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Expeditions is a new gamemode added by The Chaos Wastes DLC. Expeditions differ from the adventure by being a rogue-lite mode featuring Chaos Wastes exclusive locations. A single Expedition will span across several locations, some of which may be influenced by the Chaos Gods. The Heroes will need to make choices along split paths that could mean the difference between life and death.

To begin your Expedition into the Chaos Wastes, enter the newly constructed doorway to the Pilgrimage Chamber.


You will progress through an Expedition by deciding which paths to take. Miracles and Boons can be earned, and Weapons can be discovered and upgraded along the way. You will begin an Expedition with your existing hero Talents. Along the path, opportunities will arise to obtain new Talents, Miracles, and Boons in addition to your existing abilities. Miracles, Boons and weapons will not persist from one Expedition to the next; however, some of your Pilgrim’s Coins will. You must complete one full Expedition in a single play session in order to progress. You can return later to do another Expedition.

Holseher's Map[]

This is the screen in which the path of the expedition can be laid out. Players vote on which branch of missions to follow in Holseher's Map for a total of 7 stops (including shrines) per expedition. The enemies found in each mission vary, and any curses or effects are displayed over the map icon in the expedition map.

When looking at which map you and your party want to venture into, you can hover your mouse over and see a bullet list containing the following information:

  • Potential map curse, written in the chaos gods colours (See curses below). This doesn't show which curse you get, only which god is cursing your map.
  • Name of the map (See maplist below)
  • Which enemy combination you are fighting (Ex. Skaven, Beastmen)
  • Combination of the two Map modifiers (see Below)
  • Reward upon completion of the map


There are 12 maps and 4 arenas one can encounter in an expedition, they are as follows:

Image Map Description
CW Slaughter Bay.jpg Slaughter Bay A haven for raiders and reavers for leagues around.
CW Count Mordreks Fortress.jpg Count Mordrek's Fortress Count Mordrek raised a castle to challenge all within the Chaos Wastes. Like its master, the fortress still stands, ever-changing, never-dying.
CW Lost City of Marakza.jpg The Lost City of Marakza Though this city is fallen into ruin, northlanders gather in its forgotten streets, competing for the favour of the daemons lurking within the crumbling towers.
CW Cinder Peak.jpg Cinder Peak An unquiet volcano, trapped within the northern ice fields. Cultists whisper that it is no mountain, but a daemon whose boiling blood slicks the hillside.
CW Grimbloods Stronghold.jpg Grimblood's Stronghold Rime-locked war camp of the notorious traitor Mannax Grimblood; a harbor from which raiders terrorise the Sea of Claws. The ice is suffused with the souls of the dead.
CW Holsehers Tower.jpg Holseher's Tower Marius Holseher is long dead (or damned) but his tower still stands, staring across the Chaos Wastes to the infinitely more blasphemous domain that lies beyond.
CW Pinnacle of Nightmares.jpg Pinnacle of Nightmares A mountaintop close to where the sky runs thin, and reality bleeds away into the Realm of Chaos. A holy site for northlanders in search of unholy patronage.
CW Belshaziirs Mine.jpg Bel'sha'ziir's Mine Legend tells of a daemon prince, sealed away far beneath the sleeping skies by Sigmar himself. It also tells of those who seek the blasphemer still.
CW Forbidden Trail.jpg The Forbidden Trail The gaze of the Dark Gods is said to lie forever upon these trees, though there are always those prepared to take the risk and seek riches beneath the soil.
CW Foetid Gorge.jpg The Foetid Gorge A jagged scar in the Chaos Wastes, home to disciples of the Great Unclean One, Ku'gath Plaguefather, who pray that the daemon will one day lead them to endless glory.
CW Pit of Reflections.jpg The Pit of Reflections A sorcerous trap laid for the unwary, tempting them with visions of the past in order to unmake their future. Tread with care, and be ready for anything.
CW Citadel of Eternity.jpg Citadel of Eternity At last! Your journey has been long and difficult, but now you stand upon the threshold of the gods themselves. Prove yourself Worthy!
CW Arena of Determination.jpg Arena of Determination Only the most dedicated are worthy of petitioning the gods. Cleanse the ice of foes to prove yourselves!
CW Arena of Fortitude.jpg Arena of Fortitude Prove your strength within this arena and thus assert your worthiness for divine aid.
CW Arena of Courage.jpg Arena of Courage Face your fears within this cave to prove yourself worthy of godly attention.
CW Arena Citadel of Eternity.jpg Citadel of Eternity


You've come a long way to be here. Prove yourselves, and earn the favour of the gods!

