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This page gathers all in-game character quotes which involve one or more Heroes. For convenience all names will be shortened to their initials (M for Markus, V for Victor, K for Kerillian, B for Bardin, S for Sienna).

Level-Based[edit | edit source]

Keep Conversations[edit | edit source]

The distinction between "backstory" and "future" conversations come from the filenames of the audio files.

Backstory Conversations[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: Bardin, about that shield-work of yours.
B: Didn't we discuss that already?
M: Well, I remember back at Axe Bite Pass, old Kazador was there, and so were his Ironbreakers...
B: Gah! What do you want from me, Azumgi? Yes, I used to be a Zulumbaki, years back.
M: I knew it! Why'd you give it up?
B: It's... complicated, Azumgi. I don't like speaking of it.
Quote Audio
B: Never hear you speak much about your first tutor, Zharrinn.
S: Old Rambler, you mean? He didn't teach me much. Wanted a shadow-apprentice, but I had talent only for the blaze.
B: Oho? What happened to him?
S: Don't know, don't care. He learnt a valuable lesson about hitting young girls with the butt of his staff. I'm fond of that memory.
Quote Audio
M: Still no luck finding that Karak Zoom of yours?
B: It's 'Karak Zorn', and no. This kind of search takes a lifetime. Even without raki and kazaki'dum in the way.
M: And when you've found it? What then?
B: One thing at a time, Azumgi. One thing at a time.
Quote Audio
S: One of my tutors told me much about Elven mages.
K: There is little to tell. They are secretive and arrogant. Much like myself.
S: Still, I've always wanted to test myself against one.
K: Test? There would be no 'test'. They'd simply swat you like a bug, albeit one that burned brightly. Stay within your realm, Sienna.

Only when Markus has the Huntsman career:

Quote Audio
K: I do approve of your new direction, Kruber. You follow your heart and aspire to bond with nature, to the best of your ability.
M: There was an insult there, but it was sort of... embedded.
K: Then let's return to my 'favourite topic'. Why do you still submit to One-eye? It's so unbecoming.
M: Oh, no, no. Not this again. We have explained to you exactly what a Witch Hunter of the Order is. You didn't listen?
K: I guess I didn't. Mayfly talk can be so terribly dull.

Only when Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
M: (faux-Bretonnian accent) For the honour of the Lady!
K: (laughs) What was that, Kruber?
M: Just trying on a Bretonnian accent for size. D'you like it?
K: I confess, it's hard putting my feelings into words.
M: Don't like it then? Don't worry, I'll try another.

Only when Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
M: (faux-Bretonnian accent) For Giles and the - (normal accent) pack that in, Kerillian! I can see you laughing!
K: (laughs) I swear I'm not... (suppressing laughter) Lileath as my witness... and probably yours...

Only when Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
M: (faux-Bretonnian accent) For the honour of the Grail!
K: Getting closer. Just promise me something, would you?
M: Oh yeah? What?
K: When you try that out in a Parravon tavern, I want to be there.
M: Be beating the lasses off with a stick, I will.
K: Oh, there'll definitely be a beating.

Only when Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
M: (faux-Bretonnian accent) Fear not! The Lady will protect us!
K: Another attempt at a Bretonnian accent?
M: Yeah. Still not quite right, is it?
K: No no. It's wonderful. Very authentic.

Only when Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
S: You know Markus, I think this might actually suit you. A shining knight from a fairytale land.
M: Yeah, well don't expect me to start spouting poetry.
S: Shame. A girl can dream, can't she?
M: Give it a rest. I've gotta get the accent right first, and Kerillian sniggers every time I try.
Quote Audio
M: Heard something strange last night.
B: That bottle of brandy probably didn't help.
M: No, I'm serious. I heard singing. Beautiful, it was. But wistful and... sad.
B: Don't tell me the keep's haunted.
M: Maybe, but this wasn't no ghost. It was our elf.
B: Kerillian? Never heard her sing. She saves her voice for insults.
M: It was definitely her.
B: I believe you manling. Just as I believe it'd probably be unwise to confront her about it.
M: And here I thought she'd be all sunshine and beaming.

Only when Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
V: Kruber, I've been meaning to talk to you about something.
M: (faux Bretonnian accent) About what, peasant? Speak!
V: Must you keep using that ridiculous accent?
M: (faux Bretonnian accent) What accent? Anyway, what did you want?
V: ...It doesn't matter.

Only when Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
S: I understood receiving the blessing of the Grail was an arduous labour.
M: Yeah well, some of us are meant for great things, Sienna.
S: What was it, this labour?
M: Killed a big old beastie, I did.

Only when Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
S: So this beastie you killed to earn the Lady's favour... what was it?
M: Ah, now that I think on it, it was all a bit of a blur. But I'm sure I was heroic.
S: Drunk too, I bet.
M: You're probably on to something there.

Only when Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
V: I want you to know Kruber that I do not think any less of you after your recent... defection.
M: Defection? We're all on the same side.
V: The same side as the Bretonnians? I think not. Some of them actually bathe.
M: So do I. Always have, circumstances permitting.
V: It's like I never knew you at all.
Quote Audio
M: Got to admit, you use that shield well, Bardin. Not what I expect in a ranger.
B: A dawi can't call himself a warrior unless he can use a shield, Azumgi.
M: I knew, but this is more than that. You and it belong together.
B: Well, I've had a few years of experience over you and that scraggly beard of yours.
Quote Audio
B: Not tempted to go back home when this is done, Zharrinn?
S: Home? That's wherever I tread. I haven't set foot in Estalia since I was a girl.
B: Bad memories, is it?
S: A few. If you think Saltzpyre's bad, you should hear the god-botherers of Magritta.
B: A pious lot, I'm guessing?
S: Sanctimonious, more like. I'm done with them.
Quote Audio
V: I've not heard you speak much of your lost Hold lately.
B: Aye, well... More important things to do, aren't there?
V: We're grateful for your help, Goreksson.
B: Oh, it takes more than raki and kazaki'dum to get rid of me.
K: Don't remind us, dwarf... or give me ideas.
Quote Audio
M: Sir, I've never asked, whereabouts are you from?
V: I was born in an insignificant hovel outside Senden.
M: Oh, a Middenlander? Explains your foul temper.
V: I'm sure I misheard you.
M: Used to have a saying, back in Baron Kriegar's personal guard: Don't cross a Middenlander, 'less you leave him dead. Otherwise... he'll leave you dead...' I think it was.
V: I see. I think perhaps you have not applied the wisdom therein, Kruber.
M: Me? No, sir. Just making conversation.
Quote Audio
M: So, about Tilea. From what you told me, it's no wonder you left.
S: I actually liked it there. So much more honest, in a strange way. Only...
M: Only what?
S: ...I might have burned down Miragliano's Old Quarter as collection on a debt. I'm not welcome there any longer.
M: Can't think why...
Quote Audio
S: What will it take for you to trust me, Saltzpyre?
V: Trust is an expensive commodity.
S: And I've not spent enough blood to earn it?
V: You have... But it is not what you give that concerns me, Fuegonasus, but what you yearn for.
S: Yearn for?
V: I fear that you are a slave to the flames, rather than the reverse. You, I trust. But only a simpleton would trust a raging fire.
Quote Audio
S: So if I understand correctly, the reason you let Saltzpyre hire you, was to enable your trip back home, to Ubersreik?
M: That was the plan. Escorting a dangerous witch like you.
S: And then the Skaven happened.
M: Aye. And all the flinging cross the Grey Mountains. Stromdorf. And don't forget that business on the Reik. We were winning until we weren't.
S: But we're here, fighting, and hopefully causing daily fits of rage for Rasknitt and his cronies.
M: Aye, we do our bit, don't we?
Quote Audio
V: Why does our elf count her kills?
S: I've no idea. We all have our quirks.
V: Perhaps. But the fervour of her speech. 'Tis like sacrament.
S: If it worries you, why not ask her?
V: Oh, you know why.
Quote Audio
S: Do you have another name, Kerillian? I've never heard you use it.
K: I have many other names, and I shan't share them.
S: And why not?
K: A name is a personal thing. It has power. I've never understood why mayflies are so free with theirs.
S: So Kerillian isn't your real name?
K: Real enough for our current purpose.
Quote Audio
B: Kruber's always talking about his past, Grimgi, but I know nothing about your family.
V: There is little to tell, Goreksson. I was raised by the Order.
B: Sounds like a hard life.
V: A hard life for an unflinching purpose. It made me who I am. I am grateful for the trust placed in me.
B: Aye, trust's a trickier burden than most, I'll give you that.
Quote Audio
V: I'm surprised to see you still here, elf.
K: I too am surprised. My standards are slipping.
V: You could leave at any time, and yet you don't. I find that... interesting.
K: I'm not one of your quarries, One-Eye.
V: No, but guilt hovers over you like a storm cloud.
K: I feel no guilt. My sleep is untroubled.
V: So why is it you pace long into the night, when you think that no one is watching?
K: You've been spying on me?
V: Of course. That is my vocation.
K: If I catch you at it, you'll lose your other eye. Do you understand me?
Quote Audio
V: These dreams. This black future of which you speak.
K: Aye, what of it?
V: Are they real, or another of your... amusements?
K: Would I lie about something like that?
V: That is the very question I wish answered.
K: I don't know. Sometimes dreams are dreams. Sometimes they're not. Why does it matter?
V: Because I have seen something all too similar. I was trapped in a battle between two evils, and I... glimpsed something.
K: Well, what kind of something?
V: That is the question. Is it not? Perhaps it was nothing at all.
Quote Audio
M: Have you travelled far beyond the Empire?
S: Spent some time in Tilea, when I was younger. Now there's a place where corruption's an art form.
M: Not like here, then.
S: Here? The meanest burgomeister in the Reikland could learn volumes from any Tilean nobleman. And the women! Poisoners all!
M: Sounds like the good old Empire ain't that bad after all. Taal knows I've had my doubts.
Quote Audio
K: Do you not miss the army life, sergeant? Comrades in arms, instead of... us?
M: Don't miss the marching. Or the officers. This isn't so bad.
K: Even with One Eye giving the orders?
M: I've known worse than him. Might've eased one or two along their way. If you follow.
K: [laughs] Wouldn't have thought you had it in you, Kruber.
Quote Audio
S: Bardin, back in Ubersreik, you never answered Kruber's question. How a whole dwarf hold can get 'lost'?
B: Well, Zharrinn, it's complicated. Sometimes the doors are enchanted, invisible when closed.
S: ... sometimes the gate guards get drunk and lose the keys.
B: Aye. I mean, no. I mean... not often.
S: And, the rest of the time?
B: Well, we're a cautious folk. Once our old Empire fell, some kings thought it best just to leave the world to itself for a bit.
S: But that was thousands of years ago!
B: No sense being careful unless you mean it, Zharrinn. We dawi have long memories, and longer grief.
Quote Audio
M: If a soothsayer had predicted all this, I'd 'ave laughed in his face.
V: Is a life of battle such a surprise, Kruber? With your background?
M: Oh, not that. Knew that was me path since I killed that tuskgor on the old farmstead. It's the company.
V: Ah, you refer to walking in the shadow of Sigmar's chosen servant?
M: Listen, no one in my village had ever seen an elf, and it'd been years since a dwarf passed through.
V: These are strange times, and the Empire is a their heart. I have no doubt we will see stranger.
Quote Audio
S: Kerillian, I heard you, but I still can't let the thought go. To test myself against an elven mage!
K: I said all that matters the first time, Sienna. It is not for you.
S: But think of the rush. The excitement. Ah, it's doesn't matter. You'll never understand.
K: Oh Sienna, I know addiction when I see it. You should be careful. The Thirsting Prince yearns for your sort.
S: Let him come! I'll give him a scar or two to remember me by!
K: Gluttony, Arrogance, Pride. Is there no sin your are without?
Quote Audio
K: What will your kinsfolk be thinking? What with you out here, when they're surely having wars of their own.
B: They'll do fine, wutelgi. They don't need me.
K: I agree that one smelly dwarf is much like another, but have you no longing to return?
B: When the time is right, have no fear.
K: And that'll be...?
B: No rush, is there? No hurry at all...
Quote Audio
B: Don't hear you speak much of home, wutelgi, or kin.
M: She don't have any, that's why. A shard chipped from a block of ice, that's her.
K: There's nothing to speak of.
M: Sounds like a quarrel to me.
B: Easy, Azumgi. No sense being heartless, even against... her.
K: Thank you, Goreksson. But he's right. There was a quarrel of sorts.
B: Really? Over what?
K: The dead. What else?

