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The finale of Garden of Morr is really straightforward: destroy the four Chains to drop the cauldron through the floor. During the finale Hordes of Enemies will spawn, with an additional wave when a chain is destroyed. The waves consist of Infantry and Elites, including Berserkers, so watch your back every time a chain is destroyed. The ground floor is covered with poison which will damage you, slow your movement and deplete your Stamina. Avoid walking through it, instead make use of the planks and tombs to jump to where you want. Due to the nasty situation on the ground floor, it is best to avoid fighting there. Instead, retreat to the high ground on the sides of the room and fight of hordes there (there are also Consumables lying around those spots).

Since some chains are blocked of by walls or high up, and some routes will include more walking through the poison goo, there is a fastest and safest way to destroy them:

  1. From the drop off, looking towards the cauldron, take the chain on your left.
  2. Looking towards the cauldron again, next make your way to the right-most chain.
  3. Make your way counterclockwise across the room and destroy the last two chains, this will also position you relatively close to the exit.