Map modifiers[]

There is a few possible map modifiers you can get when choosing your map. The informations shows if you get LESS (-) or MORE (+) of the subject in question. And the different modifiers are;

  • (- / +) Hordes
  • (- / +) Specials (Hookrat, Warpfire ect.)
  • (- / +) Elites (Stormvermin, Plaugemonks ect.)
  • (- / +) Monsters (Rat Ogre, Stormfiend ect.)
  • Extra Pilgrim Coin's
  • Extra Health Items

Map Reward[]

Upon completion of the map you will receive a reward, which can be:

  • +20% Health
  • +5% Movement Speed
  • +10% Attack Speed
  • +10% Crit Chance
  • +40% Crit Power
  • +20% Ability Cooldown Reduction
  • +40% Block/Push Cost Reduction
  • +60% Block/Push Angle


The Chaos Wastes is a cursed place. Some locations are influenced by its current ruler. You must be prepared to face an additional cursed challenge when embarking on an Expedition.

When choosing the expedition, it will say if that particular journey have been cursed by one of the four Chaos gods. The curses follow the theme of the god that have cursed the journey, and are as follows.

Curses of Tzeentch[]

  • Crystal Egg - Crystal eggs repeatedly spawn on the map and must be reached and destroyed before a timer runs out or the eggs spawn a random monster.
  • Twin Blight - Certain enemies have a 1 in 4 chance of splitting into two weaker enemies once you kill them.
  • Bolt of Change - Random bolts of lightning fall from the sky, hurting players and buffing enemies. Doesn't effect boss monsters.

Curses of Nurgle[]

  • Infested Foes - The map will be filled with enemies shrouded in poison who will create a poison cloud when they're killed.
  • Skulking Sorcerer - As you play through the level, you'll constantly be hounded by a sorcerer who respawns every time you kill it.
  • Miasma of Pestilence - Cursed clouds fill the level. As you gain stacks of curse you slowly lose max health. Can be purified by special torches.

Curses of Khorne[]

  • Blood God's Fury - Certain enemies buff those around them, doubling their health.
  • Blood Tornados - Tornados roam the level, doing massive damage and inflicting the bleeding effect.
  • Skulls of Wrath - Enemies have a chance of dropping a skull token that explodes when they die.

Curses of Slaanesh[]

  • Glory to Greed - No pickups are found in the level, but certain enemies will drop special packages upon death.
  • Unquenchable Thirst - You take damage constantly, but potions restore your lost health. The effect stops when your health gets too low.
  • Baleful Empathy - Damage you take is shared amongst your nearby teammates.


Uncorrupted Shrines can be discovered in the Chaos Wastes. At these Shrines, heroes can seek the favour of wholesome Gods in the form of Miracles and Boons by sacrificing Pilgrim’s Coins.

You can choose to buy from five different boons and 3 miracles that are defined by the type of shrine you are visiting.

The different shrines are:

  • Shrine of Strife
  • Shrine of Harmony
  • Shrine of Fortune
Shrine of ... Miracle of ... Effect Cost
Fortune Smednir Increase Pilgrim’s Coins gained by 50% for the next level at the cost of receiving an extra 20% damage for the next level. 200 Coins
Fortune Ranald For the next level, Elites and Special have a chance to drop pickups on death. 200 Coins
Harmony Shallya For the next level, temporary health is converted to permanent health. 200 Coins
Harmony Isha When the last member of the party is knocked down, Isha restores their hp to full and strikes down nearby enemy. 200 Coins
Harmony Rhya Grants a Jade Censer (Healing Item, One Use Only). When deployed, heals and strengthens your team for 120 sec. 200 Coins
Strife Grimnir A mighty monster waits for you in the next level. Slay it to increase max health by 20%. 200 Coins
Strife Morgrim Grants Morgrim’s Bomb (Bomb Item, One Use Only). A powerful explosive with a long delay. 200 Coins
Strife Ulric Permanently increase your current weapons’ Power by 50. 100 Coins

