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"Can you thwart Rasknitt's Schemes and save embattled Helmgart from the Pact-Sworn?"

Helmgart, together with its surroundings, is the main location of Vermintide 2. It is a devastated town, caused by the invasion of the combined Skaven and Chaos forces. The center of town has completely collapsed due to the extensive labour on the Skittergate and its surrounding infrastructure.


Helmgart was an Imperial fortress and market town nestled in the Grey Mountains. Before the events of Vermintide 2, Bretonnian merchants could be found selling brandy, wine, fabrics, and arms; Dwarfs selling ingots of silver, lead, and iron mined in the Grey Mountains; as well as Reiklander merchants selling the goods of that province. There are Dwarfen ruins close by in the mountains and the valley below the town is littered with both acres, swamps and forests with old Elven temples.

Places of Interest[]

  • The Temple of Sigmar stands at the edge of town near the mountainside. It has an enormous statue of Sigmar with his hammer, which can be charged to release a magic blast. High up, it commands a spectacular view of Helmgart and the damage done by the invasion. It is the location of the final stand during Righteous Stand.
  • The Shallyan Hospice is visited during Convocation of Decay and housed the town's infirmary as well as its psychiatric institution.
  • High up in the mountains lies Taal's Horn Keep, from which the Heroes carry out their resistance.