Future Conversations[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
S: Do you never long for a quiet life, Markus. As a farmer, maybe?
M: Me? No. Too quiet after all I've seen. From now on, it's the mercenary road for me.
S: Yes. And why stick to small paths? What about forming a mercenary army of your own? I can see it now: Kruber's Ironshields.
M: Reading my mind again, Sienna? I mean, absolutely! I like the name. And I'd want a wizard close to hand, of course.
S: Very wise.
Quote Audio
V: Tell me, Kruber. Have you considered striving for the Order?
M: Me? Become a templar? A witch hunter?
V: I believe you have the fortitude for that path. As a Captain, I can sign you up with a minimum of procedure and paperwork.
M: That's very good of you, sir. But I don't want to make plans just yet.
V: Spoken like a true servant of Sigmar. The task at hand is often the most important.
M: Yeah, that's what I was thinking.
Quote Audio
S: I've never seen a dwarf hold from within, but I think I'd like to.
B: My kin don't always think kindly of those who command flame, Zharrinn.
S: All Bright Wizards, Bardin? Or just those who hail from the desolate plains to the east?
B: Ah... So you've heard.
S: Met one on the Cathayan Silk Road, years back. We... disagreed.
B: Disagreed? Disagreed? He's all ashes now, I take it?
S: Oh yes.
B: Disagreed. Ha!
Quote Audio
M: As you know, I'm putting together a mercenary concern...
B: Tis a good idea. Never a shortage of work, and that means coin and ale aplenty.
M: Thought you'd approve. Reckon I could find any interested dwarfs?
B: Of course! Especially when word of our deeds has spread.
M: You reckon it will?
B: If it doesn't, Lohner owes me a heavy purse. He promised to get the word out.
Quote Audio
K: Kruber, do you really plan on spending the rest of your short life under One-eye's thumb?
M: Umm... No I don't. And this ain't exactly the first time you've asked about me and him.
K: So?
M: So!? The fact is, it appears you care about absolutely nothing in the human world, except my relationship with Saltzpyre!
K: Oh, really? I have to endure the sight and sound of you two every single day and it drains my sanity. Apparently I'm not as good at shutting out the world as I used to be.
M: Then try harder. We do.
Quote Audio
B: You've been good comrades, drengbarazi. A dawi couldn't ask for better.
S: Getting sentimental, Bardin?
B: Nothing wrong with celebrating good times. I've walked alone too long. I'd forgotten.
M: He is getting sentimental. And it'll get worse as I pour ale down his throat, but then he'll bounche right back.
B: See? Good comrades!
Quote Audio
V: It occurs to me that our realms have common cause, elf.
K: You'd trust my kind?
V: 'Trust', don't be absurd. Agree upon a common foe, and course of action.
K: And that's why such an alliance would be fleeting. Your kind are strongest when certain. We are at our weakest.
Quote Audio
K: Do you not think you should control your fire-lust, Sienna?
S: Whatever for? We're two halves of the same coin, it and I.
K: Aye, but obsession never ends well.
S: And according to you, we're all doomed anyway, so what does it matter?
K: Mayflies. Deaf to all, except their own egos.
Quote Audio
V: Once this is settled, you should consider returning to the Bright College for further tutelage.
S: If you let me go, of course.
V: Of course. But let us assume I will. Have you thought of returning to Altdorf?
S: On occasion but the college holds nothing for me. No Bright Wizard of any passion is prepared to teach, and one without passion is scarcely worth heeding.
V: I see. The armies of the Empire always need more Battle Wizards. I suggest you once again answer the call, should you be exonerated.
Quote Audio
B: How'd that last lot get so close, Azumgi?
M: Don't know. One moment they were there, the next...
B: Do better! Slack watch gets folk killed!
M: Easy now, Goreksson. I was only...
B: Enough. Eyes sharp. Azumgi. Mouth shut.
Quote Audio
B: So, Grimgi tells me you've been dreaming of the future?
K: I've dreamt of darkness. Perhaps it is the future. Perhaps it is nothing but my own fears.
B: You have fears? You?
K: Aye, never being able to return home. Surely you know the feeling?
B: I don't know what you're suggesting, wutelgi.
Quote Audio
V: Sienna, I believe it would help your trial if you showed intent to go back to the College. Are there really none there who hold your respect?
S: Gorman, perhaps. And we all know what happened to him, don't we?
V: A wizard's duel, wasn't it?
S: Gelt cheated. A Gold Wizard always knows how to place a bribe.
Quote Audio
S: I know you only tolerate us, Kerillian, so why not go home?
K: I... cannot. Not until my penance is done. I must set the Weave right.
S: The Weave is really that important?
K: The Weave is everything. It is a balance that must be preserved.
S: And you did something to upset it?
K: Aye, someone did.
Quote Audio
M: You know, Kerillian, I'm still no clearer as to why you're traipsing around with us. Don't you want to go home?
K: More than you know.
M: So why stay? It doesn't add up.
K: If I answer you, will you cease your glaikit yammering?
M: Aye, we have a deal.
K: Very well. I made a mistake, and until I've made amends, I cannot go back. All right?
M: Not really, but you have my thanks.
Quote Audio
V: I confess, Goreksson, that I find your diligence... uplifting. You understand duty.
B: A dawi's stern and present mistress, Grimgi. To be loved and feared at the same time.
V: And if we fail her, we must reassert our dedication...
B: ... or else atone. Aye, that's the way of it. Which would you choose?
V: It is my hope never to find out. I shall keep to the path.
B: Paths are slippery, Grimgi. Mind your footing.
Quote Audio
M: Have you never considered another career, sir?
V: Never. Why, what would you suggest?
M: That's the thing. Can't really picture you as anything else.
V: Some men are born to purpose. Perhaps I am such a one.
M: Well, that's a miserable way to live.
V: Not at all. My path is as straight as an archer's shot, unhindered by darkness or fear.
Quote Audio
B: In gromril hold, on throne of gold...
S: Give it a rest, Bardin.
B: What's the matter, Zharrinn? Don't like my song?
S: It's not the song, but the... air of cheerfulness. It becomes grating after a while.
B: You should try it. Keeps the poisonous thoughts at bay.
Quote Audio
S: What if I've held back my potential, all these years?
M: How so, Sienna?
S: I'm neither the witch Saltzpyre fears, nor the disciplined wizard my tutors hoped to shape.
M: But that's good... Isn't it?
S: I used to think so, but if I cannot be one, I must be the other. That's what I was taught.
Quote Audio
M: Ever think what the future holds, sir? When this Helmgart business is over, I mean.
V: Another battle. Sigmar will guide me to it.
M: Yeah, but after that?
V: I do not follow.
M: After you're done fighting...?
V: My struggle will end only with my death, and my soul in Sigmar's care.
M: That's a hard road.
V: Someone must walk it, and I do so gladly.
Quote Audio
K: You know what I think, Bardin?
B: Do I know what an elf thinks? No one does.
K: I don't think you really are searching for Karak Zorn.
B: Preposterous! You don't know what you're saying.
K: Don't I? You forget I've observed your 'search' for some time now.
B: Spying, is it?
K: Of course. I'm a 'wutelgi'. That's what we do, so I'm told.
B: A well-earned slight, by the sound of it.
K: I don't think you're seeking anything at all, Bardin. I think you're avoiding going home. And if I'm right...
B: Choose your next words carefully...
K: Then you have my sympathy. That is all. I hope you find whatever it is you're really seeking.
Quote Audio
S: Ha! They burn so well! Little ashen puppets dancing to my tune!
M: I think she might have lost it. I've been fearing this...
K: I think you might be right. Sienna?
S: I'll set them all dancing! All of them!
K: Cursed mayflies. Sienna!
S: What?!
K: I think we might have a problem...
S: Can't a woman enjoy herself?
Quote Audio
M: Can't say I've seen many elves abroad in the Empire. 'part from those marching to war, anyway.
K: And am I not marching to war, Kruber?
M: After a fashion. But why with us? You and us lot?
K: Maybe I find you... efficient, in your own mayfly sort of way.
M: Efficient? Now what's that supposed to mean?
K: Ach, just forget I said anything.
Quote Audio
M: The problem with the Empire ain't with the soldiers. It's with those who give the orders.
V: Most are honest folk, fulfilling their duties as best they can.
M: Yeah? Well maybe that ain't good enough.
V: And you think you can do better?
M: I think I'm prepared to give it a try.
Quote Audio
B: We'll soon have these Northlanders dealt with, Grimgi, you'll see.
V: I have no doubt you're correct.
B: Then why so dour? Think of the songs they'll sing. #A fivesome bold, they...#
V: Because this is not the end. I fear more is coming.
B: We'll handle that business too, Grimgi. And besides, there's always more coming.
Quote Audio
S: Does Saltzpyre seem... strange to you?
K: Not by his standards. But he has shown interest in my dreams lately.
S: Oh really?
K: Said he'd seen something similar, but then clammed up like a dwarf's purse.
S: Dealing in dreams and visions? No wonder Saltzpyre's staying away from his fellows. He's as likely to burn as I.

Quote Audio
K: About your kin...
B: Ha! Came to make another joke at my expense?
K: I was just going to say, it's hard to be alone among the mayflies.
B: Aye, it is that. They mean well, but it's not the same.
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
B: The mining accident at Karak Norn. It was my father's fault. Disengaged the pneumatic supports - called 'em newfangled umgak. Then the quake hit.
K: And your uncle took the blame?
B: Took the burden for his brother, who died a hero getting other miners to safety. Wouldn't expect you to understand.
K: You're asking me if I understand pride, and shame? Hah.
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
K: I hear your family's a mite... complicated
B: Aye, you hear that, do you? From who?
K: Lohner might have said something...
B: Lohner should keep his mouth shut!
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
K: So, have you other family still in this grey world of ours?
B: Why do I reckon you already know the answer?
K: So suspicious, Master Dwarf. But yes, Lohner told me. You've a daughter, I understand?
B: Aye, I do, and a canny lass she is too. Has forgotten more about engineering that I ever learned. Captains a monitor out of Barak Varr nowadays.
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
M: I don't get why some dwarfs are so suspicious of you engineers, Bardin.
B: It's a love of tradition, Azumgi. They don't like change.
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
V: I heard Lohner speak of your father some time ago. He sounds like a stalwart soul.
B:Aye, he was certainly that. Rigid. Inflexible. Certain of everything.
V: You see! Precisely the proper role model in this wicked world of ours.
B: He thought that too. Can't say he was wholly right about it.
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
M: So, I guess we can expect to see a few dwarfen upgrades around here.
B: Might be - but don't you go confusing me with a common tinkerer. I'm an artist.
M: You sound like Catrinne. Eating all those paintbrushes has obviously had an effect.
B: I shan't dignify that with a response.
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
V: Perhaps you should use your newfound standing with the Engineer's Guild to get our weapons improved?
B: It's not so simple as that. I'm more what you could describe as 'self-taught'.
V: But what of structure! Discipline! The judgement of one's peer? You have no one against whom to measure yourself!
B: I know. I find it liberating
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
K: Your wife's made quite a name for herself I hear, Goreksson?
B: Do I have no secrets left?
K: One. And I'll not ask about that.
B: Hmph. Yes, Grelda's a dab hand with an axe. You should see her when's the scent of gobbo blood in her nostrils. You'd like her.
K: But she doesn't care for you any longer?
B: Life's complicated. Not everything's forever.
K: Aye. True enough.
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
M: Met a dwarf engineer once. At the battle of Hel Fenn. Cantankerous sort, he was.
B: You were at the Battle of Hel Fenn?
M: Not the famous one. The eighth, I think. They don't like to number in case it encourages the vampires.
B: Can't argue with that. They come back often enough as it is.
Quote Audio
As Outcast Engineer
S: So you're an engineer now, is that right Bardin?
B: Always was, Zharrin, in my heart. Just letting it shine a bit, that's all.
S: Good. Repression's bad for the spirit. I never repress anything.
B: Aye, I've noticed.

Quote Audio
B: Well dawri, our journeys up north have been something, haven't they?
K: I... remain undecided. I expected something else.
B: It could be worse. Then again, couldn't it always?

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
B: Look, wutelgi... Lohner asked me to have a word with you. He's worried you've become a bit... edgy... since, you know...
K: So he sends one obsessive to fix another? I'm not a machine to be repaired, Goreksson.
B: I know... but I do know a little about poor choices made for good reasons. Thought it might help.
K: You're a good friend. I'll try to remember that. If I'm allowed.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
K: Did I make a mistake, Goreksson? Becoming what I am?
B: Why ask me? I don't know owt about magic and elgi goddesses.
K: Aye, but you do make a lot of mistakes. In this, if nowhere else, I'd value your counsel.
B: Very wise - hang on, what was that?

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
B: Wutelgi, listen I wanted to -
K: Leave me be, Goreksson. I've had my fill of your questions.
B: Look. Just between us. I just wanted to say that I understand. Sometimes the only way to work out who you are is to be someone else.
K: Aye. Maybe. I don't know any longer. I don't know what it all means.
B: Then make it mean something.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
B: I don't blame you for needing more than one godly patron, wutelgi. After all your gods are such frail, brittle things.
K: The gods? Maybe. The goddesses? No. They nurse a grudge like you wouldn't believe, and it makes them mighty.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
B: I have to say, wutelgi, I like your new look. Does this mean you've gone back to your roots?
K: Stop talking, Bardin. Now.
B: Oh I see. Thorny issue, is it?
K: [groans]

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
B: So let me get this straight, you're not part tree?
K: For the last time, no.
B: But you're not flesh and blood?
K: Not in any way you'd understand.
B: So what the krunk are you?
K: So help me Goreksson, I... I don't know any longer.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
B: What's it like then, being part tree?
K: As I've said many times before - so many times - I'm not part tree. I'm part of the forest.
B: Ergo, you're part tree. Do try to keep up, wutelgi.
K: [groans]

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
K: The world is so different now. I no longer hear the Weave... I feel it pulsing where my heart used to be.
B: You had a heart?
K: Want me to show you yours? Atharti could have it for a snack.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
K: Believe what you will, and chance the consequences. I am beyond such concerns.
V: Then you admit to thine own damnation!
K: My eyes are open as never before. I suggest you leave it at that.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
V: I thought I knew you elf, but this thing you've become...
K: Is that outrage I hear? Or jealousy? ...Or temptation?
V: What? How dare you!
K: You may worship me, if you'd like. I'll not breathe a word of it to the others... if you ask nicely.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
V: I remain unconvinced that you have not become the very thing we fight, but I shall stay my hand... for now.
K: How very generous of you. Could it be that you're tempted by the truths I have seen?
V: (sputters) I will not dignify that question with a response!
K: Aye, dignity. So important. You mustn't feel ashamed that I intrigue you.
v: (snarls) This conversation is over.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career and Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
K: About the Lady of the Lake -
M: No. Not listening. Had enough of that now.
K: I was just wondering... when she handed you the grail... did you get a good look at her ears?
M: Lalalala, can't hear you! Sorry.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career and Markus has the Grail Knight career:

Quote Audio
M: I guess you and me are even more on the same side these days. You know, Bretonnia and Athel Loren. The Old Alliance.
K: I have no alliance with meat, Kruber. You're part of the problem.
M: Yeah... can't help but read a threat into that, if I'm honest.
K: Oh, hush. I'd never hurt you. When the moment comes, it'll be painless.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
M: That crack you made before. About the painless death. Not gonna lie... it hurt my feelings.
K: I'm... I'm sorry, Kruber. Truly. What I am now... it's like the best of what I used to be, and the worst. Does that make any sense to you?
M: I know you just apologised for something. Never heard that before. Might be there's hope for you yet.
K: There's no hope for any of us. Not one branch. Not one leaf.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
M: A scholar once told me that Sisters of the Thorn were handmaidens of Isha. 'Course he was drunk at the time.
K: Meat and their allegiances! Aye, some of us are bound to Isha. But we're free to worship as we wish, and Isha...
M: What about Isha?
K: It's not your concern.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
M: You were talking about Isha before.
K: No. You were talking about Isha. I was casually deflecting.
M: Sore topic, then?
K: She is... not what she was. She's not even who she was.
M: Much clearer, thanks.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
M: So, Kerillian... what happened to Isha?
K: Will you not leave it well enough alone, meat?
M: Sorry, but you've got me curious now.
K: (sigh) She's dead. An interloper stole all that made who her who she was.

