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Tome 1[]

When coming down into Von Mackensen Strasse, head down to the left before exiting through the double doors.

Halescourge 1st tome.jpg

Before passing through the double doors, head left. Behind a crate there is a hole in the wall that you can crawl through to reach the first Tome.

Halescourge 1st tome2.jpg

Tome 2[]

In the Merchant District, you will need to cross a bridge to the right after you drop down a small building. Instead, keep to the left.

Halescourge 2nd tome1.jpg

Keep left here to walk around the stone wall to the other side.

Halescourge 2nd tome2.jpg

At the end of the path is a ladder down to a boat containing the second Tome.

Halescourge 2nd tome3.jpg

Grimoire 1[]

When the buildings start to slide down the cliff. Look down to find a mostly intact building at the bottom (center-bottom of screenshot).

Halescourge 1st grim1.jpg

Drop down to the far side of this building and turn around. The first Grimoire is on a bookshelf just inside.

Halescourge 1st grim2.jpg

Tome 3[]

After you cross past the landsliding buildings, before heading left, you will see this tower.

Halescourge 3rd tome1.jpg

Head inside and up the ladder, the third Tome is on a shelf on the second floor.

Halescourge 3rd tome2.jpg

Grimoire 2[]

In the entryway to Stoltzhammer Weg, there is a building on the left with a raised ladder. Shoot the Buboe at the top of the ladder to release it. (Be careful not to step in the goo that drops down.)

Halescourge 2nd grim1.jpg

The second Grimoire sits on the balcony at the top of the ladder.

Halescourge 2nd grim2.jpg

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