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Mission Icon Borders
After finishing a mission on a higher difficulty, the outline of the icon changes to the colour of that tier.
Icon Border 0 Incomplete.png Icon Border 1 Recruit.png Icon Border 2 Veteran.png Icon Border 3 Champion.png Icon Border 4 Legend.png Icon Border 5 Cataclysm.png

There are four difficulty levels in the base game (Recruit, Veteran, Champion, Legend), with the addition of Cataclysm in the Winds of Magic expansion.


Each Difficulty has a Power level requirement; in order to start a mission with a party, each party member will have to fulfill these level requirements. Note that players joining the game through invites or through connecting with a friend after a game has started do not have to have these requirements fulfilled.

Mission difficulty influences a number of game mechanics, including enemy stats and friendly fire.Many of these changes are not listed in the available flavor text, but are listed here. The flavour text also talks about enemy becoming more "aggressive", but this does not mean the aggro range of enemies increases. It might point towards the enemies having more mass and resistance to stagger, which makes them harder to keep at bay.

Level Power Requirements Reward Damage to players[1] Enemy Health Enemy Mass[2] Enemy Stagger Resistance[3] Patrol size Pickups Friendly Fire # of Wounds
Recruit 12 Strongbox 100% 100% 100% 100% Small Common 0 4
Veteran 115 Coffer 200-300% 150% 150% 125-133% Regular Uncommon 0 2
Champion 215 Chest 200-600% 200% 200% 150-166% Large Scarce 0.1 1
Legend 415 Vault 333-1000% 300% 200% 160-200%[4] Massive Rare 0.25 1
Cataclysm Vault Massive Rare 0.25 1

Flavour Text[]

Emblem 1 Recruit.png


Starter difficulty, enemies have normal behavior. Pickups are common. Additionally, each player starts with a Healing Draught.

Emblem 2 Veteran.png


Enemies are resistant to hits, have high health, are aggressive and hit hard. Pickups are uncommon.

Emblem 3 Champion.png


Enemies are very resistant to hits, have very high health, are very aggressive and they hit very hard. Pickups are scarce. Ranged weapon Friendly Fire.

Emblem 4 Legend.png


Enemies are ridiculously resistant to hits, have a ridiculous amount of health, are ridiculously aggressive and hit ridiculously hard. Pickups are ridiculously rare. Ranged weapon Friendly Fire.

Emblem 5 Cataclysm.png


The End Times are upon us. You will not survive. Ranged weapon friendly fire. Only for heroes with the absolute highest level of skill.

  1. Highly depends on type of enemy: tested on Skavenslave (3 damage on Recruit, 35 damage on Legend) and Stormvermin (15 damage on Recruit, 50 damage on Legend)
  2. Depends on type of enemy: only Infantry, Elites (except the Chaos Warrior), and Chaos Specials.
  3. Depends on type of enemy: only Infantry, Elites, Specials (except the Poison Wind Globadier, Gutter Runner, and Sack Rat, and the Bosses Skarrik Spinemanglr and Deathrattler.
  4. Only Skarrik Spinemanglr and Deathrattler have their stagger resistance further increased on Legend, all other enemies keep the stat from Champion (between 160-166%).