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Equipment refers to the items you find in your inventory which can be equipped by the Heroes. Equipment can be obtained from Loot Boxes or by Crafting. The average Power of all equipment currently in use is added to the total Hero Power.

All equipment can also be Salvaged into scrap and dust.

Equipment types[]

There are five equipment types, each corresponding to an equipment slot:


Equipment comes in the following rarities (sometimes called "quality"), which determine the number of Properties and Traits the weapon has. Different rarities also can have different illusions. Most often, players refer to different rarities by the colour of the rarity, rather than the actual name.

Icon Rarity Colour # of Properties # of Traits Notes
Icon BG0 Blacksmith.png Blacksmith Grey 0 0 Template Equipment, has a Hero Power of 5
Icon BG1 Common.png Plentiful White 0 0
Icon BG2 Uncommon.png Common Green 1 0
Icon BG3 Rare.png Rare Blue 2 0
Icon BG4 Exotic.png Exotic Orange 2 1
Icon BG5 Veteran.png Veteran Red 2 1 Always 300 Power and max stats on Properties
Icon BG6 Undefined.png Cosmetic Purple Cosmetic items available through certain Challenge rewards and premium purchases from the Emporium of Wonders
Icon BG7 Weave.png Weave Yellow 2 1 Only available in Weaves


Different Heroes have access to different Melee and Ranged weapons, and some weapons can be restricted to specific Careers. Different Weapon Illusions, which change the appearance of a Melee or Ranged weapon, are available for each. These skins are unlocked once a weapon with the skin has been obtained, and can be applied to similar weapons with Crafting.

Melee Weapons[]

Markus Kruber
Executioner Sword
Great Hammer
Sword and Shield
Mace and Shield
Mace and Sword.png
Mace and Sword
Kruber Tuskgor Spear.png
Tuskgor Spear
Bretonnian Longsword.png
Bretonnian Longsword
Bretonnian Sword and Shield
Kruber Spear and Shield.png
Spear and Shield
Bardin Goreksson
Bardin hammer.png
Great Hammer
Bardin greataxe.png
Great Axe
Bardin axe.png
Bardin weapon Hammer.png
Pickaxe icon.png
War Pick
Shield axe.png
Axe and Shield
Hammer shield icon.png
Hammer and Shield
Duel axes.png
Dual Axes
Bardin dual hammers.png
Dual Hammers
Bardin cog hammer.png
Cog Hammer
Dual Daggers
Dual Swords
Sword and Dagger
Elven Spear
Elven Axe
Spear and Shield
Victor Saltzpyre
Saltz rapier icon.png
Saltz falchion icon.png
Saltz axe icon.png
Saltz 2 handed sword icon.png
Flail icon.png
Axe and Falchion.png
Axe and Falchion
Saltzpyre Bill Hook.png
Bill Hook
Saltzpyre Flail Shield.png
Flail and Shield
Saltzpyre Holy Great Hammer.png
Holy Great Hammer
Paired Skull-Splitters
Saltzpyre Skull Splitter Blessed Tome.png
Skull-Splitter and Blessed Tome
Saltzpyre Skull Splitter Shield.png
Skull-Splitter and Shield
Saltzpyre Skull Splitter Hammer.png
Skull-Splitter Hammer
Sienna Fuegonasus
Sienna Weapons Icon - Sword.png
Sienna Weapons Icon - Mace.png
Sienna Weapons Icon - Fire Sword.png
Fire Sword
Sienna Weapons Icon - Dagger.png
Sienna Weapons Icon -Crowbill.png
Sienna Flaming Flail.png
Flaming Flail


Melee weapons can have the following properties:

  • Attack Speed (+2-5%)
  • Stamina (+1.0-2.0) 1
  • Block Cost Reduction (+10-30%)
  • Push/Block Angle (+10-30%)
  • Crit Chance (+2-5%)
  • Crit Power (+10-20%)
  • Power vs. Skaven
  • Power vs. Chaos

1 +1.0 Stamina is a half extra shield, +2.0 Stamina is a full extra shield


Image Name Description
Heroic Intervention Assisting an ally under attack restores 15 Temporary Health to both players. (Assisting allies refers to saving them from a Gutter Runner, Packmaster, or Lifeleech, or Staggering Enemies who are about to backstab them.)
Off Balance Blocking an attack increases the damage the attacker takes by 20% for 5.0 seconds.
Opportunist Increases push strength by 50% when used against an attacking enemy.
Parry Timed blocks reduce stamina cost by 100%.
Resourceful Combatant Melee critical strikes reduce the cooldown of your Career Skill by 5%. Effect can only trigger once every 4 seconds.
Swift Slaying Critical Hits increase attack speed by 20% for 5.0 seconds.

