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Doomwheel Event

This event can be one of the most frustrating events in the game, as there are a lot of elements which can turn the tide of battle fast. However, if the party sticks close to each other and moves slow but steadily, the event can be cleared without difficulty. The most important part is good communication or at least awareness: splitting might seem favorable as this will clear the event faster, but can lead to quick wipes.

  • Near the central hub is a scaffold with a ammo crate and often some healing items.
  • Dedicate one player to carrying the powder kegs, the others should pay most attention to Plague Monks and Specials.
  • When coming up to a Doomwheel, let two players defend the entrance to the central hub, as most enemies will come from here and it will make returning easier.
  • Check each area with a Doomwheel for additional loot.
  • Remember that your keg can still be used several seconds after it has been lighted by enemy or friendly damage.

For doing Okri's Challenge, check the tab for tactics.


The finale is a short holdout in a small town. First loot the whole town for items. The easiest place to defend is the building to the left of the Bell when facing the water. There is a big opening close to the bell and a doorway at the other side. When dividing the group two by two each side should be able to hold it's own. The sniper of the team should be stationed at the big opening, as this allows him to spot and snipe most specials from far away. Listen for a change of music and watch the objective at the top of your screen to see when it is time to escape instead of letting a member walk to the docks to check.

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