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Chaos Warrior
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The Chaos Warrior is a type of Chaos Elite in Vermintide 2.

Also known as "Rot-Helm" or "Kazaki'dum" in Khazalid (the language of the Dwarfs), the Chaos Warrior is an enormous brute with fully plated armour and a massive greataxe. They are easily spotted due to their posture and rusty green armour, as well as their distinguishable taunts directed towards the Heroes once they spot them. Chaos Warriors are part of the Chaos patrols which Heroes may encounter throughout a map.


A Chaos Warrior is a living weapon, encased in warped armour and imbued with raw, superhuman strength. Having shed the concerns of petty mortality, he dons the mantle of war in the name of the Dark Gods. His is a life of unending battle.

Slaughter is the Chaos Warrior’s only comfort; the mercurial affection of his blasphemous patron the only love he seeks. Carnage is his nourishment, destruction his muse. His armour slicked with the blood of countless foes, the Chaos Warrior stalks the face of the Old World as an instrument of godly death, implacable as the master he serves.

Towering brutes with horned helmets, these battle-hardened veterans of Chaos are skilled fighters that use their superior strength, size and thick armour to their advantage. Not only do they swing a massive two-handed axe with phenomenal strength, but they also adjust their techniques to match and counter their opponent, making them especially formidable in combat. Keep your tactics fluid, watch out for his axe, and remember that it will take numerous heavy blows to make this armoured foe fall.


  • Thanks to their armor, Chaos Warriors are highly resistant all non-Armour Piercing damage, not even taking damage from most head-shots if the attack is not charged.
  • Melee is highly advised when fighting against a lone Chaos Warrior, since even though their attacks are powerful, they are also the slowest in the game. Make use of dodges to strafe around them and go for their heads!
  • Kerillian with the Shade career is capable of instantly killing a Chaos Warrior by using her ability (even on Legend difficulty), which can save a lot of resources and time if he is accompanied by several more Elites or another Chaos Warrior.
  • Bardin with a Trollhammer Torpedo can also easily oneshot a Chaos Warrior with a direct hit.


The Chaos Warrior can be staggered in a number of ways and to a number of degrees, which can be vital in surviving encounters with the brute. They are listed below:

  • Head-shots with ranged weaponry will shortly stagger a Chaos Warrior, making them a useful tactic to save a cornered ally that may not be able to dodge their attacks in time.
  • Body-shots with Armour Piercing ranged weaponry will have the same effect as mentioned above, the same goes for the ability of Victor Saltzpyre with the Bounty Hunter career.
  • All staggering abilities of the different Hero careers are able to shortly stun Chaos Warriors.
  • Bombs (both normal and incendiary) can stagger a Chaos Warrior and sometimes even bring him to his knees (clean hit from a normal bomb).
  • The ability of Markus Kruber with the Foot Knight career is capable of knocking a Chaos Warrior to the ground, which will leave him extremely exposed to your attacks, since getting up takes a long time.
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