Ranged Weapons[]

Markus Kruber
Kruber Blunderbuss.png
Kruber handgun.png
Kuber Longbow.png
Kruber repeater handgun.png
Repeater Handgun
Bardin Goreksson
Bardin weapon ranged crossbow.png
Bardin handgun icon.png
Drakefire pistols.png
Drakefire Pistols
Grudge raker.png
Bardin Throwing Axes.png
Throwing Axes
Bardin masterwork pistol.png
Masterwork Pistol
Bardin Trollhammer Torpedo.png
Trollhammer Torpedo
Hagbane Shortbow
Volley Crossbow
Kerillian Moonfire Bow.png
Moonfire Bow
Kerillian Javelin.png
Briar Javelin
Kerillian Deepwood Staff.png
Deepwood Staff
Victor Saltzpyre
Brace of pistols icon.png
Brace of Pistols
Saltz volley crossbow.png
Volley Crossbow
Saltz repeater pistol icon.png
Repeater Pistol
Saltz crossbow icon.png
Saltzpyre Griffonfoot Pistols.png
Griffonfoot Pistols
Sienna Fuegonasus
Sienna Weapons Icon - Fireball Staff.png
Fireball Staff
Sienna Weapons Icon - Flamestorm Staff.png
Flamestorm Staff
Sienna Weapons Icon - Bolt Staff.png
Bolt Staff
Sienna Weapons Icon - Beam Staff.png
Beam Staff
Sienna Weapons Icon - Conflagration Staff.png
Conflagration Staff
Sienna Coruscation Staff.png
Coruscation Staff


Ranged weapons can have the following properties:

Unlike Charms, ranged weapons cannot have both Power vs. Skaven and Power vs. Chaos properties simultaneously.


Image Name Description
Barrage Consecutive attacks against the same targets boosts attack power by 5.0% for 5.0 seconds. (This effect stacks up to 5 times.)
Conservative Shooter Headshots replenish 1.0 ammo
Heat Sink Critical hits refund the overcharge cost of the attack. (Only appears on Sienna's staves and Bardin's Drakefire weapons)
Hunter Critical hits increase attack power by 25% against targets with the same armor class for a short time. (This effect lasts 10 seconds.)
Inspirational Shot Headshots restore stamina to nearby allies. (Restores 1 stamina, half of a shield icon.)
Resourceful Sharpshooter Ranged critical hits reduce the cooldown of your Career Skill by 5%. Effect can only trigger once every 4 seconds.
Scrounger Critical hits restore 5% of maximum ammunition. Can trigger once per attack.
Thermal Equalizer Weapon generates 20.0% less Overheat. (Only appears on Sienna's staves and Bardin's Drakefire weapons)


Jewellery is a group of equipment containing Necklaces, Charms and Trinkets. Jewellery is shared by all heroes and careers and has no in-game model.

They are shared across all Heroes & Careers. Their Properties provide bonuses to different hero statistics, and the Traits on each piece affects the three different Consumables found in Missions.

Salvaging jewellery gives Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkits, which can be used to craft new jewellery.


Necklaces are an equipable jewellery worn by all Heroes and Careers. Necklace properties are geared toward boosting the hero's defense and survivability. Necklace traits improve the hero's ability to heal. Like all jewelry, Necklaces can be crafted at the Forge using Scrap and a Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkit.


Necklaces can have the following effects:

  • Health (+10-20%)
  • Stamina (+1.0-2.0) 1
  • Push/Block Angle (+10-30%)
  • Block Cost Reduction (+10-30%)
  • Damage Reduction vs. Skaven (+5-10%)
  • Damage Reduction vs. Chaos (+5-10%)
  • Damage Reduction vs. Area of Effect (+5-10%)

1 +1.0 Stamina is a half extra shield, +2.0 Stamina is a full extra shield


Image Name Description
Barkskin Taking damage reduces the damage you take from subsequent sources by 40% for 2 seconds. This effect can only trigger every 2 seconds.
Necklace trait boon of shallya.png
Boon of Shallya Increases effectiveness of healing on you by 30%.
Hand of Shallya Healing an ally with medical supplies also heals you for 50.0% of your missing health.
Healers Touch 25.0% chance to not consume healing item on use.
Natural Bond Passively regenerates 1 health every 5 seconds. Healing from First Aid Kits and Healing Draughts are converted to temporary health and cure any wound.


Charms are an equipable Jewellery worn by all Heroes and Careers. Charms provide bonuses to offensive stats with their properties, and bonuses to Potions with their traits. Like all jewelry, Charms can be crafted at the Forge using Scrap and a Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkit.


All Power vs. properties stack additively. Unlike Ranged Weapons, charms can have both Power vs. Skaven and Power vs. Chaos properties at the same time.


Image Name Description
Concoction Drinking a potion grants the effect of all other potions. Duration reduced by 50%.
Decanter Increased duration of potions by 50%.
Home Brewer 25.0% chance to not consume potion on use.
Proxy Consuming a potion spread the effect to the nearest ally.


Trinkets are an equipable Jewellery worn by all Heroes and Careers. Trinket properties provide bonuses to a variety of utility stats. Trinket traits provide bonuses to Bombs. Like all jewelry, Trinkets can be crafted at the Forge using Scrap and a Salvaged Gemcutter's Toolkit. Trinkets do not have an in-game model.


  • Stamina Recovery (+10-30%)
  • Crit Chance (+3-5%)
  • Cooldown Reduction (+5-10%)
  • Movement Speed (+3-5%)
  • Respawn Speed (+10-30%)1
  • Revive Speed (+10-30%)2
  • Curse Resistance (+11-33%)

1 Player will respawn more quickly after they have died.

2 Does not work on rescues (freeing tied up teammates that have died)


Image Name Description
Explosive Ordinance Increases grenade explosion radius by 50.0%.
Grenadier 25.0% chance to not consume grenade on use.
Shrapnel Grenades cause hit enemies to take 20.0% increased damage for 10.0 seconds.