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Spear and Shield
Kerillian Spear and Shield.png
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Unlock Level
Winds of Magic


"Tiranoci elves much prefer to do battle from chariots. On the rare occasion one plants a shield in the turf, it's sure sign that she intends not to give an inch of ground." - Tiranoc Watch-Shield (Illusion flavour text)

A really fast and agile weapon combination, with the added benefit of being able to block the most powerful attacks from the strongest foes.

As with all weapon/shield combinations, you can block more attacks than normal weapons. This includes the Rat Ogre's ground slams, and ranged attacks such as the Ratling Gunner's and Deathrattler's bullets.


Light attacks:[]
  1. Forward Stab
  2. Forward Stab
  3. Sweep from right to left.
Charged Attack:[]
  1. Sweep from right to left.
  2. Overhead swing
  3. Forward Stab


Handmaiden makes most any weapon really good because she gets a ton of great perks and it does synergize well with Handmaiden. With 90% Block cost reduction and up to 133% stamina regen, on a 5.5 stamina meter (with no further investment) you have all stamina you could ever need. Throwing on some infantry/Skaven 10% increases on her stats and opportunistic and you can push every enemy out of its attack except for CW overhead attacks.

With up to 45% attack speed (from talents alone and block/push), shield and spear can get off 2 heavy attacks by the time something staggered by the push is even able to move (if it wasn't dead) and the heavy attacks she has actually have some rather good damage to armor and headshot aiming. Get mainstay, and the push -> 40%/60% on 2 heavy attacks is very good damage.

Her horde damage is a little awkward as its like poke poke swipe, but due to the attack speed nature of her moves, main stay, and push strength you can get very excellent horde control by rendering stuff from the push in a staggered state rather harmless. What makes her better than other shield characters is the raw DPS she can output and the amount of shoving she can do given her increased push rate. The only thing Handmaiden struggles to deal with on this weapon is higher bossing damage and multiple CW in the middle of overhead attacks. However, she's still nimble enough herself to dance around all of that given dodge, range on spear, and attack speed. Oh, and her ult.

You even get the benefit of shield to block some attacks that usually go through block like rat ogre slam and Ratling gunner. Given how in the base game champion/legend/cataclysm all have the same staggering thresholds Shield and Spear is arguably one of handmaidens best weapons.

It can be argue that spear and shield is among, if not the best weapon for handmaiden. Since shoving is very powerful to render multiple enemies unable to attack and her amount of shoving spam potential means you can greatly reduce the incoming damage for your team in general.

If you use either the Bladedancer (bleed) or Power from Pain (crit chance) talents and do a dash that makes you end up in the middle of a group of mobs, the shield is an excellent way to keep from taking damage, pushing back the enemies and generally clear a way back to your allies.

Weapon Attributes[]

Fast attacks, Wide sweeps, Powerful blocks

This is a DLC weapon![]

You unlock it by purchasing the "Winds of Magic"-DLC and then completing the mission "Dark Omens" as Kerillian. After completion on any difficulty, claim the recipe in Okri's Challenges and it will become available to craft in the crafting menu.

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