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
M: This interloper, then, that's scrobbled Isha. I mean... I'm up for giving them a kicking, if you reckon it'll help.
K: You do know we're talking about the High Elf Everqueen?
M: Alright, so, there'll be a bit of a bodyguard problem to deal with?
K: They would slice you into tiny pieces and then cast them away, into the sea.
M: I'm up for it, but I guess that's a 'no' then?
K: Aye, it's a 'no.'

Only when Kerillian has the Sister of the Thorn career:

Quote Audio
S: As long as I've known you, Kerillian, you've worshipped Lileath and Isha above all others. Why the change?
K: Do I need a reason?
S: Well, no. But let's pretend.
K: Isha is dead. Lileath... does not answer my prayers as she once did. We seek hope where we can.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Some mission conversations are character-neutral, that is to say consist of two or more lines that can be shared between every Hero. For instance, the line Sienna uses to answer Markus's remark at the start of one specific level will be the same she uses when reacting to what Bardin says at the start at the same mission. Heroes usually share two lines of dialogue between each other, with sometimes the addition of a third line. Most lines are interchangeable, but some only appear in unique circumstances.

Other conversations are character-dependent, and can only happen between the same characters.

Righteous Stand[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus Time for a distraction. Are we ready?
We'll make for a fine distraction. Don't we always?
Bardin Fighting raki in a ruined city, brings back memories, doesn't it dawri?
If it's a distraction Lohner wants, that's what he'll have.
Kerillian 'Make some noise', Lohner said. Has he not heard you glaikit lot clomping around? Noise is what you're good at.
If a distraction is required, then we shall of course provide.
Viktor So, Lohner wishes a distraction? We shall of course provide.
It falls to us to provide a distraction. Very well.
Sienna Don't know about you lot, but I'm feeling particularly distracting today.
Let's get moving, darlings. Lohner wants a distraction.
Second Line Markus I'm glad to pitch in. I don't fancy this tromp across the wall, though. Might get a bit blowy.
We're the best Lohner had at hand. Always will be, most likely.
Bardin We'll have to go over the walls, dawri. Fancy a climb?
Long as Lohner keeps the elf loyal, I don't mind what he asks of us. [?] ain't racing anywhere.
Kerillian I understand we're approaching along the city wall. What can go wrong with that?
Ugh, another mayfly town. I'd rather fight for something important.
Viktor The main approach to the temple is cut. This will be no easy climb.
The temple cannot be reached by ordinary means.
Sienna Doesn't Lohner have other lackeys to do this? I hear the temple's stairs have been cut.
You want something gone right? You send the best. Seems that's us, darlings.
Third Line Markus Could be a tricky one, this. All third lines unused
Keep your eyes open, the Skaven will be waiting.
Bardin We'll get it done, and get it done right!
We'll get the job done dawri, by my beard we will!
Kerillian Let's get this over with.
Ugh, no point putting it off, I suppose.
Viktor We have the will, and we shall see our task done.
Sigmar works with us, guiding us to victory.
Sienna Do we have to go all the way to the temple? I can light a fire here! They'll see that for sure.
Come on! My fires are hungry.

Convocation of Decay[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus I hope Lohner's wrong, but what are the chances of that?
I didn't want to believe it, but my gut tells me there's something wrong here.
Bardin This place stinks of stickness. Hope I don't catch something unpleasant.
I bet Lohner's on to something. Always is, that one.
Kerillian This has the look of a healer's temple well enough. But it stinks of death.
Lohner is right. There's something amiss here. I can feel it.
Victor Griffon's beak. Stay vigilant!
Lohner was correct once more, damn his eyes!
Sienna A house of healing. Is it too much to hope it remains such?
This hospice has seen better days.
Second Line Markus Something bad happened here, mates.
Stay together. This gives me a bad feeling.
Bardin I've said it before. The goddess of healing should also be a goddess of battle.
There's trouble afoot in here, dawri. It's too quiet.
Kerillian War marches on our lands and pities not the weak. This is no time for pacifism.
We'll have our answers soon enough, mayflies.
Victor Press on, but with care. This may be a trap.
There is a mystery within these walls, I will find it!
Sienna A pacifist godess is of no defense when the dark powers come calling.
Watch your step, darlings. No telling what's ahead.
Third Line Markus Time to get to the bottom of this.
Let's take a look around. Might make me feel better.
Bardin Let's get to the bottom of this, dawri. And dole out remonstrance where needed.
No tallying, dawri. I've a word or twelve to have with whoever's lurking ahead.
Kerillian This house of healing conceals the truth. Stay alert, mayflies.
A healer's hall should be sacrosanct. If we've need, we'll ink that lesson in blood.
Victor I will have the truth of what happened in this place, count upon it.
I will have answers from this house of healing.
Sienna To me, my flames! We've work to do.
I've a good burning in store for anything lurking around these halls. Come on!

During the level:

B: Quite a library they have here.

V: Healing lore gathered from across centuries, no doubt.

M: Had a Shallyan priest attached to my regiment for a time. A wizard with an elixir, he was. And a bonesaw.

K: So many books. It's almost impressive, is it not, Kruber?

M: No need to take that tone, waywatcher.

K: What tone? I merely complimented this fine library.

M: Yeah, I heard the words, but I reckon you were being funny. Just because I don't read much.

K: (laugh) You must really learn to cultivate some self-esteem, Kruber.

S: I loathe followers of Nurgle.

K: As do I. They smell revolting.

S: Oh, it's not the smell I mind.

B: Really, Zharrinn? Then why the dislike? Beyond the obvious, I mean.

S: They're invariably so sodden with pus and festering fluids that the fires don't catch. Takes all the fun out of it.

V: If Lohner speaks true, madness is on the rise. And heresy with it, I'm sure.

S: Not all afflictions end in heresy, Saltzpyre.

V: I have been trained to always assume the worst, and by experience, learnt the value of those lessons. Compassion is too often repaid with betrayal.

S: I'll bear that in mind.

M: These Northlanders worship Nurgle. Foulest of the Dark Gods, from what I hear.

V: You should never grade evils, Kruber. For if one is the worst, then you might be tempted to kinship with the least.

M: Right you are, sir. (clears throat) This Nurgle. He's pretty bad, just like the rest of 'em.

V: Are you mocking me?

M: No sir. Perish the thought, sir.

S: I've heard you mention Shallya before, Kerillian.

K: I only repeat what I've seen in dreams. A gilded cage, and a cauldron. She weeps, and her tears fall upon this world like rain.

V: Nonsense. Pay her no heed.

S: What harm does it do to listen?

V: Such have been the last words of many a heretic.

B: I still reckon this Shallya of yours could do with a good axe or mallet close to hand.

M: She's the patron of healing, Bardin. What healer would smash in skulls?

B: One who wants to keep stitching folk up, rather than get stitched up themselves.

S: You have to admit, it's a practical suggestion.

B: ... at the very least, she could train that dove of hers to go for the eyes.

M: Heard a tale, not long back. One of Sisters of Shallya lost her mind, slit a bunch of throats and vanished into the wild.

B: Lot of madness in the world these days. Didn't used to be this bad.

M: It'll get better, Goreksson.

B: Aye, maybe. But I can't help wondering...

S: This makes twisted sense. Nurgle and Shallya are natural enemies.

M: One the bringer of plagues, and one the curer of them.

V: Like Sigmar, Shallya cleanses corruption, though her methods are...

S: Kinder? Compassionate? Empathetic?

V: I was going to say 'less effective'. Look around you. We are surrounded by proof.

V: This hospice never stood a chance.

K: Those without swords seldom do when war reaches their door.

V: These are the depths to which the Northlanders stoop.

K: And you're telling me you'd stay your blade, simply because your foe was unarmed?

V: Heresy is as potent a weapon as any sword.

M: Look at this. Attacking a pacifist order...

S: Non-violence isn't a shield, Markus.

M: I know, just don't sit right, that's all.

S: Don't worry, I have a feeling you'll have the opportunity to vent your anger before we're done.

Hunger in the Dark[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Victor I shall be glad to get inside the mine. 'Tis cold up here.
Kerillian Is this really necessary? Only fun so far is seeing you mayflies shiver in the cold.
Second Line Bardin Stop grumbling, dawri. This is bracing, that's all.
Victor Inclement weather or not, the Dreisdunkel mine has a poor reputation. Be on your guard.
Sienna At least it should be warmer down there...
Didn't I hear the mine is cursed?
Third Line Markus Turning regular trolls into mutant ones? Bah, I don't even want to know! Let's just end it, right here, right now.
Kerillian Perhaps we can learn a trick or two from the sorcerers - stiffen Kruber's wits so he can count up to five?
Sienna So they're transforming trolls into bile trolls? Wonder if we can turn Saltzpyre into a human?

Halescourge[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus Quiet enough walk this far, mates. The pact bastards are late for the party.
We're getting close mates. Shouldn't we be fighting hordes of pact-pissers by now?
Kerillian This feels like a trap
Victor So far, so good. Sigmar has guided us here. The rest is down to us.
Sienna It's been a bit quiet, darlings. I fell an itch to start burning stuff. Preferably pact-sworn.
Second Line Markus Impatient today, eh? I'd offer a rousing chorus of something, but I reckon it'd only make things worse.
Bardin Oh, the pact-wazzoks will turn up any second, don't you worry, dawri.
Kerillian No need to delay. Death will find us, or it will not.
Sienna Don't worry, they'll try to stop us, as always. Never worked yet, won't work now.
No need to be impatient. I'm sure there'll be carnage enough for all of us.
Third Line Markus Well, we've still a sorcerer to have a friendly, stabby chat with. Bring your gift of the gab, mates. And your gift of the stab.
Righto, mates, we've a sodding sorcerer to off. Good deed of the day and a bit of fun, all in one.

Soon after the level starts:

M: I keep hearing you speak of the Weave, Kerillian. But not what it is.

K: It is the heart and soul of the world. Its suffering is ours also.

M: Funny. I've never noticed anything.

K: Or perhaps you merely missed the significance? Make no mistake, you are bound to its fate.

M: Don't get why the Rotbloods love filth so.

V: Because they are degenerate to a man, born only so they may be scourged by the righteous.

M: Funny sort of life, that.

V: This Weave you speak of with such reverence. Do you worship it as divine?

K: Of course not!

V: I am relieved to hear it...

K: The Weave transcends the divine. Your 'Sigmar' serves it. As do we all.

B: You know, when this is done, it might be best to fill this lot it and start over.

V: I never thought to hear such sentiment from a dwarf.

B: Look around, Grimgi. Helmgart's gone. Poisoned. You can avenge it, but that's about the lot.

V: Never! The Empire does not concede its territory!

K: Tell me, Kruber - do you even know how these lifting platforms work?

M: Not me. A simple, bluff soldier, me. I keep to the things I know.

K: Well, I'm sure it's not a long list.

M: Long enough. So many ways to kill a body, be they human, greenskin, ratman... or elf.

S: Does Helmgart's corruption really matter to you, Kerillian? It's just one mayfly town, after all.

K: Every moment the blighted garden has purchase on our world, is a moment in which the Weave trembles.

S: Then why does this Weave of yours not defend itself?

K: It does, Sienna. What purpose do you think I serve?

S: You know, after all this time I've still no idea how these lifting platforms work.

B: Depends, Zharrinn. We favour steam, or water wheels, but there's no reason it couldn't be a treadmill or draught animals...

S: ...or slaves?

B: Aye, there is that possibility.

B: You shouldn't fret about this Weave of yours, wutelgi. Stone walls and sturdy arms will see us safe.

K: And when the stone stumbles, dwarf? When the metal rots? When there is no timber to fuel the forges?

B: I'll keep fighting, never you fear.

K: But will it be a world worth fighting for?

S: Perhaps the good folk of Helmgart should've built on the plains. No need for lifting platforms, then.

V: There are greater drives in life than comfort, Fuegonasus. Helmgart overlooks a vital pass.

S: Well you can't do much defending if you're out of puff from marching up and down hills.

V: The righteous always find a way.

M: Let's hope nothing nasty comes out of Axe Bite Pass. Not sure Helmgart's any good for stopping it.

S: There's no sense worrying, Markus. We've problems enough here and now.

M: Aye, you're right.

S: I'm always right. Have you not learned that yet?

S: Don't know what the fuss is about this sorcerer. Swamp-water for brains, all of them.

K: Well Sienna, you'll have to set it boiling, will you not?

S: Oh, I'll manage something... artistic... never fear.

K: Well I'm certainly looking forward to it.

Athel Yenlui[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus I don't suppose anyone has the first blasted idea where this temple is?
Kerillian Lohner wasn't wrong. There is a temple, hidden somewhere near.
Victor Let us be on your way. The temple cannot be far.
This is but one of many elven ruins hidden within the Empire's bounds, or so I understand.
Sienna Come on, darlings! This temple isn't going to find itself.
How far to this temple, do you think?
Second Line Markus Didn't elves believe in roads?
Take us ages, forging through this lot.
Bardin Is this really the place? Boga! Looks like we're in for a walk.
Kerillian This place hails from happier times, before kinstrife and malice soured my people.
Sienna Nice little forest. Nicely flammable, too.

