Kerillian's Longbow/Illusions

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Icon Preview Name Rarity Flavour Text Obtention
Keri lb1 Glade Guardian's Nastirrath.png Keri lb1 Glade Guardian's Nastirrath preview.png Glade Guardian's Nastirrath Common The signature weapon of an asrai -- a longbow for which human huntsman would kill, but more often die in an attempt to attain.
  • Default
Keri lb2 Sentinel's Nastirrath.png Keri hag2 Sentinel's Kenuiath preview.png Sentinel's Nastirrath Uncommon A longbow for those who watch Athel Loren’s hidden ways. With each shot, it passes a portion of its enchantment to its arrows.
Keri lb3 Predator's Nastirrath.png Keri lb3 Predator's Nastirrath preview.png Predator's Nastirrath Uncommon The longbow of a lone hunter, accustomed to lurking in the shadows for as long as the perfect shot requires.
Keri lb4 Ambusher's Nastirrath.png Keri lb4 Ambusher's Nastirrath preview.png Ambusher's Nastirrath Uncommon A scout’s longbow, crafted to allow accurate shots at range, at the expense of speed.
Keri lb5 The Longbow of Seasons.png Keri lb5 The Longbow of Seasons preview.png The Longbow of Seasons Exotic Originally crafted for a champion to bind the quarrelling realms of Athel Loren, this bow has long since fallen from prominence, for the asrai have recognised the strength arising from diversity, however fractious.
Keri lb6 Handmaiden's Nastirrath.png Keri lb6 Handmaiden's Nastirrath preview.png Handmaiden's Nastirrath Exotic Blessed by the hand of Ariel herself, this is the pinnacle of the bowyer’s art, and a matchless weapon in skilled hands.
Keri lb7 Death Reign.png Keri lb7 Death Reign preview.png Death Reign Exotic First loosed at the Battle of Pine Crags, this bow blankets the battlefield in choking mist. Those who survive its touch shiver with cold, as if the warmth of life has been sucked from their bones.
Keri lb8 Atylwyth Longbow.png Keri lb8 Atylwyth Longbow preview.png Atylwyth Longbow Exotic Each arrow shot from this bow carries a shard of Atylwyth’s eternal ice at its core. It is said that spring will come to Atylwyth only when a shard of such ice rests in every mortal heart.
Keri lb9 Antlersong.png Keri lb9 Antlersong preview.png Antlersong Exotic Orion, King in the Woods, is the living embodiment of Kurnous, God of the Hunt. He is born anew each year, and chooses from amongst his court a champion worthy to wield Antlersong’s power until winter comes once more.
Keri lb10 Scarloc's Longbow.png Keri lb10 Scarloc's Longbow preview.png Scarloc's Longbow Veteran The puzzle of Scarloc’s disappearance has lingered long in Athel Loren, but all hope that the legendary archer one day returns to reclaim his bow.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Keri lb10 Scarloc's Longbow.png Keri lb11 Asrai's Reach bog preview.png Asrai's Reach Veteran There is no evading the hunter. Nor the vengeance of the Asrai. Wherever you flee, arrows will find you, and your body shall be given to the hungry soil.
Keri lb12 wom.png Keri lb12 wom preview.png Weave-Forged Nastirrah Weave