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Tome 1[]

In Augur's Embrace, when passing the first tombs you'll come up to a staircase with a pillar on the left side.

Gardentome1 1.jpg

Walk around this pillar and jump over the section of the stone wall without spikes.

Gardentome1 2.jpg

Walk through the small graveyard to find the first Tome in a coffin on the far right.

Gardentome1 3.jpg Gardentome1 4.jpg

Grimoire 1[]

At the end of the Garden of Spirits, before the drop into the gallery with the stone arches, head to the right.

20190127034736 1.jpg

Head towards the wall, jump on some coffins, and over the wall to the left.

20190127034752 1.jpg 20190127034806 1.jpg 20190127034812 1.jpg

The first Grimoire is inside.

20190127034824 1.jpg

Tome 2[]

After dropping down into a gallery with stone arches, make your way up the double stairs until you see a tomb to the left with a bridge to the right. Turn right onto this bridge.

Gardentome2 1.jpg

On the other side of the bridge, there is a grumbling ledge to the left. Jump across the stones.

Gardentome2 2.jpg

From the ledge, make your way across the stone archway and take the second archway to the right. The second Tome is on a ledge at the end of this archway.

Gardentome2 3.jpg

Grimoire 2[]

Right after you enter Old Chapel Ruins, make your way up the stairs and jump over the gap to get the second Grimoire. Alternatively mark it and pick it up from below.

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Tome 3[]

When entering Peasant Hill, you'll make your way through a ditch around a small outcrop with graves and trees.

Gardentome3 1.jpg

Walk around the outcrop. If you look back, you can walk onto the outcrop where a birch tree is standing.

Gardentome3 2.jpg

The third Tome is between the three gravestones next to the tree.

Gardentome3 3.jpg

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