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Example Deed Skittergate.png

Heroic Deeds are tailored Missions that are consumed only upon completion. They offer a wide variety of challenges with set Difficulty levels.

All present party members will receive the specified reward upon completion. Matchmaking is disabled in this game mode.

Based on the Rarity of the deed a different number of deed effects are attached. Starting with green deeds which have 1 effect, over blue deeds with 2 effects and orange deeds with 3 effects.

Deed Description[]

The example on the right shows a Deed of Valor on the mission The Skittergate. The difficulty is set to Recruit and 3 random Deed Effects have been applied. The Reward is an Emperor's Strongbox upon completion.

List of Deed Effects[]

Deed Abduction.png Abduction[]

Players will not Respawn after being put out of action

Back-to-Basics.pngBack to Basics[]

Hero Power limited to starting value. Removes all Talents, Properties and Traits from the player.

Deprivation.png Deprivation[]

No Pickups will be found in the level

Deed Harder better faster stronger.png Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger[]

Elite Enemies have double health and deal double damage

Deed Nurgles rot.png Nurgle's Rot[]

Players take periodical damage over time

Deed Seek and destroy.png Seek and Destroy[]

Specials spawn with much higher frequency and in larger numbers

Deed Send in the next wave.png Send in the next wave![]

Increases frequency of Hordes spawning

Deed Sudden death.png Sudden Death[]

Getting Knocked Down instantly kills the player.

Note: this refers to the downed state in which other players can revive the downed player. If a Hero dies, they will still respawn.

Deed The vanguard.png The Vanguard[]

Replaces all roaming enemies with more powerful foes

Deed Icons[]

Number of Conditions Recruit Veteran Champion Legend
1 Recruit1.png Deed vet 1.png Deed champ 1.png Legend1.png
2 Recruit2.png Veteran2.png Deed champ 2.png Legend2.png
3 Deed rec 3.png Veteran3.png Deed champ 3.png Legend3.png