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Pitch-black Mines[]

The complete darkness of the mines halfway through the mission might be difficult for players, as they have to rely on the light of the minecart and sound to locate enemies. Stay close to the cart, and when you do venture into the dark (to get consumables or the tome, make sure your teammates know where you are so they can keep an eye on you. Spam your tagging button to highlight Elites and Specials. If a horde spawns, especially at the start of the section, it is often easier to backtrack through the tunnel you came from until your vision returns, and hold out there. The same goes for when a Monster spawns.

  • It is possible to see through the dark by putting your Gamma-setting to maximum, thereby cheesing this section.


The easiest way to succeed here is to lure the Bile Troll over the bridge up to the plateau with the "dinner bell". Here you have enough room to fight him, just make sure to clear any other enemies coming from behind. Then the finale simply turns into a Monster fight, check the page of the Bile Troll for more specific strategies on how to deal with them. Killing the troll is not mandatory, so if the fight turns south, the last player can also run across the bridge and to the Bridge of Shadows to end the mission.