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The weakest type of enemies, Infantry are seen as the grunts of both Skaven and Chaos armies. Individually they are easily slain by the Heroes, but can form a threat when attacking in hordes.

The Infantry type includes:

Power Bonus[]

The Power vs Infantry property gives Heroes extra damage against all Infantry units.


Even though the enemy type shares its name with the weapon property Power vs Infantry, these groups are not the same. Power vs Infantry includes all enemies with the Unarmoured armour class, which are, together with the enemies listed above:

Infantry Clanrat (Shielded) • FanaticGorRaider (Bulwark) • SkavenslaveUngorUngor Archer
Elites BestigorChaos WarriorMaulerPlague MonkSavageStormvermin (Shielded)
Specials BlightstormerGutter RunnerLifeleechPackmasterPoison Wind GlobadierRatling GunnerSack RatStandard BearerWarpfire Thrower
Monsters Bile TrollMinotaurRat OgreSpawn of ChaosStormfiend
Lords Burblespue HalescourgeSkarrik SpinemanglrBödvarr Ribspreader • (Gatekeeper Naglfahr) • (Deathrattler) • RasknittNurgloth the Eternal