Pilgrims Coins[]

Pilgrim's Coins.jpg

Pilgrim’s Coins are a unique Chaos Wastes currency that can be traded in exchange for Boons, Miracles, or weapons along the path. You can only earn and spend Pilgrim’s Coins during an Expedition. Bots cannot use Pilgrim’s Coins, but as a player, you will be able to spend an extra amount of Pilgrim’s Coins yourself.


Boons are granted only to the purchaser whereas Miracles are granted to the whole party.

You can obtain them by paying Pilgrims coins in a Shrine (4 options to choose), obtaining them for 200 Pilgrims coins in a random Boon altar, or as a reward in a Chest of Trials.

For a detailed list check Royale's Handbook:

Chaos Waste Mechanic Handbook (

Waystone Altars[]


Waystone Altars are locations at which Boons can be purchased, and weapons acquired or upgraded. They are accessible through sacrificing Pilgrim’s Coins. The more Pilgrim’s Coins the Waystone Altar demands, the more powerful the weaponry found within. Altars uses are personal, meaning all players can use the same Altar.

The quality of the alters change during the run, at the beginning they are green (Common), later blue (Rare), then orange (Legendary) and lastly Red (Unique). The logo of the alter will show the color of the quality of the item you are about to purchase.

There are 3 different weapon alters that can be found:

  1. Random weapon (looks like a big sword) - Clicking on the alter will replace your current melee weapon with a random one of the quality shown.
  2. Random Ranged (A Crossbow and Pistol) - Clicking on the alter will replace your current ranged weapon with a random one of the quality shown.
  3. Temper (An anvil) - Will upgrade your current equipped weapon to the quality shown. The most expensive, but it will let you keep your current weapon of choice.

Quality of Weapon Alters and their costs[]

Alter type/quailty Power level Properties Traits Cost
Melee/Range (Green) +50 1 0 40 Coins
Melee/Range (Blue) +100 2 0 80 Coins
Melee/Range (Orange) +150 2 1 120 Coins
Melee/Range (Red) +250 2 1 160 Coins
Temper (Green) +50 1 0 80 Coins
Temper (Blue) +100 2 0 160 Coins
Temper (Orange) +150 2 1 240 Coins
Temper (Red) +250 2 1 320 Coins

Chest of Trials[]

Additional challenges can be discovered on an Expedition by means of a rare Chest of Trials. Opening such a chest will draw the attention of a Monster. Defeat the monster will allow you to claim the reward in the form of a boon. You can choose one between three choices of random quality.

Chest of Trials.jpg


The following Potions are unique to The Chaos Wastes:

Potion Description
Potion of Stealth Vengeful Drakira grants you invisibility for 5 seconds.
Potion of Poison Aegis Atharti grants you immunity to all poison for 120 seconds.
Potion of Lifesteal Khaine fills you with bloodlust. For the next 15 seconds, your kills restore health.
Potion of Endless Bombs For the next 10 seconds, grim Hashut grants you unlimited bombs (don't ask how).
Potion of Agility Grants you the reflexes of Loec, improving your dodge distance for 30 seconds.
Potion of Prophetic Strike Morr grants knowledge of foes' weaknesses. Improves your Power for 25 seconds.
Potion of Wrath Verena enhances your means to smite the guilty. Improves your damage for 20 seconds.
Potion of Lifeshare Empowered by the Great Maw, for the next 10 seconds, your kills restore health to other players.


Sacred Scroll.jpg

Defeat the final arena to claim the sacred scroll. If you successfully survive your Expedition, you will earn both experience and multiple Chests as a reward for your efforts.

New, unique Portrait Frames reflective of the Chaos Gods can also be earned by defeating the respective God’s Challenge.