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Elites are a type of enemy in Vermintide 2. Generally, Elites are harder to kill and hit harder or faster than Infantry units.


Elite enemies are deadly foes that employ different types of attacks to take down the players, like heavy strikes or a fast flurry of blows. Additionally, some elites are armoured and/or carry shields. Elites can be found standing idle or marching around the map, often accompanied by a small numbers of Infantry. They also march around in patrols (see below).

The Elite type includes:

Power Bonus[]

As Elites are an enemy type with different armour classes among them, player needs different weapon properties for a damage bonus, depending on the Elite:

The Power vs Infantry property gives Heroes extra damage against Maulers
The Power vs Armoured property gives Heroes extra damage against Stormvermin (also shielded) and Chaos Warriors.
The Power vs Berserkers property gives Heroes extra damage against Plague Monks and Savages.


Facing a lone Stormvermin is challenging enough, but all too often these vermin group together in patrolling warbands. Such encounters are challenging to the point that even veteran warriors are known to choose discretion over valour, allowing the patrol to pass rather than confronting it head-on.
~ Fatshark Studios

During a mission, Heroes might encounter patrols: large groups of Elites which roam the map in a specific pattern. Patrols can be either Skaven (consisting of Stormvermin) or of the Rotblood Tribe (consisting of Bulwarks, Maulers and Chaos Warriors). Patrols can be heard from afar by a marching sound and stamping feet, which allows the party to prepare for its approach. Patrols can either be roaming from the back towards the front of the map, or patrol a certain area of the map in a circular or linear pattern. Patrols can be alerted to the Heroes, though their aggro range is very small, making slipping past patrols a viable option.


  • As Elites pose a bigger threat than Infantry, focus your defensive attention towards them when encountering them at the same time(e.g. during a horde).
  • Stormvermin, Maulers and Chaos Warriors have an overhead slam which should be dodged rather than blocked, as the slam can instantly break your stamina bar and even stagger you.
  • The Berserkers (Plague Monks and Savages) often spawn in groups of two to four. Be sure to take out all of them.


  • Patrols can either be attacked or avoided, make sure you have enough space to fight them when going for a head-on confrontation.
  • Patrols spawn in a similar way that Monsters spawn, meaning the party can anticipate when patrols might show up and prepare beforehand. Similarly, the route patrols walk is also always the same.
  • Rather than sticking together as a party, the Heroes often have a better chance of surviving a patrol if they split up and pull the patrol apart.
  • Bombs (especially standard bombs) are great for clearing patrols instantly. Two to three well-aimed bombs can wipe a patrol out completely.
  • With higher difficulty, the amount of Elites per patrol increases and avoiding them might become a better strategy. In that case is important to keep an eye on the patrol in order to know in which direction it goes and avoid ranged combat in case a stray shot will aggravate the patrol.


  • While Heroes often call out which Elites they hear nearby, they often use different names for them. Bardin also often uses the Dwarven term.
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