Garden of Morr

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Garden of Morr
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DLC Mission
Back to Ubersreik
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You're going a little outside of Ubersreik this time. It appears there's a puzzle piece hiding in the graveyard. Let's hope it's not attached to something undead, eh? No, I'm sure it's not. Almost certain, in fact. Try not to worry about it. Anyway, you'll be too busy finding the source of the Skaven poison to worry about details, won't you?
~ Olesya Pimenova

Back to the illusory world of Ubersreik you go! It seems that there's a piece of the puzzle hiding out in the Garden of Morr. Well, I say hiding out... I doubt it got there without a little help. Have a little bit of a look around. Turn over a few stones. Maybe a few graves. Oh, and find the source of the poison too, for old times' sake.
~ Olesya Pimenova

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

For a second time, the Heroes venture into one of Olesya's illusions to find a rune of the Dwarfen Lodestone. This time they visit the Garden of Morr. While looking, they also follow a trail of poison in order to find the source of the corrupted water that has been poisoning Ubersreik.

Finale[edit | edit source]

The heroes have to destroy a large cauldron which is the source of the infected waters around Ubersreik. To do this, they have to skip the tombs in a pool of poison and destroy four Chains to drop the cauldron through the floor and into the abyss. After this is done, a gate is breached and the heroes can escape to the Bridge of Shadows

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Gates of Morr:
  • Günther Burkhardt's Family Tomb:
  • Morr's Field:
  • Augur's Embrace:
  • Garden of Spirits:
  • Einbalsamierungsplatz:
  • Von Vogelmann's Crypt:
  • Old Chapel Ruin:
  • Peasant Hill:
  • Dream Gardens:
  • Citadel of Morr:
  • Main Chamber:
  • Sanctorium:

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Enter the Garden of Morr
  2. Find the Source of the Green Poison
  3. Reach the Citadel
  4. Destroy the Cauldron
  5. X/4 Destroy the Chain Supports
  6. Escape the Illusion

Rune[edit | edit source]

See the Rune Guide.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Garden of Morr is a remastered version of the identically named mission in Vermintide 1, although Book locations have been changed and several secrets have been added. Information on the original mission can be found Here.

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