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Health bar UI with full permanent health

Health is a resource measured in Hit Points (HP) that determines how much damage a unit can receive before being taken out of play. For Heroes, this can mean becoming Knocked Down or Death, while Enemy units will always die.


The base max HP value of heroes fall under 3 brackets as follows:

Base Max HP Careers
100 Huntsman, Outcast Engineer, Ranger Veteran, Waystalker, Shade, Bounty Hunter, Battle Wizard, Pyromancer
125 Mercenary, Slayer, Handmaiden, Witch Hunter Captain, Sister of the Thorn
150 Foot Knight, Grail Knight, Ironbreaker, Zealot, Unchained

These values can be increased with the Necklace Property and Talents. Max HP can also be reduced from carrying Grimoires and recovered from destroying them. When max HP is altered, the hero's current pool of permanent and temporary health is scaled proportionately.

The smallest possible unit of HP is 0.25. Any calculation relating to HP is rounded to the nearest interval of 0.25.

Enemy health values scale based on Difficulty of the Mission.

Permanent Health[]

Also referred to as Green Health or simply Health, the player begins every mission with maximum permanent health. Any talent or passive that triggers based on the hero's current health only takes permanent health into account. Permanent health can be recovered through Healing Items, the Natural Bond Necklace Trait, or Waystalker's Amaranthe passive ability.

Temporary Health[]

Also referred to as White Health, Temp Health, or THP, temporary health is health that automatically decays over time.[1][2] Temporary health decay cannot reduce the hero's HP to 0. When a hero receives temporary health from any source, it will start to decay after 3 seconds. Normally, the decay rate is 1.0 THP per second (0.25 per 0.25 seconds) but while Wounded, it is reduced to 0.5 THP per second (0.25 per 0.5 seconds). In Death Weaves, decay rate is doubled.

Permanent health recovery replaces temporary health rather than stacking. For example, if the hero's current health was at 20hp + 80thp and drank a Healing Draught to heal 75 permanent health, the hero's new health would be 95hp + 5thp. Healing boost effects such as the Necklace Trait Boon of Shallya affects all sources of temporary health recovery. Any talent or passive that triggers based on the hero's current health does not take temporary health into account.

Temporary Health Talents[]

Every career has access to 2 talents at level 5 that allows the hero to recover temporary health. These talents are only effective for melee attacks.

  • On cleave: Striking one or more enemies in one swing grants 1 temporary health per target hit. The attack must deal damage to the target to count. Max 5 targets.
  • On Stagger: Staggering but not killing enemies with a melee attack grants temporary health. Healing per target with a Push is 0.6 THP. Healing per target with normal attacks vary based on the attack template. In general, higher stagger strength correlates with greater healing.
  • On critical hit/headshot: Melee critical strikes and headshots grant 2 temporary health. Critical headshots restore 4. This effect can only trigger once per attack.
  • On kill: Delivering the killing blow on a foe grants temporary health based on the health bracket of the enemy. The healing does not directly scale with the enemy's health as the tool tip suggests, therefore the healing amount does not increase alongside the enemy health pool based on difficulty.[3]
Enemy Heal on kill
Skavenslave 0.5
Clan Rat, Fanatic, Ungor 1
Marauder, Gor 3
Stormvermin, Plague Monk 8
Skaven Specials 8
Chaos Specials 10
Savage, Mauler, Bestigor, Standard Bearer 15
Chaos Warrior 30
Bosses 50


Heal on cleave is a powerful talent that synergizes particularly well with weapons that balance attack speed with cleave power like Swords. Heal on stagger, true to its name, excels with weapons with high cleave and high stagger strength such as Shields and Hammers. Heal on kill is most effective on high damage single-target weapons like Dual Daggers and 1H Axes which can secure killing blows on high health enemies. Heal on crit/headshot is only advisable for high crit chance builds with highly accurate weapons that allow consistent headshots, but its alternative row talent will tend to provide better value even then.


Curse is a general status debuff which reduces the hero's maximum HP by a certain percentage. Each instance of Grimoire curse reduces maximum HP of every party member by 30%. Curse can be mitigated with the Trinket Property Curse Resistance. When acquiring or losing curse, the hero's current health pool will be scaled proportional to the max HP.

Grimoires are the only source of curse in normal play. With Twitch Mode enabled, the player can also encounter Curse of the Rat, which is simply another party-wide stack of the grimoire curse, and Curse of the Tainted Blood, a debuff which causes the hero to temporarily lose small amounts of max HP for every kill.

Health States[]

A knocked down Witch Hunter Captain

Knocked Down[]

Also known as Prone or Downed, if a hero's HP is reduced to 0, they will become knocked down and receive a wound. While knocked down, the hero cannot take any action, and their HP pool increases to 300 (which can be further boosted by properties and talents as normal). The hero can still be damaged normally and passively receives 10 points of damage every 3 seconds. This health is technically considered to be THP, so any source of temp health recovery from allies such as Mercenary's Career Ability will still be effective. When this health bar reaches 0, the hero dies.


Allies can revive a character who is knocked down by holding "E" (by default) for 2 seconds. This duration can be reduced with the Revive Speed Trinket property. While reviving, the reviver is automatically considered to be Blocking if they have their melee weapon equipped, and most careers are still able to cast their Career Ability without interruption. The exceptions to this are Ranger Veteran, Waystalker, Bounty Hunter, and Pyromancer. A successful revive only requires the reviver to be within the downed player's vicinity at the very start of the revive, so moving away from the downed player using a mobility career ability will not interrupt it. This also means that if a hero is downed on a ledge above an ally, the ally can jump to start the revive and continue even after landing.


The hero starts every mission with 0 wounds. If a hero is revived from being knocked down, they will resume play after a short get-up animation with half of their health bar filled with temporary health and 1 additional wound. During the get-up animation, the hero can switch weapons and block. If the hero accumulates a certain number of wounds, they will immediately die upon their HP reaching 0 instead of becoming knocked down. Each difficulty level has a set number of wounds before this occurs:

  • Recruit: 4
  • Veteran: 2
  • Champion and above: 1

Using any healing item or getting healed by an ally will set the wounds count back to 0. While wounded, the rate at which temporary health decays is reduced to half.


If a hero is caught by certain specials, they will become Disabled. While disabled, the hero cannot take action and receives damage as normal. If the source of the disable is a Blightstorm, the hero will be automatically freed after being tossed out. Otherwise, they must be freed by staggering or killing the disabler. Additionally, there are other unique types of disables:

  • Cliff Hanging: When a hero goes over certain ledges, they will hang off of the ledge in a disabled state. An ally can help a cliff hanging hero by holding the revive button. If unassisted, the hero will fall to their death after a certain period of time.
  • Hoisted: If a Hookrat catches a hero and drags them away far enough, the hookrat will plant its hook into the ground and hoist the hero up. An ally can free a hoisted hero by holding the revive button. If the hero was knocked down while hoisted, the hero will then have to be revived as well.

A bound Handmaiden awaiting rescue


A Dead character is completely taken out of play and all of their items are dropped to the floor. Any grimoires that player was carrying will be destroyed. The hero will respawn after 30 seconds, typically further ahead in the mission. This duration can be reduced with the Respawn Speed trinket property. After respawning, the hero will be in a Bound state with half of their HP filled with permanent health, half of their maximum ammunition, 0 wounds, and 0 career ability cooldown. While bound, the hero cannot take any action, and enemies will not interact with them. However, their career ability cooldown still receives its normal passive regeneration. The hero must be freed by an ally in order for the player to regain control of their hero. The speed at which an ally can free a bound hero is not affected by the Revive Speed trinket property.