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Legend: Have all four party members stand inside the ritual pool for 120 seconds in Convocation of Decay

This challenge is straightforward and not as strict as the description indicates. Move your group on a pillar prior to jumping onto the platform. Count down ("3, 2, 1, Go") and immediately head into the center of the pool. Stand back to back and hold off any Enemies coming for you. Priority should be to kill any Specials that can push/pull players out of the pool. Also take special care with Poison Wind Globadiers, as their gas can almost completely cover the pool. A chat prompt will pop up the moment you complete the challenge.

Ways to fail:

  • Leaving the pool at any time before the chat prompt pops up.
  • Jumping results in failure, as the player leaves the pool.
  • Getting downed results in failure.
  • Getting dragged out by Packmasters or being pushed out by Stormvermin or Specials. (Getting Disabled by Specials does not fail the achievement as long as the player is not downed and still in the pool.)

Bots running out of the pool do not seem to trigger a failure.

Ways to stay alive:

  • Have all members take the heal sharing Talent. Let the players heal periodically to fill everyone's Health.
  • Players confident they can get enough kills in to sustain their temporary health can also use this, it is not advisable to take the temporary health on stagger, as this will cause either a pile up of enemies on the plateau , or multiple hits, as there aren't enough enemies for this to be sustainable.
  • The Mercenary active ability can give the whole party temporary health, plus is a powerful push-back to create some breathing room or quickly free players being dragged away by a Packmaster.