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Tome 1

As you exit the Skaven cave, right before the drop you can jump on the torch to the right.

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Keep turning right, where you will find the first Tome.

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Grimoire 1

Before the hollow logs leading to the Skaven Encampment, you'll see a stone tower on your right. In front of it is a fallen down tree.

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Jump onto the fallen tree, then onto the tree stump next to it and finally the flagpole with the red banner. From here you can jump on a earthen ledge next to the stone wall.

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Follow the path into the tower and up the stairs outside again. When coming up to the battlements, walk around the tower up another flight of stairs to your left. The first Grimoire is inside a crate at the top.

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Tome 2

After destroying the Doomwheels and escaping through the gate, you'll enter a forest. Take the first left.

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Follow the path to the second Tome at the end behind some corpses.

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Grimoire 2

Right as you enter Grunewald Lodge, take the right corridor, and turn right.

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Go up the stairs, turn right, drop down, and follow the path until you see a vine growing into a window. Jump on it.

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Jump on the tree branch, and keep jumping forward.

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Pick up the second Grimoire.

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Tome 3

In the Grunewald Lodge Courtyard, make your way up the stairs. Just before leaving the courtyard, turn back. You'll see some branches of a tree pointing your way, jump onto them.

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From the tree branches, jump onto a stone pillar in front of you and onto a stone ledge on the other side of the path.

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Walk along the gallery with statues. You'll find the third Tome at the far side behind some bushes.

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