Soon after the level starts:

S: I've never understood the rift between elves and dwarfs.

B: Put it this way. It's not so much the original betrayal that's the problem. Not that we'd forget it.

S: ...naturally...

B: ...but we could perhaps put it to one side, with the proper amount of grovelling from that Phoenix King of theirs.

S: (snort) Hah! You don't ask for much, do you?

M: What a mess. Can't see why anyone'd choose to live out here.

K: There's nothing more beautiful than nature unbound, sergeant. You should learn to appreciate it.

M: I might, if it weren't such hard-going underfoot. What's wrong with a good road, for Taal's sake?

K: (laugh) You're a refreshing soul, Kruber.

M: Thanks. Wait... That was an insult, wasn't it?

S: I don't like the look of this. Wild magic's a dangerous proposition.

V: All the more reason for us to put an end to it.

S: Couldn't agree more... And how do we do that, exactly?

V: A way will present itself. Sigmar favours those who trust to his guidance.

V: So this was once a stronghold of your people, elf?

K: My people? These were not my people. They exiled us, cast us out. So certain of their path, with so little cause.

B: I'd leave it, Grimgi. Lot of bad blood between the elven realms.

V: So it would appear.

B: Way things are going, we could use one of those gods of yours, wutelgi. Any chance of that?

K: Those who remain would as gladly skewer a dwarf as a Skaven.

B: There's no need for that.

K: And how would your vaunted Grimnir look upon my kind?

B: With mercy, if you showed deference.

K: Deference? (laugh) To a bearded lunatic?

B: (growl) On second thoughts, maybe it's best to leave ancestors and gods out of this.

K: Aye, indeed.

M: Who'd have thought an elven temple could exist so deep in the Empire?

S: You need to open your eyes, Markus. Many feet walked these forests before our kind. Just as many will after.

M: Maybe. Way things are going, I'm not sure how much 'after' there's likely to be.

S: There's always something 'after'. We may not live to see it, but life will continue.

S: Can you tell us anything of this place, Kerillian?

K: Only that it was raised by fools, who sought control over everything else.

S: Then these are not the work of your people?

K: (bitter laugh) They are not my people, wizard. Not any more. Ulthuan is a tomb, only no one there knows that they are already dead.

B: I suppose if we hit real trouble, Zharrinn could set that giant tree alight. Be seen from miles around.

S: I'll do nothing to that tree, Bardin. Besides, who'd come to help us?

B: You have a point, I grant you.

M: Knowing our luck, it'd just attract a dragon. Gobble us all up, it would.

V: You seem less... cheerful today, Goreksson.

B: Yes, well. This is elgi territory, shoddy thought it is. Been a long time since a dawi was welcome here.

K: And, unless you show a little more respect, it will be a long time again.

M: Knowing our luck, it'd just attract a dragon. Gobble us all up, it would.

B: So much for the endurance of the elves. Look at this place.

K: You're one to talk, Dwarf. One little earthquake, and your kind took to hiding amongst the rocks, instead of ruling from atop them.

B: Aye, well, we're just biding our time, aren't we?

K: Then take my advice: do not hide too long, lest the world also reclaim your lands as it has this place.

M: Do you know much about the elven gods, sir?

V: Only that they are degenerates, who bicker amongst themselves instead of opposing the true foe.

M: As with the mortals, so with the gods, is that it?

V: Indeed. Would that Sigmar could return and show them the error of their ways.

S: I wish Kerillian were with us. Her insight might have been useful.

M: I asked her. Didn't want to come and was very clear on the matter.

S: I know that tone. What did she do, Markus?

M: Nothing. But she made it very clear what she'd cut off if I didn't leave her be.

The Screaming Bell[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Kerillian I tire of keeping your precious empire clean of Skaven trinkets, mayflies.
Why be surprised that skaven worship a bell? Mayflies will bend a knee to anything.
Victor Do not take this endeavour lightly. So far we are lucky to have been spared the sorcerous chumes of a Screaming Bell.
Second Line Kerillian Well, half of you lot worship a bearded corpse. Personally I think a bell is preferable.
Victor Supposedly it was a great bell that transformed the skaven thus.
Scholars believe a bell created the skaven, from man's festering hubris.
Third Line Kerillian All your rammer, lumberfoots. It's enough to make me long for someone's death. Could be yours or could be mine.
Victor Oh, how I'dl like to hear more, but unfortunately, we have pressing matters to attend to. Onwards, ye wonders of intellect and insight.

Fort Brachsenbrücke[edit | edit source]

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Bardin A steady pace, that's the trick. No sense getting there out of puff.
No time for sightseeing. Umgak fortress is probably already in ruins.
Victor Make haste! Brachsenbrücke cannot hold forever!
Second Line Victor The road shall guide us there.
Bardin Let's hope the road's clear.
Third Line Bardin We've not lost to the raki yet, dawri. We won't start here.
Victor If Sigmar is with us, we shall arrive in time.

Soon after the level starts:

M: Funny, I don't think of the ratmen as being siege-canny. A knife in the back or the bowels is more their way.

V: Then you misjudge them, Kruber. The ratmen are fearsome in sieges - most often clawing their way in from below.

M: Aye, always with that damn digging... I hate sieges. Bloody bother.

V: I prefer to judge them as crucibles, in which the righteous are forged.

M: Of course you do sir.

K: Why are we off to some lumberfoot bastion? Shouldn't we focus on the pact-sworn gate?

S: If the fort falls, there's no place for the refugees of Reikland to go... unless you'd prefer we invite them all to our Keep?

K: Make haste to the fort mayflies! By the gods of star and shadow, it must hold!

M: Do your folk have fortresses, elf?

K: Not as you'd understand them. The living world is our fortress, and we shape it to our need.

M: So we're talking trees?

K: Not only trees, but rivers, mountains and the wings of the storms. Nothing forged by men can compare.

B: So... How old's this Brachsenbur... Brucksenbrech... fort, anyway?

V: You think me a repository of knowledge on this corner of the Empire, Bardin?

B: Aye, why not?

V: I'm afraid I know little enough. There are thousands of such keeps in Sigmar's realm. I cannot be expected to know them all.

S: Never heard of this Fort Brachsenbrücke.

M: Neither have I, but with Helmgart lost and the Reikland on the brink...

S: ...even places like that become important.

M: That's the army all over, making do with what comes to hand.

Reaching the bridge :

S: Can you swim, Bardin?

B: Of course, if the need is there. No sense getting too friendly with water.

S: Actually there is, in some cases.

B: Aye? Like... when?

S: Fine. You need a bath, Bardin. You still stink of troll guts. Not tomorrow, but tonight. Please.

Into the Nest[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus You reckon the Skavens will fall for this again, mates?
Can we really get the Skavens to turn on each other again?
Bardin I'm not usually one for sneaking around, but killing the leader usually works wonders with raki.
He wants us sneaky this time? Where's the fun in that?
Kerillian Cutting off a rat's head has always been the best way to keep his foul tail from twitching.
Tricking Skaven? Easier than filling a dwarf, you'll see.
Victor Our deed shall provoke anarchy amongst the fractious ratmen.
We shall bring flame to disorder's fuse. Internal strife will ripple through the skaven ranks.
Sienna Provoking the ratties to self-destructive mischief? Sounds like fun.
Turn the ratties on themselves? I'll enjoy this one.
Second Line Markus My hat's off to Lohner for this one. How in Taal's name did he know where this warlord lurks?
Lohner's good at finding opportunities, I'll give him that.
Bardin Lohner's plan is sound. It's worked countless times before, and neither this one or Ubersreik will be the last.
Not much glory in fighting raki. Kill the leader and we can be done with it. It's a good plan.
Kerillian Come on then, mayflies. Even you should have the hang of it by now.
Except for the stealthy lumberfoots part, this seems a sensible plan.
Victor Lohner's plan is perfectly judged. It falls flawlessly with everything I know of the ratmen.
It is a good plan. When we defeated the grey seer in Übersreik, Clan Fester turned on itself and scattered to the winds.
Sienna Brings back fine memories of the ratties slaughtering one another in Übersreik.
I doubt the results will be as spectacular as in Übersreik. I think we'll need to kill an even bigger ratty for this one.
Third Line Markus Well, here goes nothing.
Oh, sneaking, hey? We'll see about that.
Bardin Here we go, dawri! Step quietly.
Onwards dawri, onwards! But, keep it down, eh?
Kerillian Aye, just try not to wake the whole nest, lumberfoots.
Can we get moving then? Before the Skaven die of old age.
Victor Subtlety will serve us better than bloodshed. Remember that.
We should try to avoid rousing the entire nest.
Sienna I warn you: my flames are anything but subtle.
As long as I get to scorch them whiskers to tail, I'm a happy woman.

Against the Grain[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus Hurry up! We've honest folk to rescue.
Bardin No tarrying dawri, these captives need us, and the kazaki'dum need a stomping.
A rescue mission eh? That's the work of heroes, dawri!
Kerillian What's a few mayflies worth anyway? We're wasting time here, lumberfoots.
Sienna Not much difference between a farmer and a soldier when the land's overrun.
We'll save who we can, but I'm not hopeful.
Second Line Bardin Never understood why a manling farm is so wildly spread. Makes them vulnerable.
This way to the farms, dawri.
Kerillian Mark my words. We'll find only corpses on these farms, mayflies.
Victor I do not expect to find many still alive.
Sienna I promise you this, darlings: I'll avenge every death.
Those we can't save, we'll avenge a dozen times over.
Third Line Bardin Folks need saving, looks like a job, well, for us, dawri.
Victor The enemy has sinister plans for the prisoners they take. In turn, I have plans for the enemy.
Sienna 'Farmer' and 'victim' are counted much the same around here. 'Soldier' isn't much better.
Well, we're here to do what we can, so I say less prattle, and more pyromancy, alright?

Soon after the level starts:

K: I was warned that certainty would lead me astray. Now see what my actions have wrought.

V: Certainty begets firm action.

K: Indeed, but firm action slithers a brood all of its own. Only a fool could claim to know their ambitions.

V: Speaking in riddles again, elf.

K: Then ignore me. It's better for us both.

M: I grew up on a farm like this. Gone now, thanks to the vermin.

K: A fine upbringing. Close to the land is close to the Weave. Who knows, Kruber. Perhaps you're marked by it?

M: What does that mean? ...Hey, I asked you a question.

S: (laugh) Give it up, she'll not answer.

Empire in Flames[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Bardin Let's find that manor, dawri. And if a few necks present themselves for chopping, so much the better.
So, we look for a manor filled with the spoils of war. Sounds simple enough.
Kerillian So, we look for a manor filled with the spoils of war. Sounds simple enough.
Sienna Destroy northlander supplies and Baron Francke's manor in one strike? (laugh) Best plan in ages.
Second Line Victor We will destroy every scrap, depend on it.
We're getting close. If the baron's alive, he and I shall have serious words.
Sienna By the Eight, the Rotbloods shan't profit from their slaughter!
The northlanders shan't keep us from their supplies.
Third Line Markus A future of vicious street-fighting while searching for plunder. It's like the good old days.
Bardin Time to pay for what you've stolen, kazaki'dum!
Let the kazaki'dum try to stop me! They're not keeping their stolen grain!
Victor To Ussingen! The Northlanders shall not keep what they have stolen!
Sienna Time for a dance, darlings. Choose your partners with care.
Kill all you can. Win or lose, they won't forget this day.

Soon after the level starts:

B: So what's this town famous for?

K: Famous? Not to speak ill of the dead, but it's a nothing town in a backwater realm.

B: Everything's famous for something, wutelgi. You should show more -

M: Cheese.

K: I should show more cheese? Has all that ale finally rotted your brain, Kruber?

M: Ussingen's famous for its cheese. Or was, anyway. Had a beautiful red colour.

M: The supplies will be under heavy guard. Are we ready for a fight?

B: You know me, Azumgi. I'm always ready for a fight.

K: Didn't seem that way at Morgensloft.

B: Took me by surprise, didn't it? Don't fret, dawri. They'd never have gotten me in one of them cages.

K: They'd never have fitted you in one of those cages. Never was the phrase 'stout fellow' so apt.

V: Baron Franke of Ussingen. Now he was a bankrupt soul.

M: Right, the rich and the beautiful.

V: Not so rich now. I offered him a choice: half of his fortune to the Church of Sigmar for abusing his mistress, or taking her seat on a witch's pyre. He chose wisely.

M: Thought I knew a bit about Witch Hunters, but... you can really do that?

V: Strangely enough, no one questioned me.

M: Your duties ever bring you here, sir?

V: Some years ago. An accusation of witchcraft.

M: Suppose that makes sense.

S: Let me guess, you burned the poor soul.

V: Not at all. Baron Francke levelled the accusation to cover up his adulteries. It was a poor deception.

V: You're uncharacteristically quiet, elf.

K: And you as vocal as ever. What would you have me say?

V: A guilty expression haunts your eyes. Perhaps a confession would ease your burden?

K: I have nothing to confess to you.

V: But something to confess, all the same?

K: Regrets are for mayflies, and my penance is my own.

S: Feels good, using fire to starve them out.

B: Shame you couldn't set it burning by yourself, Zharrinn.

S: Do you want to see me explode, Bardin? I had a gaggle of enemies to fight.

B: No. Not at all. So if you wouldn't mind calming down - your hair's burning awful bright again.

K: Typical scunners. No purpose, no strategy. Even the ratmen wanted Ubersreik for their own. This is slaughter for its own sake.

V: Oh? So the tales I hear of the elven realms at daggers drawn, of bloodlines sundered by unspeakably cruel deeds? Mere stories?

K: That's different. It's family. It's always different with family.

V: Yes. Isn't it so?

K: At least the trees have survived.

M: The trees? The trees?! ...Hundreds dead, and you're happy for the trees?

V: Careful, Kruber. There's no victory in this for you.

