Kerillian's Volley Crossbow/Illusions

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Icon Preview Name Rarity Flavour Text Obtention
Keri vxbow1 Stalker's Crossbow.png Keri vxbow1 Stalker's Crossbow preview.png Stalker's Crossbow Common A basic example of a druchii repeater, emphasising cruelty of form over function.
  • Default
Keri vxbow2 Murderer's Crossbow.png Keri vxbow2 Murderer's Crossbow preview.png Murderer's Crossbow Uncommon A repeater crossbow honed and customised over the course of a long and bloody career. This is not the tool of a warrior, but a killer.
Keri vxbow3 Fleshrake.png Keri vxbow3 Fleshrake preview.png Fleshrake Exotic The wounds inflicted by this crossbow, while shallow, seethe with crippling pain.
Keri vxbow5 Bloodreaper.png Keri vxbow5 Bloodreaper preview.png Bloodreaper Veteran With every shot, a measure of pain to feed Atharti’s lusts. With every death, a tribute to murderous Khaine.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Keri vxbow6 Bitterbreath.png Keri vxbow6 Bitterbreath preview.png Bitterbreath Veteran There is nought more bitter than a shade’s live; to be an exile even in your ancestral land -- even amongst one’s own kin. This crossbow channels that feverish bleakness, and grants it as gift to the foe.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Keri vxbow5 Bloodreaper.png Keri vxbow4 Karond Crossbow bog preview.png Karond Crossbow Veteran Blessed on an altar of bloody-handed Khaine, this weapon is a peerless tool of murder. Each soul harvested is tribute to its cruel patron, and payment for his fluxsome favour.
Keri vxbow7 wom.png Keri vxbow7 wom preview.png Weave-Forged Crossbow Weave