you not sense it? Like dung-coated fingers dragging through the breeze.
Gas-rat. Somewhere close.
The rasp of a gas-rat.
A gas-rat approaches.
Gas being thrown Watch out! Gas!
Goddess! That's a gas globe!
Look out!
Ach! Such vileness!
About to commit suicide Kallach! Get out of its path!
Move, lumberfoot! It's going to explode!
Goddess! It means to kill us as it dies!
Warpfire Thrower In vicinity Warpfire!
Tainted flame on that wind... Warpfire.
Look out, fire rat.
The unmistakable aroma of ratman artifice, and flame as well.
We've a fire-rat to deal with, mayflies!
Ratmen! Always compensating with machinery.
Flame-beast! Want to get cooked?
Fire-rat. Ugh.
Packmaster In vicinity Hookrat! Don't let it snare you.
Hookrat! Don't let it hook you.
Hookrat! Bring it down! Don't let it touch me!
Kill that Packmaster! I'm not suffering in cage.
Thousand deaths is not enough for that Packmaster!
Strangler! Bring it down! Don't let it touch me!
A strangler comes. We should kill it swiftly.
Hook-rat! Kill it!
Don't let it hook you!
Stay clear of its hook!
A thousand deaths are not enough for this hook-rat.
These hook-rats love their toys.
My bow reaches where your hook cannot, strangler.
Lifeleecher In vicinity Look out! Leech incoming!
I hear a leech on the prowl.
Lifeleech lurking, mayflies.
Now, that's a Scunner Leech.
Listen, leech.
Blightstormer In vicinity Blightstormer, and he's close.
That's a thread of a blightstormer, mayflies. We'll see his father face soon enough.
Blightstormer! I warned you!
Well isn't that a delight. A Blightstormer, just for us and waiting nearby.
Blightstormer! Watch the winds!
Blightstormer! Bring him down before he casts!
Casting a storm That sorcerer, he's warping the winds!
Lumberfoots, kindly kill that Sorcerer before he drowns us in filth.
Sometimes I do wonder how you're still alive, mayflies. Kill the Sorcerer, kill the storm!
No, not the storm! Kill its master!
See yon Sorcerer? Kill him, and the vortex is done.
The Weave is screaming! Kill that Blightstormer!

Monster Interactions[]

Boss Trigger Quote Audio
Bile Troll Bile Troll in vicinity Ah, it's only a Troll, lumberfoots. It could be worse.
It's a Troll. No need to panic. That comes when it hits you.
Vomiting Revolting beast. Vomit somewhere else.
Lileath! That thing's about to vomit!
That's not a belch it's readying!
That Troll's going to vomit!
Rat Ogre Rat Ogre in vicinity Rat. Ogre. Rat ogre!
Rat ogre! Stand together!
Fighting it Cease your roaring, ogre!
I want the beast's eyes. For Drakira!
Chaos Spawn Grabbing Kruber The Spawn's consuming Kruber. The weave contorts in anguish.
Stormfiend Spawning Move quickly, lumberfoots, unless you like burning to ash!
That's either a Stormfiend or a whole horde of... Nope, Stormfiend!

Item Interactions[]

Item Quote Audio
Ammo You call these arrows? They'll have to do..
Fresh arrows are always welcome.
Bomb Look out! Bomb!
Blackfire on its way!
Bomb out!
Stand away! Blackfire!
Stand clear! Blackfire!
Potion You cannot stop a daughter of Loren!
Healing Draught Ugh! Time for the potion.
Let this potion work...
Who brewed this muck?
Ugh! It tastes vile!
It tastes vile!
A vile brew make no mistake.
The taste is worse than the smell.
Time for a potion.
Revolting, but it could be worse.
Medical Supplies Ugh! These bandages are filthy!
Who would use such rags on the wounded.
Is it too much to ask for a moment to respite?
Go! I'm right behind you!
I need to heal! Show some patience!
Yes. Have a good look.I'm sure you've nothing better to do.
I need a moment.
I needed that.