M: The trees? (mutter) Every time I think she might have a blessed heart...

M: I came through Ussingen years ago, don’t really remember much about it..

K: And I doubt you’ll recognize it now.

M: That’s a real nice sentiment that, real nice.

K: What? I meant it as reassurance.

M: It’s your tone, hard to read.

K: At least I don't speak as if I have a mouth full of pebbles.

M: Is that supposed to be reassuring too?

Festering Ground[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus Do you ever feel like we're test subjects for Lohner and Olesya's plans? Always, untried, first-time stuff for us.
So, the monolith of Ghulmagak, eh? Bit of a mouthful. And yeah, if the plan fails, bit of a handful.
Bardin I don't trust rock that doesn't break when you hit it proper. I'm sticking to Olesya's plan, dawri.
Lots of weirdness in Olesya's plan, but at least we're not likely to miss our target. No hiding a mountain under a rug.
Kerillian Scunners, mayflies, they all come and go in an instant. If Olesya's plan is solid, we'll just send this one off again.
The monolith's only a thousand years old? Barely an eyeblink, mayflies. Now, Olesya's plan - you did pay attention?
Victor A tainted relic in the Empire's heartland? My blood seethes. I pray Olesya's theory is sound.
A thousand years, this monolith has tainted imperial land. Unthinkable! The crone's method better work!
Sienna Never seen a monolith with a soul in it before. Could be interesting. Knowing our luck, probably just disgusting.
So, the monolith of Ghulmagak. Indestructible. But blessed Olesya found a way, I hope.
Second Line Markus Aye, her plan is as weird as it's simple. Hack enough of those icky 'buboes' to bits and it'll somehow bury that old dung-spitter.
Yeah, I got it. Smash the buboes in the Monolith's outgrowth, and we're golden. Should we have time to escape, that is.
Bardin Aye, the plan. Bursting B...bubbles? No, buboes! Strangest way I've ever heard of to cause a cave-in.
Disgusting dumi buboes have no business making good rock tremble. I'm only touching them 'cause it's doing the world a the service
Kerillian I trust her observations, and I trust her plan. Attack the 'buboes' until the cavern is about to collapse, then make our way out. Simple enough, lumberfoots.
Aye, the plan. If you mayflies deviate from it, you're on your own. Then gods help you should you lumber into my path.
Victor Her plan makes twisted sense. The monolith is newly awakened and vulnerable. Its 'buboes' are still exposed.
Have faith! For the time being, Sigmar guides even our wicked crone. Destroying the 'buboes' will do what she promised.
Sienna Well, according to her information, the 'buboes' of the monolith's outgrowth are exposed in this early stage. They are our targets.
According to her spy runs, the so-called buboes will unsettle the monolith when damaged. And that's how we bury the filthy thing.
Third Line Bardin 'Outgrowth' and 'Buboes'? Doesn't sound like ale and kulgur to me, dawri, but we've faced worse. Let's go drengbarazi! Triggered by second lines mentioning "outgrowth" and "buboes".
You know, these Nurgle dumi, they're always happy to interrupt the killing fun with an unworldly stench or sight for sore eyes. Kruting killjoys, every rotten one of them.

The War Camp[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus I'm not sure this will be as easy as Lohner made it out to be.
Walking into a northlander camp and killing a Champion. Lohner made it sound as easy as making breakfast.
Bardin Well, dawri. We've a real challenge this time, and no mistake.
Champions can be a bit of a bother sometimes.
Kerillian I'm not dying in a marsh.
With a score of kin by my side, that Champion would already be dead. But with you lot? Ugh.
Victor We have a Champion to vanquish. An enemy far superior to the usual rabble we slaughter.
Slaughter a Champion in the heart of his camp? A true test of faith and mettle.
Sienna Come on darlings. We've a Champion to demolish... If we can. "If we can" only in the subtitles.
Second Line Markus Well, I'm just pleased with how furious we've made this gig.
You're a barrel of laughs today, ain't you? Focus on the positives, like no crowds in the camp?
Bardin No sense being downcast! What's a battle-crazed rotblood between friends?
It's not even a full camp, drengbarazi! Are we not mighty?
Victor This is an opportunity we must seize. The fiend will never be more vulnerable.
The Champion has lowered his guard by lashing out in anger. It shall be his last mistake.
Sienna Don't let it worry you darling. I'll just torch everyone in the camp. That should do it.
Northlanders burn. What more do you want?
Third Line Markus Aye, it's another day at work, folks. Let's get to the killing.
After all, what can possibly go wrong?
Bardin Come along! Sooner we're done sooner we can have a well-deserved ale! And beer! Or a jug of wine. With brandy of course.
Let's fall forward. The camp can't be far.
Kerillian Indeed, why worry? Your life's so short you'll hardly miss it anyway.
My ears tire, lumberfoots. And the pact-sworn haven't even started caterwauling. Let's go.
Victor There is nothing to fear, so long as we keep to our courage.
Stout hearts and steady sword-arms will see us victorious. Sigmar wills it!
Sienna By Volans! Are you lot going to prattle all day? Talk with violence and force.
Talk talk talk! We've killing to do!

During the level:

S: Ugh! Why do the Rotbloods love this swamp so?

K: In my experience, scunners and even you mayflies will worship anything. Even a patch of filthy water.

S: Not all of us.

K: Please. You call upon past wizards as your touchstone. Wizards you know nothing about save their names.

V: It is plain that the Rotbloods feel some kinship with the swamp.

M: Reminds 'em of home, perhaps.

V: Tis more than that. I suspect it lies at the root of their heresy.

M: How'd you mean?

V: There lies only a short step between venerating the swamp, and worshipping cursed deities.

M: This is a miserable swamp, and no mistake.

K: You call this a swamp? You should see the Mires of Modryn, back in Athel Loren.

M: Deep, are they?

K: Not so much 'deep' as 'hungry'.

M: Think I might give that a miss, if it's all the same to you.

B: We are few, they are many, but still you manlings press on, almost like dawi!

M: I take the risk willingly, Bardin. Someone needs to strike a blow for Ussingen.

B: Thinking on your folks, Azumgi?

M: No. I avenged them back in Ubersreik. But what about the dead who have no one to fight for 'em?

B: They have us, Azumgi. They have us.

V: You realise, of course, that this is but one of the Rotblood camps?

B: Didn't think we could be lucky enough for it to be otherwise. Might be the largest though.

V: Yes, and not only does it house the accursed Champion, it's also the closest to Helmgart. If we are to meet with success, we must thin that town's defenders.

B: Aye, that sounds about right. Better get on with the killing. Eh, Grimgi?

B: Now, remember: if I fall in the mire, be sure to haul me out, sharpish.

M: Afraid of a little mud, Bardin?

B: I'm not as tall as the rest of you, Azumgi. One false step and I'll be in over my head. It's not dignified.

M: [laughs]

B: Don't much like swamps, I don't mind telling you.

S: You should try Tilea. One big swamp.

B: The whole country?

S: All of it. The land, the people, the food. I've never bathed so much in my life. And still the stink of it lingered for weeks.

K: Did you see that travesty back there?

M: I did. Poor sods strung up from that tree. It ain't right.

K: I'm not talking about the mayflies.

M: Then what?

K: The tree! Poor thing, twisted and knocked out by dark magic.

M: Some days you're... you're a struggle, elf.

M: You saw that tree? Our foes harness terrible sorceries.

S: Oh, their practices didn't rot in decay, I'll give you that. But they'll burn just the same.

M: Ha ha! Warms my heart to hear you say that.

S: Oh I warm everything, Markus. And then, I set it on fire.

B: Do you like the huts, wutelgi? You should ask Lohner for one of your own.

K: Do you want rid of me, master dwarf?

B: Just thought you'd like some peace and quiet, that's all. Spare us your singing too.

K: And what's wrong with my singing?

B: Well..., it lacks body... too thin... and reedy.

The Skittergate[edit | edit source]

Start of the level:

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus Right mates, we have a Skittergate to go through, and sabotage. And as it starts to blow up, use it again to go back. Good plan.
Bardin Well, dawri. I didn't expect a trip to the far north to be on today's activity list. Not by Skaven umgak, anyway.
Kerillian I am truly speechless. This planet... ah... no, I'll be quiet.
Victor Through all my years, never have I agreed to such a demented borderline heretical, travesty of a plan.
Have they lost all sense? Have I lost all sense, doing this? Using a skaven portal? Twice!
Second Line Bardin Ey, what's with the doom and gloom? We've worked hard for this. Enjoy it. While it lasts.
Kerillian We all had ample time to back out of this, but we're past the point of no return... unless you're a coward.
Victor They were clear on the matter. To truly defeat the Skittergate, we must use it to enter Norsca. Sigmar will protect us.
Sienna It truly seems to be the only way. And we'll get to rob and kill this Gatekeeper lummox. Could be fun.

Old Haunts[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
K: It's just as well you're not a steam tank, Saltzpyre. We'd never get you up this hill.
V: I'm sure that I have no idea what you're talking about.

Blood in the Darkness[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
K: These stones are cold. As if evil were embedded deep in their very being.
M: I know what you mean. There's something about this place. Like it's watching our every move.
Quote Audio
V: The others set too much store in the legend of Constant Drachenfels, but not you and I, master dwarf.
B: Much comfort might that be to us in our tombs, Grimgi.
V: So you also believe?
B: I like to keep an open mind, that's all.
Quote Audio
B: You ever hear Lohner talk about his superiors before, Saltzpyre?
V: I have not. I confess, I always considered him a rogue agent... if a useful one.
B: I wonder who he answers to... I like to know who I'm dealing with.
V: As do I, master dwarf. As do I.
Quote Audio
M: Word of advice, Saltzpyre. Have a word with Catrinne.
V: Lohner's artist. Why? What is she to me?
M: It's not what she is to you, but what you are to her. If you take my meaning.
V: I don't follow.
V: Yeah, I can see that. So the poor thing's an optimist, on top of everything else.
Quote Audio
K: Castle Drachenfels has its foundation in good stone. Have the dwarves never tried to claim it?
B: Not to my knowledge. This whole stretch of mountain has a bleak reputation. Gromril would draw us near, but nothing less.

The Enchanter's Lair[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: So what's Parravon like?
K: You've never been?
M: Only time I've been to Bretonnia was while campaigning. Bit of loot and pillage. Good times.
K: Really? Me too. We should compare notes.
Quote Audio
M: Did I hear you say you'd seen Drachenfels, Kerillian? Back in Parravon?
K: It couldn't have been anyone else. You never mistake that manner of evil.
M: No shortage of evil in the world. Filled to the bloody brim with it, we are.
K: This was different. It was Old. I pray you never see it for yourself, Kruber.
Quote Audio
M: Back when I was in Talabheim, I chanced upon a band of strolling players. They were talking about performing a play about Drachenfels.
V: Really? Were they... accomplished thespians?
M: Couldn't tell you. When I went back that evening, they'd all been rounded up and dragged away by your lot. Half the audience, too.
V: A shocking coincidence.
Quote Audio
M: So sir, killed any daemonologists before?
V: More than my share... but never enough.
K: Then be of good cheer. Your tally increases today.
V: If Sigmar wills it.
Quote Audio
K: So, One-Eye. If Constant Drachenfels is a myth, why does speaking of him bother you so?
V: There are horrors enough in this world without inventing more.
K: Aye, that makes a good excuse. It might even stop people believing and following his example. For a time. Until he returns.
V: I think this conversation has reached its conclusion, don't you?

The Pit[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
K: Typical mayfly hovel..
M: Wouldn't hurt you to say something nice once in a while, Kerillian.
K: About this place? I think not.
M: About anything. Or any of us.
Quote Audio
K: Kruber, know that I consider you amongst the least annoying mayflies that I have not yet slain.
M: You what? Is that a threat?
K: A compliment. Lohner said I should try to be more 'nice.'
M: Yeah? Well, still a ways to go on that one. Keep at it.

The Blightreaper[edit | edit source]

Line Hero Quote Audio Note
First Line Markus Never heard of a sword spreading plague before.
Second Line Bardin Can't let this stand, dawri. Bögenhafen shouldn't suffer because of an addled runesmith.
Third Line Markus Sooner we've got the bloody thing from Father Kraussman, the happier I'll be.

Ambient during level (all before getting the key):

M: Did I hear that right? There are seven Chaos Runeswords?

V: Seven is the rumoured number, but the truth is unverified. The only other seen in the Empire - at least to my knowledge - was borne by the necromancer Helsnicht.

M: Blimey. Rotbloods and ratmen were bad enough. Don't want to fret about undead as well.

V: We cannot fail now. Bögenhafen's deaths must have purpose.

K: Is that a note of concern I hear, Saltzpyre?

V: Of pragmatism, elf. There are too few righteous souls in the world. Their efforts should not be wasted.

K: We'll do what we can. But there are no guarantees.

M: Ubersreik, Helmgart, Bögenhafen. Whole bloody Empire's falling into the soup.

B: Did someone mention soup? I could use a morsel of food to keep my spirits up.

K: You wouldn't want this particular broth, Goreksson. It's got mayflies in it.

B: Oh well. Never mind.

Quote Audio
K: Next time Lohner wants us to go into a sewer, I've a mind to refuse.
M: Yes, wouldn't want those dainty little elf feet getting all wet, would we?
K: And how are your feet, Kruber?
M: Soaked through and miserable. Thanks for asking.

V: Kraussman was not always a priest. He served the Order for many years.

M: Really? Why'd he give it up, sir?

V: Some notion of raising folk up to be better, I understand. Too many of my kind grow soft in old age. We templars are hard, but with reason. It is a hard world.

B: I shall now sing a song to keep our spirits up.

V: No, master dwarf, you shall not.

B: No appreciation for music, Saltzpyre. You have a tin ear.

K: And a heart of stone. But for once, I agree with him.

