Kerillian's Elven Spear

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Elven Spear
180° Angle180.png
Unlock Level

"A practice spear, commonly wielded by those who have barely begun upon the warrior's path."

Kerillian's Elven Spear[edit | edit source]

The spear has the best range of all Melee Weapons available to Kerillian, and combining with fast attacks can put down many Enemies before they are within striking range. This spear (by itself, not when combined with a shield) will typically do two thrusting attacks, and then one sweeping attack. These Combos can be used to good effect to stun enemies, and then finish them with the sweep. The spear is notable in having an extremely wide Block/Push angle, allowing Kerillian to completely block a narrow hallway temporarily, and when combined with a push + attack can beat back waves of Infantry. The heavy attack may be either a heavy thrust that skewers several enemies, or a powerful sweep that will bisect or decapitate weaker foes.

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