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Fortunes of War
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Secret Mission
Back to Ubersreik
Engines of War
Dark Omens
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I've a small confession. The Pactsworn are on to us. One of their rotting shamans has been meddling with my illusions, and has seen all that I've seen. So while you're going back to Ubersreik, so are our filthy little friends. So go! Quickly! Grab whatever it is the dwarfs hid in the Jungfreud Platz before they do!
~ Olesya Pimenova

So, now we know. The dwarfs hid something in the Jungfreud Platz. And you've got the runes to get it free. Unfortunately, some no-good Northlander whippersnapper has been meddling with my magic. They've seen what we're up to, and are trying to get there first. Which means, you need to grab whatever the dwarfs hid in the statue before they do! And bring it back to the keep.
~ Olesya Pimenova


Having uncovered the three runes in the illusions of the Ubersreik invasion, the Heroes are sent back to the central plaza in the illusion of Ubersreik during the Skaven invasion of the original Vermintide. They are to carve the hidden Runes into the base of the statue of Sigmar, then buy Olesya time to undo the magical bindings hiding the dwarfen treasure. However, a Rotblood shaman has been interfering with the illusions (perhaps explaining the presence of Rotbloods in Ubersreik), and following the heroes' progress, meaning they have also obtained the runes. This means the heroes naturally have to deal with continuous waves of Pactsworn whilst Olesya works her magic, to obtain the treasure before the Rotblood shaman can.


As a hidden mission, this is the only mission not launched from the regular menu. Instead, it becomes available to launch from the Dwarfen Lodestone located in front of Olesya in Taal's Horn Keep once all three runes from the previous Back to Ubersreik maps have been acquired. The mission itself is a remake of the Last Stand map "Town Meeting" from the original Vermintide, and is probably the hardest available in Vermintide 2 to date. Players face off against 8 increasingly difficult waves of Pactsworn, including vast numbers of specials not seen in such number on any other mission. After each wave, a ball of lightning will appear in the air around the statue, drawing a rune on the ground below. The mission is complete once these runes form a complete circuit around the statue. The number and type of special and elite spawns is fixed for each wave, but the location is not. There are 3 boss waves. The bosses are a Chaos Spawn, a Stormfiend, and for the final wave a Rat Ogre and Bile Troll simultaneously, followed by elites and specials, then followed by a final Rat Ogre. Each boss will be accompanied by a number of specials, and waves of trash hordes. Prepare for large numbers of "grabbers", particularly Packmasters. The statue will open either 5 minutes after the final Rat Ogre is killed, or when all enemies are cleared, whichever comes first. Grab the Izrakrak from inside the statue, then run through the market and out of a hole in the wall to the Bridge of Shadows.

Wave Breakdown[]

Spawn numbers and locations are fixed. Numbers will only be given for specials and elites. Most Skavenslave / Clanrat / Fanatic / Marauder waves will be in the region of 20-30. Each sub-wave will progress to the next generally after either less than a set number of enemies remain, or after a set amount of time passes, whichever occurs first. Players killed will respawn at the end of each full wave.

Note that these numbers vary between difficulties.

Wave 1[]

  • Skavenslaves, Clanrats, Fanatics, 3 Ratling Gunners
  • Rat Ogre, Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • 2 Packmasters
  • 10 Stormvermin

Wave 2[]

  • Fanatics
  • 6 Chaos Warriors, 5 Poison Wind Globadiers
  • Fanatics
  • Chaos Spawn, 5 Packmasters, 2 Warpfire Throwers, Skavenslaves, Clanrats, Fanatics

Wave 3[]

  • 10 Gutter Runners, 3 Poison Wind Globadier, Skavenslaves, Clanrats,
  • Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • 24 Stormvermin
  • 4 Blightstormers, 2 Lifeleeches, Fanatics, Marauders
  • 10 Savages, 2 Maulers, Marauders

Wave 4[]

  • 2 Ratling Gunners, 12 Maulers, Fanatics, Marauders
  • 10 Chaos Warriors, 6 Lifeleeches
  • 6 Ratling Gunners, Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • 2 Packmasters, 20 Stormvermin, 1 Warpfire Thrower, Skavenslaves, Clanrats,

Wave 5[]

  • 6 Warpfire Throwers, 16 Plague Monks, Fanatics
  • Stormfiend, 4 Poison Wind Globadier, Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • 8 Packmasters, Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • 10 Stormvermin, Skavenslaves, Clanrats,

Wave 6[]

  • 25 Plague Monks, Skavenslaves, Clanrats,
  • 4 Poison Wind Globadiers, 32 Stormvermin
  • 4 Gutter Runners, Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • 8 Ratling Gunners, 2 Lifeleeches, 12 Maulers, Fanatics, Marauders
  • Skavenslaves, Clanrats

Wave 7[]

  • 2 Packmasters, 2 Lifeleeches, 6 Stormvermin, Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • Bile Troll, 2 Blightstormers, Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • 20 Plague Monks
  • 6 Poison Wind Globadiers, 12 Stormvermin, Clanrats
  • 7 Blightstormers, 20 Chaos Warriors, Skavenslaves, Clanrats

Wave 8[]

  • Rat Ogre, Bile Troll, 4 Chaos Warriors, Marauders
  • 3 Gutter Runners, Skavenslaves, Clanrats,
  • 3 Packmasters, 12 Savages, Marauders, Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • 4 Poison Wind Globadier, 2 Chaos Warrior, Marauders,
  • 20 Stormvermin, 3 Ratling Gunners, 2 Packmasters
  • 1 Poison Wind Globadier, 1 Ratling Gunner, 10 Plague Monks, 2 Gutter Runners, Skavenslaves
  • 2 Blightstormers, 3 Lifeleeches, 4 Warpfire Throwers, 5 Chaos Warriors, 16 Stormvermin, Marauders
  • Marauders, Skavenslaves, Clanrats
  • 10 Chaos Warrior, Skavenslaves


After completing Fortunes of War, Olesya will say the following:

We are finished here. Ubersreik will not miss the izrakrak. Better it rests with us.
~ Olesya Pimenova


  • Fortunes of War is a remaster of the Last Stand mode map, "Town Meeting" from the original Vermintide, albeit with the inclusion of the new Pactsworn enemies. Information on the original mission can be found here.
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