A Quiet Drink[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
V: You know, I never wanted to be a witch hunter...
M: Is that right, sir? Had a particular career in mind?
V: A steam tank driver. Think of it! Crushing all in my path!
M: Sounds lovely. Oi, maybe there's a wheelbarrow we could borrow?
V: It wouldn't be the same... It won't have a whistle.
Quote Audio
S: What are you doing, Saltzpyre?
V: I'm a steam tank.
Quote Audio
S: You should have another drink, Markus. You're too sober...
M: Ain't been proprely sober in twenty years, Sienna. Helps me forget. And I'll tell you another thing...
S: What's that, dear Markus? You can tell me.
M: It helps me forget.
Quote Audio
M: Never took you for a drinker, Kerillian.
K: This? This is nothing. I'm perfectly... thing... You know. Sober.
M: Sure you are. Then so was Bardin the time he drank the Red Moon's cellar dry.
Quote Audio
B: I shall now sing a song to keep our spirits up.
V: No, master dwarf, you shall not.
B: No appreciation for music, Saltzpyre. You have a tin ear.
Quote Audio
B: Just you watch yourself, azumgi. We don't want a repeat of what happened at that coaching tavern.
M: The Orc and Feather? You make too much of that. Those girls were just friendly, that's all.
B: Friendly? They were fixing to cut your throat and offer you up to some unspeakable god!
M: And I still say it might have been worth it.
Quote Audio
B: We've seen some times, haven't we Zharrin?
S: So we have... I must say, I never thought I'd take to a dwarf, but you're a fine fellow.
B: Why thank you. You're not so bad yourself. If a little taller than good manners dictate.
S: Not much to be done about that, I'm afraid.
Quote Audio
K: I hate to say this Saltzpyre, but we've much in common. No one likes us, for starters.
V: Not so! I am well-respected!
K: By who? Name one?
V: Valiant Kruber.
K: Name one who isn't lying.
Quote Audio
V: Master dwarf. I wanted to thank you for saving me from that troll at Ussingen - and after I said such unkind things about the Queen of Karak Norn.
B: Thanks? You must be drunk. Think nothing of it. A dawi's duty, is all.
V: Of course. I never did find out who shoved me into its lair...
B: (cough) A raki blackfur did it. Ask Kruber, he'll tell you. I hope.
Quote Audio
K: I miss my horse. He was so beautiful... And wise...
S: Oh, she's gone. I didn't know you had a horse. Didn't you come to Ubersreik by carriage, back in the day?
K: Aye, and a good thing too. If the skaven hadn't eaten him, Bardin would have.
S: True. He did roast Lohner's donkey.
Quote Audio
B: You know, wutelgi, you're not bad for a stuck-up, prancing, ill-mannered, skinny streak of flesh.
K: And you're a tolerable dwarf, despite the smell, the singing and that excruciating accent. Did I mention the smell?
B: Aye, but we could both be worse.
K: True enough. Look at the humans!

Dark Omens[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
V: Shall I die, Kruber. I want you to have my sword of office.
M: So people'll think I'm a Witch Hunter?
B: No. So that they think I liked you.
M: (Grail Knight) You do know that I've already got a better sword than you, right?
Quote Audio
M: Beastmen. This takes me back.
K: You talk as if they're rare, Kruber. Corruptors lurk everywhere.
M: Not in the cities, behind nice stone walls. This blasted wilderness is another matter.
K: This "blasted wilderness" is a thing of beauty. We cannot allow them to despoil it.
M: If you say so.
Quote Audio
S: Your people have many run-ins with the beastmen, Kerillian?
K: Aye we do. They seek to corrupt and despoil the Weave. As humans don't seem interested in stopping them, someone must.
S: That's hardly fair. The Empire's overrun with the brutes.
K: And whose fault is that? And to whom will you look for fairness when the Weave collapses beneath their foulness?
Quote Audio
M: You had any trouble with beastmen, Bardin?
B: Any trouble? Hah! We've whole throngs patrol the trade routes through the forests. 'Course, that's as often elgi trouble as gori making mischief.
K: Believe me when I say any caravan attacked by Asrai wouldn't have chance to speak of it.
M: Now now. Let's not make a contest of this. We're all on the same side.
Quote Audio
K: Whatever happens here today is only the start. Once they find a foothold, the corruptors spread like a plague.
B: True enough. I've heard stories about what they did in Athel Loren.
K: You've heard whispers, nothing more. The truth is worse. Withered groves. Sickness in the hearts of newborns. The living world recoiling and growing bitter.
B: We'll not let that happen here. You've my word, drengbarazi to drengbarazi.
Quote Audio
S: You sure you're on our side, Markus? After all, Taal's worship's only a stone throw away from these beasties.
M: That ain't funny. They're as different as a witch and a wizard. Taal's all about the cycle of life, the purity of the hunt. Beastmen? Ain't no purity in them. Just corruption.
Quote Audio
V: The beastmen are a plague, brewed by weakness and faltering resolve. A good parent would kill a mutant child, not offer it up to the woods and the iniquities of Chaos.
B: Harsh words even for you, Saltzpyre. Blood's a weighty bond. Takes a lot to break it.
V: Misplaced affection is no protection against the Dark Gods. And faltering hearts have ever been the Empire's greatest weakness.
Quote Audio
M: Come on mates. I'm not exactly the brains of this operation, but can't we disrupt the ritual, might be that...
V: ...It might birth an explosion to destroy both the beastmen and the warpstone. And as for us...
M: ...Join the army, they said. One big adventure and a shiny uniform. Well, I've certainly had that. Death and glory it is!
Quote Audio
M: We can't let this stand. We're the bloody Ubersreik Five! Sort of. Can't we, I don't know, disrupt the ritual, and then...
V: ...It might birth an explosion to destroy both the beastmen and the warpstone. And as for us...
K: ...So? Death in the service of the Weave is the highest calling! Let us be off!
B: One last heroic effort? How can I say no?
Quote Audio
K: Brave heart, Kerillian. There's always a way... aye! If we disrupt the ritual...
S: ...The magic will go wild. Oh, won't that be so fun for all concerned! Imploded warpstone isn't much harm. Well, there is a little harm...
K: ...It matters not. We owe all to the Weave. Our lives, and our deaths. Come!
Quote Audio
V: Beastmen are crude beings. Their ritual will be slipshod and easily disrupted. If we do so...
K: ...The warpstone will feed on itself. It might even implode. That's actually a good idea, though the cost to us...
V: ...It will be a righteous death. Better than most earn. I am content. On!

Weaves[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
K: Loathsome though it is, something about this place calls to me.
V: Resist, elf. The fire seeks to corrupt you as it has so many others.
K: I know, I know... but wouldn't it be fun?
Quote Audio
K: My cousin Araloth once spoke of a land far to the south, where undead monarchs worship light and dark in equal measure.
V: Indeed. A land of tombs and sickening heresy. The birthplace of the first necromancer.
V: Hush! Nothing good comes from uttering that name.
B: Think we annoyed him, dawri.
Quote Audio
V: If magic must exist, why can it not all be thus? Pure. Soothing.
K: Purity is highly overrated, One Eye.
Quote Audio
V: Gold wizards are almost as treacherous as the Grey. When nothing is certain, everything invites heresy.
K: So suspicious, One Eye. I thought you loved everyone.
Quote Audio
K: My cousins believe that the future can be read in the heavens.
V: So I have heard it said. Is there any truth to that claim?
K: I doubt it. They think white's a practical colour. So what do they know?
Quote Audio
K: There is little natural here, only artifice.
V: Artifice is everywhere. It shapes our lives, and spurs us all to heresy.
K: What a pretty sentiment. Are you trying to turn my head?
Quote Audio
K: Does anyone else hear whispers in the dark?
V: More than I can count. They speak accusations. (louder) Their deaths were necessary!

Chaos Wastes[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
V: Just... just supposing you could be a god, what would you be?
K: Kerillian the Inscrutable, who silences fools that ask too many questions.
V: Perhaps it is better you remain mortal after all.
Quote Audio
V: I received a communique today, from the Witch Hunter General.
M: Oh no. Look, if it's about that letter, I had nothing to do with -
V: He said he would 'watch my career with interest.' Why do you suppose he said that?
M: Really couldn't say. You'd have to ask Bardin.
Quote Audio
K: Would you want to be a god, mayfly? If so, what would you exemplify?
M: Doesn't seem my place. Besides, sounds like a lot of work.
B: A weighty loss for the world, dawri.
Quote Audio
M: Who'd be a god eh? Would you? What would, you know, stand for?
K: Think you to know the truth of the goddess Kerillian? Think again.
V: On second thought, I think the world will survive without your divine wisdom.
Quote Audio
K: I don't get this fuss about Khorne. He's just Khaine without the sophistication.
M: Khaine? Who's that?
K: The God of Murder, Kruber. You'd like him. He's very direct.
Quote Audio
M: You seem distracted, Kerillian.
K: Seeing all this... it reminds me that I've been a poor guardian of the Weave. That has to change.
M: Yeah? What does that mean?
K: When I find out, I'll tell you.
Quote Audio
K: Here's a test for you mayflies... which of the Dark Gods is most abhorrent?
B: They're none of them good, but Khorne's the worst. Battle without honour and oath shouldn't be encouraged.
M: Something to think on there, I reckon.
Quote Audio
B: So, that patron god of yours, why that one? Why not someone else?
M: Taal's a hunter, and so am I. No matter what hat I'm wearing.
B: Doesn't matter. Valya'll see you're not short of ale, so long as you hold true.
Quote Audio
B: Good idea of grimgi's, this. Can't hurt to ask the gods for a bit of help.
K: I'm surprised he even suggested it. The man sees heresy in every shadow, and now he leads us to the Chaos Wastes?
B: He's worried. Any wazzok can see that.
K: He's right to be. This won't end well, mark my words.
Quote Audio
M: Saw you planning this expedition back at the keep. Never thought you'd find common ground with Oleysa.
V: Trying times make for difficult choices, Kruber. If my Order hears of this...
M: Say no more. They'll not get a whiff of it from me.
Quote Audio
M: Maris Holseher? What was an imperial citizen doing up here?
V: A traitor of the worst kind. He writes as one fascinated by the Chaos Gods. Not that I've read it myself, as you understand.
Quote Audio
B: I've been thinking, dawri. Which of these four great Kazaki Gromthi is a slayer's dream?
K: Slaanesh. He is a curse upon us all. He more than any feasts on false hope.
M: Yeah. Funny how rich folks always end up worshipping Slaanesh, ain't it?
V: Silence! I will not tolerate such prattle any longer!
Quote Audio
B: Four Chaos Gods, drengbarazi. Which'd suppose give a Slayer the most glorious death?
M: Nurgle - which you'd understand if you ever had explosive dysentery. For instance, I mean. Not, ahem, from personal experience.
V: This very conversation invites damnation!
Quote Audio
V: If we are to triumph in the coming days, I must be truer to my faith than ever before.
K: Really? I await with baited breath.
V: Do not interrupt! I was eulogising!
K: Prattling. You were prattling.
Quote Audio
B: Have we ever agreed on what created these Wastes?
V: The first sin, that which doomed the world!
K: Have you been drinking again? Because you sound drunk.

Quote Audio
B: Never did find out what created these Chaos Wastes.
K: The gods warred, and their loss became ours.
V: A likely story... some folk will believe anything.
Quote Audio
K: The mysteries of the Chaos Wastes. What do you suppose created them?
M: Yeah, I know this one. It was all down to a plague of frogs, or something.
V: Frogs? FROGS? I've never heard anything so ridiculous!
Quote Audio
M: So uh, of these Chaos Gods, which do you think is the worst?
V: I see little point in grading evils. All are abominations. All are to be abhorred.
K: That's probably wise, One-Eye.
Quote Audio
M: I hear a lot about a fellow called Grombrindal. Is he an ancestor god?
B: Oh no, azumgi. He's a hero. Terribly mysterious.
M: A bit like Cousin Okri?
B: Aye, very much like that, but don't you dare tell anyone I said so.
Quote Audio
M: Do you know much about the elven gods, Saltzpyre?
V: Only that they are degenerates, who bicker among themselves instead of opposing the true foe.
M: As with mortals, so with gods, is that it?
V: Indeed. Would that Sigmar could return and show them the error of their ways.

Action-Based[edit | edit source]

Last Hit on a Monster[edit | edit source]

Rat Ogre[edit | edit source]

Markus[edit | edit source]


Quote Audio
B: Hey, Kruber's killed that Rat Ogre!
M: I'm sorry, I can prop it up on some sticks, if you're not finished hacking at it.
B: Hah! Stealing kills, mocking dwarfs... Kruber's becoming quite the villain!
Quote Audio
K: Rat Ogre's down. Fine strike, mayfly.
M: The name's Kruber, thank you.
B: Hah! Wasted effort, Azumgi. And I mean with the elf, not the Rat Ogre.
Quote Audio
V: Excellent technique Kruber. That Rat Ogre stood no chance.
M: It was nothing. Had a lot of practice of late.
K: And yet you still need more...
Quote Audio
S: Hack it to bit, Markus!
M: Done deal, Sienna. Bloody tough, these Rat Ogres.
K: Oh, you poor thing. Need a nap, perhaps?


Quote Audio
B: A clusmy shot, Azumgi. Now, cousin Okri...
M: Isn't here, Goreksson. Keep it up, and I'll let the next one eat you.
B: I was only saying, Azumgi. No need to prickle.
Quote Audio
K: Shots everywhere. Did you seek its death one inch at a time, Kruber?
M: Look, it's a Rat Ogre. One doesn't mess around.
B: Even so, Azumgi. I've seen you shoot cleaner.
Quote Audio
V: Tis a delight to see your marksmanship reap rewards, Kruber.
M: Thank you, sir. That Rat Ogre won't roar again.
S: Oh yes. When those brutes are around, it's nice with a bit of impaired hearing.
Quote Audio
S: Nice shot, Markus!
M: You think so? I think it pulled a little to the left.
K: The Rat Ogre's dead. Just enjoy the moment.

