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This section is dedicated to player-written guides of all kinds. Git Gud, Drengbarazi!

Strategy Pages[]

Map Strategies[]

The Mission pages include information about events and finales, as well as a few tips. The map tab will show a visual guide to the locations of chests and spawns. The Mission Strategy pages are intended to give an in-depth look at each mission, with advanced advice for how to complete the level on higher difficulties with ease.

For Mission Strategy pages, click here.

Book Locations[]

The Book Location pages are visual guides to finding Tomes and Grimoires, with screenshots and concise explanations. For Arkanymoose's Book Location videos, click here.

For Book Location pages, click here.

Getting Started[]

Guides dedicated to brand new players, covering getting your controls and options set up optimally and other introductory topics.

For an explanation of basic combat mechanics, click here.

Basic Tactics & Topics[]

These guides introduce the basic tactics and strategies both during matches and in the metagame that will help you succeed as a beginning player.

Weapon & Build Guides[]

These guides focus on optimizing your effectiveness with specific weapons and/or specific careers. Share your finest creations and sweetest moves!

For the individual weapon pages, click here.

Advanced Tactics & Topics[]

These guides will help you take your understanding and competence to a whole 'notha level. Aspire to be the next Jsat? This is what you need to know.

Misc. Guides[]

Guides that don't quite fit anywhere else. Feel free to add your guide to this list if you're not sure where else to put it.