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Notable web sites[]

Notable Discord channels[]

  • Fatshark
    • Fatshark's own Discord channel...
  • Blood Moon Inn
    • "Our goal as a server is to become a big Discord server with a good environment for new & experienced players."
  • Squirrel Squad
    • "We are a community of enthusiastic and passionate people who love Vermintide. We promote productive conversation and provide a place for people to find others to play with. If you have questions, this is the place to ask them."
  • Russian community
    • The largest Russian-speaking community, 1k+ users
  • German community
    • The largest German-speaking community, 700+ users
  • Ranked Weaves
    • A server dedicated to the Weaves game mode. Find helpful players, strategies, builds and lots of Weaves-related knowledge; 300+ users
  • Vermintide Modded Community
    • "This is a place where we want to grow modded realm as a whole and collect, share and gather knowledge about any kind of modded content. Feel free to ask any kind of questions regarding True Solos, Onslaught, Deathwish, etc." (1k+ users)
  • Vermintide Modders
    • "It's the definitive place to find helpful modding resources, advice, and the latest modding-related news."
  • The Red Moon Inn
    • "The Red Moon Inn is where players of all skill levels can play together and exchange tips & tricks. We don't take ourselves too seriously so come and enjoy the ride!"

Notable youtube channels[]

Notable streamers[]