Bardin[edit | edit source]


Quote Audio
M: You cut that brute down to size, Bardin!
B: It's what I do, Azumgi!
K: Down to Bardin size? That's overkill. Waste of energy.
Quote Audio
K: One brute fells another!
B: I see. Would you rather the Rat Ogre won, wutelgi?
K: Not at all. You smell fractionally less awful.
Quote Audio
V: That Rat Ogre was no match for dwarfen steel!
B: Few are, Grimgi, and that's a fact!
V: Let us hope that is so.
Quote Audio
S: Good kill, Goreksson. Look at that beast fall!
B: Haha, it reminds me of the one who fell on you, Zharrinn!
S: Please Bardin. I'm sorry your trousers caught on fire while you dragged me out.


Quote Audio
M: That's right, Goreksson. You show that Rat Ogre!
B: Show him what, exactly, Azumgi?
K: Oh, the mind boggles, and the stomach heaves...
Quote Audio
K: You've felled the Rat Ogre. You're getting better at this.
B: High praise indeed, from a prancing elf.
K: If I ever do 'prance', Goreksson, you shan't be there to see it.
Quote Audio
V: A fine shot, and a dead Rat Ogre!
B: Aye, I feel a snap in my bones and the strength of my ancestors.
V: Then carry on, dwarf. Make use of what power you have.
Quote Audio
S: Good shot, Bardin! Another one dead.
B: Aye Zharrinn, the world's better for one fewer Rakogri.
S: One by one, Bardin. We'll whittle them down.

Kerillian[edit | edit source]


Quote Audio
M: Nicely done, elf. I wish I had your speed.
K: And my wits - and my looks as well, I'm sure.
S: Now that's an image that I shan't lose quickly enough.
Quote Audio
B: That's right, wutelgi! You finished that brute!
K: It never stood a chance!
V: In whatever shape or form, the beasts they send against us shall all end the same!
Quote Audio
V: A precise strike, elf!
K: Of course. Anything else would be cruelty.
S: Kindness is wasted on Rat Ogres.
Quote Audio
S: Get clear, Kerillian! That Rat Ogre's coming down!
K: Hah! I'd like to see the brute crush me!
V: Wouldn't we all?


Quote Audio
M: One dead Rat Ogre! Any chance you could teach me to shoot like that?
K: We've spoken about this before. You'd wither before you even learn to grip a bow.
S: From the lashing of her tongue, if not from old age.
Quote Audio
V: The Rat Ogre's down! The elf dealt the finishing strike.
K: It wasn't a strike, it was a shot.
M: There's a word for what you're arguing about. It means the meaning of words, sort of. But I don't know the word, for the meaning of words, so just get on with the killing, alright?!
Quote Audio
V: A good shot, elf. You do divine work.
K: Like you'd know a good shot, or a real god if he offered to forge your sword.
M: Oh, for the love of Taal...
Quote Audio
S: The beast's down!
K: Of course it is. Did you have any doubts in the matter?
S:// Karaz-a-Karak].

Victor[edit | edit source]


Quote Audio
B: That's right, Grimgi! Cut it to little bits!
V: Tis done. The beast is dead.
K: Looks like meat on a butcher's slab. What were you doing, making a jigsaw?
Quote Audio
K: Rat Ogre's down! Nicely done, One-Eye.
V: Approval, elf? From you?
B: Don't say that, Grimgi. She'll only take it back.
Quote Audio
S: It's dead, Saltzpyre. Nothing more to be done to it.
V: Ugh! I confess I- I got a little... enthusiastic.
B: Hah! It's not like the Rat Ogre can carry a grudge.


Quote Audio
M: Good shot, sir!
V: A Rat Ogre is hardly a challenge for a marksman.
M: All the same, good shot.
Quote Audio
B: A fine shot, Grimgi! Right in the dongliz!
V: I'm not sure that's where a Rat Ogre keeps its 'dongliz', dwarf.
K: Oh my, this conversation has taken a turn for the intellectual.
Quote Audio
K: A straight shot from One-Eye, and a dead Rat Ogre.
V: Do not doubt my aim, elf.
M: As strange as it sounds, Sir. I think that was a compliment.
Quote Audio
S: You've developed quite a method for dispatching these Rat Ogres, Saltzpyre.
V: I cannot claim sole credit. My shots are guided by Sigmar.
M: Then maybe your early morning shooting practice could be skipped, just once in a while, sir?

Sienna[edit | edit source]


Quote Audio
M: A clean strike, Sienna. The Rat Ogre shan't bother us now.
S: I aim to please, Kruber.
Quote Audio
B: Why, Zharrinn, I never thought you'd finish it with a blade!
S: Never underestimate me, Goreksson.
M: Wise advice. Speaking of, my Aunt Hild, she could swing a mallet, I tell you...
Quote Audio
K: That was a fine hit, Sienna. Who taught you?
S: Bastello, in Magritta. Loved his blade as much as his moustache.
M: A good moustache is to be treasured. I don't expect either of you to understand.
Quote Audio
V: Hah! The witch has slain the Rat Ogre!
S: I'm sorry, did you want it?
B: He can have the next, Zharrinn. Bound to be one.


Quote Audio
M: You've a talent for killing Rat Ogres, Sienna.
S: I like to keep them at a distance. Easier to enjoy the sight, less of their stench.
V: Up close or from a far, by Sigmar, we shall eradicate them.
Quote Audio
B: A fine sight, that, a blazing Rat Ogre!
S: Happy to oblige, Goreksson.
V: That unadultared joy is pure in its madness, wizard. Thankfully, it's a madness we can use and control... so far.
Quote Audio
K: Rat Ogre's down. My thanks, Sienna.
S: At your service, Kerillian!
V: Listen to them. Exiles always bound together in adversity. It seldoms ends well.
Quote Audio
V: The brute is finished. Fine work, witch.
S: Necessary work. Hard work. And bloody fun work!
B: Hah! Thought it more a pastime, for you, Zharrinn!

Killing a Second Rat Ogre[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
K: A challenging kill, but I'd just as soon not fight another.
M: Then pray to that moon goddess of yours. We'll need all the divine favour we can get.

Spawn of Chaos[edit | edit source]

Kerillian[edit | edit source]


Quote Audio
M: Cut to ribbons!
K: It's the only language Spawns understand. That, and gibbering.
B: And you speak it well, wutelgi!
Quote Audio
B: Bladework was a bit frantic there.
K: That's the problem with Spawn. You never know what you're hitting.
V: It would appear you've found at least one vital organ.
Quote Audio
V: Righteous work, elf.
K: On this, at least, we agree.
M: Peculiar thing to bond over, mates. A dead Spawn.
Quote Audio
S: That's enough, elf. The Spawn's dead.
K: Just making sure, wizard. You can't be too careful.
V: I'd say you've been careful enough for six or seven such beasts.


Quote Audio
M: You make the mark.
K: A swift shot evens all battles, even against just Spawn.
V: Curb your pride, elf. This isn't over.
Quote Audio
B: A fine shot Wutelgi, I'm not surprised.
K: I am. Never sure what to shoot at with a Spawn.
M: Do it whatever you can, as awful as possible, alright?
Quote Audio
V: Your shot found its prey, elf.
K: They do that, from time to time.
S: And this time, right when a Spawn runs amok. I'll drink to that.
Quote Audio
S: You hit the mark, Kerillian!
K: A target that size, it was hard to miss.
B: Still, most Kazdumi don't die easy.

[not attributed]

Quote Audio
B: Good shot Azumgi! How did you spot a weak point?
M: Taal knows. I fired blind.

Missing with Bomb[edit | edit source]

Markus[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
V: Did you hit any of them, Kruber?
M: I saw one limp away.
Quote Audio
B: Takes some skill, missing all of them like that!
M: Want me to throw the next one at you?
B: Why not? You might just hit the thaggoraki!
Quote Audio
K: You missed! Do you earn much money as a professional soldier?
M: I'm not a bombardier.
Quote Audio
S: A fine example of how it's done.
M: [scoffs]

Bardin[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: Oo, a rare miss, dwarf.
B: The next one'll be better, Azumgi!
M: Couldn't be much worse.
B: Oi!
Quote Audio
K: Missed? Really? I suppose you're going to blame your short arms?
B: Shoddy human umgak. Showing me up in front of the elf.
Quote Audio
V: Be more careful, Goreksson. Any further off course, and we'd all be dead.
B: (mockingly) 'Be more careful, Goreksson...'
Quote Audio
S: You missed ALL of them, dwarf. That takes a special talent.
B: Aye, well I've not had enough to drink - that's the trouble.

Kerillian[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: Defied by technology, elf?
K: Filthy thing, I never want to touch one again.
Quote Audio
B: Valaya's Chalice! That takes some skill, missing them all.
K: Quiet, Dwarf.
Quote Audio
V: Where's the skill you keep boasting of, elf?
K: [scoffs]
Quote Audio
S: Hah! That bomb toss will have them running in fear, and no mistake!
K: A lapse. Nothing more.

Victor[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: There's a knack to those things, Sir. Watch me, next time I throw.
V: I yield to your experience, Kruber.
Quote Audio
M: (Grail Knight) Serves you right for relying on black powder, peasant.
V: I yield to your experience, Kruber.
Quote Audio
B: Careful with those bombs, Saltzpyre - we can't afford to waste them.
V: Don't lecture me, Goreksson!
B: Don't bloody miss, then, Grimgi!
Quote Audio
K: Keep him away from the next one, mayflies. I've no desire to die from blackfire.
V: If your squawking wasn't so distracting...
K: I could put an arrow in your arse, One-Eye? It might help you stay in the moment?
Quote Audio
S: Not one? Saltzpyre? Not a single one?
V: Maybe I was aiming for you!

Sienna[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: Keep your arm straight if you want to hit anything, wizard!
S: [scoffs]
Quote Audio
B: I had a cousin who throws like that. We don't trust him with an axe.
S: Trust me with yours, a moment - I want to show you something, dwarf.
Quote Audio
K: Hah! Even One-Eye throws better!
S: Well, we can't all be elves, can we?
Quote Audio
V: Not so clever with real weapons, witch?
S: Oh shut up, you narcissist nag.

Healing with more than half Health[edit | edit source]

Markus[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
B: Always the same with you, Azumgi. One scratch...
M: Alright, alright, I get the message.
B: Prove it!
Quote Audio
B: Azumgi! Don't waste that.
M: What? Oh, it looked worse than it was.
B: No wonder your Empire's on its knees.
Quote Audio
B: Healing for that, Azumgi? Don't you have a pain threshold?
M: What I have are two arms, and I want to keep 'em both.
B: You don't keep things by being wasteful, Azumgi.
Quote Audio
K: Kruber? You sure you don't need a rest, too? Looked like a nasty scratch.
M: Can't be too careful.
K: You're living proof that you can.
Quote Audio
K: Kruber!
M: What?
K: Do you not think that healing should have been saved?
Quote Audio
K: I thought you resilient when first we met, not a frail child.
M: Can't help what you thought...
K: That's right, I'm in the wrong here. You're wasting supplies!
Quote Audio
S: Are you on a one-man mission to destroy our supplies, Markus?
M: Don't know what you mean, Sienna. Can't fight wounded.
S: A couple of bruises and a cracked nail are wounds now. Volans!
Quote Audio
S: Show some restraint, Markus!
M: I did. For five whole seconds. Each one of them an agony.
S: Waste healing again and I'll show you agony.
Quote Audio
S: Are you as addicted to medicine as you are to brandy, Markus?
M: Medicine? No, not me. Necessaries only.
S: So you admit the brandy part?

Bardin[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: No... Bardin... not the healing.
B: Ah, that's better. That itch has been niggling me something fierce.
M: Right. The stoic, all-enduring dwarf, here and in person.
Quote Audio
M: Not so rugged today, Bardin?
B: What was that, Azumgi?
M: You're wasting healing supplies like the Elf's hurling insults. A bit too much.
Quote Audio
M: Healing for that, Bardin? Hardy folk my arse!
B: Well, how did you think we got this way? Not by taking foolish risks.
M: I hope it turns black and drops off, whatever it was.
Quote Audio
K: If you can't use those responsibly, I'll take them off you!
B: It hurt!
K: Good. Let the pain be your teacher.
Quote Audio
K: Will you stop wasting those?
B: It's hardly a waste, I have to be at the top of my form.
K: Don't think I've ever seen that. I look forward to it.
Quote Audio
K: Can you keep from wasting those, dwarf?
B: Aye, well, I was in pain wasn't I?
K: Oh yes, so much blood I could hardly see your dainty features.
Quote Audio
S: Is that better, Bardin?
B: Oh, much better Zharrinn. Can't abide niggles.
S: You'll wish you had when they crack your skull open.
Quote Audio
S: Honestly Bardin, you're as bad as the elf for wasting our healing.
B: Aye, well, perhaps us elder races have learned a thing or two about the importance of our health?
S: Oh, SELF-importance, certainly. Don't do it again!
Quote Audio
S: Did you have to waste that?
B: Waste? A necessary application, I'll have you know.
S: Yes, a waste, and not necessary!

Kerillian[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: Oh, that's bloody marvellous that is, wasting healing like that.
K: If you'd wanted it, Kruber, you should have taken it first, shouldn't you?
M: Completely missing the point, as usual.
Quote Audio
M: Here we go again, she's wasting our healing.
K: Our healing? I was carrying it.
M: You all heard that, right? Can't believe how we let her get away with it all...
Quote Audio
M: Let me guess: that healing stuff grows on trees back home?
K: If you have a point to make, Kruber, just make it.
M: I did, you missed it.
Quote Audio
B: You wasting our supplies, wutelgi?
K: Commandeering is the word you're looking for.
B: Still a kruting waste!
Quote Audio
B: See? Elves just can't bear to suffer a scar.
K: Who'd notice a scar through that beard of yours?
B: Maybe you should grow one then?
Quote Audio
B: Hey! Ease up, wutelgi. Not much of that around.
K: I'll do as I wish, dwarf.
B: Aye, and maybe I'll leave you in the dirt, next time you fall.
Quote Audio
S: You don't get any less selfish, do you?
K: I'm so sorry. Next time I'll suffer the excruciating pain, as you asked so nicely.
S: Excruciating, my arse.
Quote Audio
S: Is that how you lot live so long, wasting medicine like that?
K: What's the matter? Jealous 'cause your stamina's fading with age?
S: Fading? I'll fade you into a wisp of steam!
Quote Audio
S: Still putting yourself first, Kerillian?
K: Why not? No one else will.
S: But which is cause, and which is effect?

