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Moonfire Bow
Kerillian Moonfire Bow.png
Unlock Level
Forgotten Relics
Sister of the Thorn


"Forget carrying a quiver - This magical bow creates arrows out of the thin air!" - DLC item description.

A magical bow that has unlimited ammo but needs to recharge. When holding in the arrow (right-click) and releasing, it will do a magical explosion of blue fire on the target, dealing splash damage (AoE) and setting your target(s) on fire with blue magical flames, dealing damage over time.

Weapon attributes[]

Armour piercing, Sniper, Versatile, Unlimited ammo, Splash damage, Damage over Time.


  • This weapon is most effective on Handmaiden, Shade and Sister of the Thorn, since they benefit greatly from the infinite ammunition. It is comparatively less useful on Waystalker, since it wastes that career's passive ammo boost, but it is nonetheless still one of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game.
  • Even though this weapon has splash damage, it should not be mistaken for being a crowd-control bow. The bow can only shoot a few times before being depleted, making it extremely inefficient against hordes, and potentially leaving you vulnerable against a special when the charge is empty. It is better to only bother shooting 1-2 shots at most at hordes at a distance when they are very closely packed together, for example when a horde is forced to clamber up a narrow ledge.
  • By left clicking immediately after shooting a charged shot, you can shoot again extremely quickly. This will inflict less total damage compared to shooting two fully charged shots in a row, but it will inflict the damage much faster, which is more useful against specials or when a boss is already on low HP and just needs to be killed quickly.
  • If the charge bar is completely depleted then there is a significant wait time before you can shoot the bow again; even though you do actually have enough charge to make another shot, the game will not let you shoot until the waiting period has passed. If possible, it is better to leave the charge at almost zero rather than fully depleting it.

This is a DLC weapon![]

You unlock it by purchasing the "Forgotten Relics"-DLC. After purchase, it will become available to craft in the crafting menu.

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