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Sewers Event[]

There is a simple trick to both open the Grimoire Door and push the minimal amount of Bricks, without walking upstairs to check the symbols:

  • While walking past the upstairs door check it for the first correct symbol.
  • First push the correct button (#1), which opens the first door.
  • Push either of the other buttons (#2) and check the hero voice cues and the bottom doors:
    • If it was the wrong button (#2), keep pressing it until the Grimoire door opens. Then:
      • Push the third button (#3) to open the second door.
      • Push the second button (#2) (the one which was wrong first) to open the third door.
    • If it was the correct button (#2), the second door is opened. Keep pressing it again until the Grimoire door opens, as it is now the wrong button. Then:
      • Push the third button (#3) to open the third door.

So in short, push the correct button, spam any second button you press until the Grimoire can be reached, then push the third button and if progress is not yet possible, press the second button again.


During the finale, try to keep the group close together and constantly moving around the edge of the plateau. This will help with avoiding the gas from Globadiers and can generally help to keep track of Specials. Never enter the poisonous pool, and if you get overwhelmed do not be afraid to jump of the plateau to escape the heat. The progress bar of the ritual will keep decreasing as long as a single Hero stays on the plateau. Even when all heroes jump off, the refill speed is very slow. Most damage will be taken through simple Infantry climbing up behind you and stabbing you in the back, so watch your team's back and keep your attention on the surroundings. Lastly, Specials can quickly turn the tide of battle. Again, do not be afraid to jump off the plateau to kill a Globadier or a Ratling Gunner pinning down your teammates, or follow a Packmaster that has captured a teammate.


Due to how threat levels work in Vermintide 2, it is possible to have so many Enemies still in the Mission that no enemies spawn during the final event. This can occur when De-Aggroing many enemies just before the finale, by Speedrunning for example. This makes the final event trivial as the players simply have to wait.