Victor[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: Sir? Was that really necessary?
V: I believe so.
M: Well I don't. Pack it in! Please.
Quote Audio
M: Sir, did you have to use up that healing?
V: It was for the greater good, Kruber. How would you fare without my faultless leadership?
M: Better than we'll fare if one of us takes a mortal wound, begging your pardon.
Quote Audio
M: Sir? Oh, no, no, no!! Don't waste the healing...
V: It was employed in good cause, Kruber.
M: Didn't look like it from here.
Quote Audio
B: Doesn't matter how many of those you waste, Grimgi, that eye's not coming back!
V: You had no need, Gorekssin. My leadership is a heavy burden.
B: How heavy you pack your sack is none of our concern.
Quote Audio
B: I thought you less fragile than most manlings, Saltzpyre.
V: I cannot prevail if mortally wounded.
B: A mortal wound? That?! Oh, good one, Grimgi.
Quote Audio
B: Grimgi! Don't waste healing!
V: It was necessary, Master Dwarf.
B: (mockingly) "It was necessary, Master Dwarf."
Quote Audio
K: Oh, the bold hunter. Wasting medicine on a cracked nail.
V: It was a serious wound. Mayhap you misread my stoic expression.
K: Oh aye, surely I did.
Quote Audio
K: That's right, waste our supplies.
V: I must keep mind and body hale if we are to triumph!
K: Body, maybe but your mind's a lost cause.
Quote Audio
K: Was that... Did you just heal yourself? For that?
V: It was for the good of us all. How would you fare without my leadership?
K: Well we'd be doomed of course! Doomed, I tell ye!
Quote Audio
S: Really, Saltzpyre? For that scratch?
V: You have no right to judge me.
S: You keep telling yourself that.
Quote Audio
S: Saltzpyre!
V: The wound was deeper than it looked. I could barely stand.
S: An Inquisitor should be a better liar.
Quote Audio
S: Did you need to use that? It's not like you've blood in your veins.
V: I bleed as freely as the next man.
S: Yes, but it's ice water, isn't it?

Sienna[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: Don't waste our supplies. We needed that.
S: Keep moaning like that, Markus, and I'll not tell you apart for Saltzpyre.
M: I think it's coming back to me, why they want to burn you...
Quote Audio
M: Not the healing, Sienna!
S: Ahh... that's better. I feel ten years younger.
M: Yeah, that'll cheer me up when I'm bleeding out...
Quote Audio
M: Doesn't that just burn right off you?
S: Don't be ignorant, Markus. I was hurting.
M: Yeah, looked like a nasty graze that.
Quote Audio
B: Zharrinn? Don't use that healing.
S: What? Do I tell you how to spend your ammunition?
B: And with good reason!
Quote Audio
B: Zharrinn?
S: What?!
B: Stop wasting our healing supplies! You gone soft all of a sudden?
Quote Audio
B: Did you have to waste that?
S: Wasn't a waste. I feel much better.
B: Oh, that's alright then.
Quote Audio
K: You're so stoic. I could have sworn that was just a scratch.
S: Look, it hurt, alright?
K: Of course it did...
Quote Audio
K: Healing, now? I expected better from you.
S: I was hurting.
K: Oh, delicate little flower. Did a breeze sway you?

Killing 3 Specials in a Row[edit | edit source]

Markus[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
B: You see that? With Azumgi around, reckon I can take things a little easier.
M: It's nothing, just training. Besides, couldn't do it without you.
K: Hush! Can't you hear more coming? Drawn by the size of your swollen egos.
Quote Audio
K: Kruber? You keep killing like this, and I'm going to lose my bet.
M: Bet? What bet?
B: Don't you listen to her, Azumgi. You know how she gabbles on.
Quote Audio
V: Good killing, Kruber! You're credit to your regiment!
M: It's all service, sir. We all crack heads in the same cause.
K: Same cause? Yes of course, we are so alike.
Quote Audio
S: Nicely done, Markus! You make it look easy.
M: It's nothing, Sienna. Bit of training, reflexes...
K: And a powerful fear of getting another scar, I shouldn't wonder...

Bardin[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: There's no stopping a dwarf, is there?
B: Trust me, I'm just warming up, Azumgi!
S: Warming up? You don't know the meaning of those words, Bardin.
Quote Audio
K: I do believe you're getting better at this, dwarf.
B: Aye, well, takes a few battles to get everything flowing the way it should.
V: And to shake off that keg of ale you downed last night, I shouldn't wonder.
Quote Audio
V: A righteous blow, dwarf. Your ancestors must have fought alongside Sigmar!
B: My ancestors fought alongside everyone, Grimgi. And with each other. Life's hard in the mountains.
M: Life's hard everywhere, Bardin.
Quote Audio
V: Inspiring, Goreksson! You... butcher them!
B: I'm on form today, dawri!
M: Told ya, Bardin! Thunderwater Ale's great before a fight!
Quote Audio
S: Whoa, slow down, Bardin. Leave some for the rest of us!
B: Don't think that'll be a problem, Zharrinn. They're like fleas in a Tilean alehouse.
M: Tis true. We never seem short of foes.

Kerillian[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: I can't deny that you know how to kill, elf.
K: Oh, this is nothing. You should have seen me at Hoggar's Bridge. Dozens, I claimed.
V: Hoggar's Bridge. Wait a minute... two Nuln regiments vanished without trace at Hoggar's Bridge. Elf? Elf?
Quote Audio
B: Do you have to keep hogging all the kills, wutelgi?
K: Next one comes, I'll be sure to let him kill you before I end him.
S: No, you two leave them all to me, I'll end your stupid quarrel.
Quote Audio
V: The elf kills another! You forest folk would make good allies, if not so mercurial in nature.
K: Allies? Adults and children are not 'allies'. One guides the other.
S: You two, just shut up and guide your weapons to more enemies.
Quote Audio
S: Another one! Is it me, or does Kerillian seem a little cranky today?
K: I take out my frustrations where I can, wizard. And since there'll be uproar if I shoot of one you...
B: Seems normal to me, Zharrinn.

Victor[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: A good kill, sir. But keep your elbow up - your guard's open.
V: You dare... Thank you, Kruber. I shall heed your advice.
B: As you should, Grimgi. No one wants to lug your corpse around.
Note: if Markus is a Grail Knight, the conversation will play out near-identically, except he calls Victor "peasant" instead of "sir."
Quote Audio
B: Not bad for a fellow with one eye!
V: Sigmar guides my strikes, Master Dwarf.
M: I wish he'd guide mine. Or better yet, send me a nice cool flagon of ale.
Quote Audio
B: Not bad for a fellow with one eye!
V: Sigmar guides my strikes, Master Dwarf.
M: (Grail Knight) If only he taught you how to hold a sword proper, peasant.
Quote Audio
K: Not bad, One-Eye. You must truly hate them.
V: They are heretics, conquerors and cruel beyond measure. Hate flows easily in their presence.
S: Yes... we often hate those who remind us of ourselves.
Quote Audio
S: Nice to have a chance for a little unconflicted carnage, isn't it, Saltzpyre?
V: Conflict, witch? I serve a righteous cause, I experience no spiritual conflict.
M: Oi! Don't ruin the fun we're having, alright?
Quote Audio
S: Death comes easily to you, Saltzpyre.
V: I bring death where death is needed! Join me in righteous slaughter!
M: Already with you, sir, just haven't matched your speed yet!

Sienna[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
B: Nicely done, Zharrinn!
S: Everything burns, Goreksson. Fire's hunger never sates.
V: Nor does that of heresy, witch.
Quote Audio
B: Oho! You know your way around a thick fight, Zharrinn!
S: Thank you, Bardin! I guess all those years as a Battle Wizard paid off.
M: Aye, plenty of times you'd made one hell of a difference for me and the lads.
Quote Audio
K: You've talent, wizard. My sisters could teach you a thing or two, assuming they didn't kill you first.
S: You make a trip to the forest realm sound so appealing, Kerillian.
M: Can't be any worse than here.
Quote Audio
V: I give you that, witch, your capacity for slaughter makes you a useful ally.
S: Useful... But still not welcome, I take it?
B: To some of us Zharrinn. To some of us.

Ally Down for the Third Time[edit | edit source]

Markus[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
B: You're all right, azumgi?
M: Let me just get my breath back.
B: No time for trivialities like that. Someone help azumgi!
Quote Audio
B: Come on azumgi, you can stay upright.
M: This is just not my day, Bardin!
K: Is it ever your day, lumberfoot?
Quote Audio
B: Stand up Kruber, time for another bout!
M: Might need a hand first.
B: Hand first, then carnage. Glorious carnage!
Quote Audio
K: Let me guess: this time you tripped and fell.
M: Oh no, I was charged by that invisible regiment of mad minotaurs.
K: Hoo, I dodged them with ease!
Quote Audio
K: And again, Kruber's down. Hangover, perhaps?
M: Haven't touched a drop, I'll have you know!
K: I see, so the hogshead ended itself, did it?
Quote Audio
K: Kruber, must you keep falling down so?
M: I do try to... Could you help me up?
V: In the fullness of time...
Quote Audio
V: You need aid again, Kruber?
M: Ah, I made a gallant sacrifice, as it happens!
V: Oh, there's been quite a few of these selfless deeds from you, lately.
Quote Audio
V: Kruber! You seem to have fallen over, again!
M: 'Twas somewhat unavoidable, sir!
V: Somewhat unav-...! Oh, someone help the man up!
Quote Audio
V: Kruber! You're falling down like a defenestrated priest of [Fabena?]!
M: A defene-what? I need aid here!
V: I think we noticed...
Quote Audio
S: Are up and down such complicated concepts, Markus?
M: I've had a run of bad fortune, that's all.
K: Started the day you were born, by the look of you.
Quote Audio
S: Looks like you need help again, Markus.
M: Reckon I might! If it's not too much trouble.
S: You heard him, darlings.
Quote Audio
S: Kruber's down again!
M: Never used to happen. I used to be a rock.
K: At least your head's still as dense as one.

Kerillian[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: Again, someone help the elf! I think she's drunk.
K: And you'd know all about that, wouldn't you?
M: Aye.
Quote Audio
M: The elf's down! And not for the first time.
K: Wow! Kruber can count. Impressive.
M: And despite what ill-willed rumours say, I can read too. Damn old scribes, drinking my name through the mud.
Quote Audio
M: Oh, look! The elf's fallen over! What a surprise.
K: You're not helping.
V: Someone get her up.
Quote Audio
B: Down again, elf?
K: Maybe I like it on the ground? Leave me be.
V: You do not give the orders here, elf! Help her!
Quote Audio
B: She's down again!
K: And when I get up, Bardin, you'd better be out of reach!
B: A likely story!
Quote Audio
B: Oh ho, the elf can't stay upright!
K: Some of us aren't so near to the ground all the time, dwarf!
B: And it is lovely down there, I think you'll agree!
Quote Audio
V: That elf is swiftly becoming a liability.
K: Thank you, I'm sure.
S: Don't forget we need her, Saltzpyre. Try to be polite.
Quote Audio
V: You fall a great deal for one so 'nimble', elf.
K: Can I help it if they find me a challenge?
V: Challenge? By Sigmar, a challenge indeed. Every minute. Every second.
Quote Audio
V: The elf has fallen!
K: The elf is in a lot of pain, help her!
V: On further consideration...
Quote Audio
S: Will you stop falling over?
K: Will you stop asking foolish questions?
S: What do you think?
Quote Audio
S: Kerillian's down! Watch the grace of the elves at work.
K: Will someone please help me up?
Quote Audio
S: Kerillian, do you need aid?
K: What does it look like?
S: Never can tell with you, darling.

Getting Hit for the Third Time by Globadier's Gas[edit | edit source]

Bardin[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
K: Rat gas or dwarfen stench? Bardin's there, all the same.
B: *coughs* Elf... stench! *coughs*

Kerillian[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
K: Did you not see it coming, elf?
K: *coughs* I'll... *coughs* ...mustache! *coughs*
Quote Audio
B: You like that poison, elf?
K: *coughs* You... are poison! *coughs*
Quote Audio
V: Can you not see the color green, elf?
K: *coughs* Go and die, One-Eye! *coughs*
Quote Audio
S: Stay out of the gas, darlings!
K: *coughs* Shut up! *coughs*

Victor[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
K: Surely it's no fouler than your breath, One-Eye?
V: *coughs* ...your tongue!
Quote Audio
B: Not a good idea, hanging around in that gas, Grimgi.
V: *coughs* Hang... you! *coughs*

Getting Caught for the Third Time by Packmaster[edit | edit source]

Kerillian[edit | edit source]

Quote Audio
M: Just a thought, elf! Maybe keep clear of those throttlers!
K: Why thank you Kruber, I've not thought of that!
B: Aye, that's precisely how it looks so far.
Quote Audio
B: The elf's back to being dragged by, oh grand story!
K: The rat snuffed through your lazy guard!
M: Told us to keep our distances you did! Too slow to [half-kneel?]!
Quote Audio
V: In Sigmar's name, stop getting hooked!
K: Maybe you should kill the hook-rat quicker, did you ever consider that?
B: Might be she has a point, Grimgi.
Quote Audio
S: This is not helping, elf.
K: [missing sound in the file]
M: Thought had crossed my mind, if I'm honest.

Unknown Trigger[edit | edit source]

B: Doesn't pay to be your friend, does it Grimgi?

V: The path of the righteous is fraught with danger.

B: Aye, that's why I carry a big, heavy weapon, so I can give danger a good clout if it happens by.