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The Empire is replete with Bounty Hunters, men and women who bring a form of justice to the deserving – or at least to those capable of meeting a hefty fee. It is a profession people by scoundrels and the desperate, by deserters and thrillseekers. And just occasionally by men so driven that there is no longer a place for them, even amongst the fringes of authority.

Affronted by attempts to conceal the horrors of Ubersreik – to maintain the fragile lie that Skaven are naught but myth – Victor at last buckled beneath obsession and spoke more truth to his superiors than a sane man should. Though Victor never discusses what transpired thereafter, and his ties with the order would seem intact, the gulf between him and his superiors is wider than ever. Now, he finances his endless crusade with coin garnered from the Bounty Hunter’s trade – a pragmatic choice for a man who once relied solely upon faith.

As the Bounty Hunter, Victor dons heavy armour and favours ranged weapons, the better to keep their tainted and decaying flesh (and all associated aromas) at a safe distance. The Victor of today favours more brute force (and less finesse) than the Witch Hunter of old ever did. Finesses costs time, and to a Bounty Hunter, time is money.

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Bounty Hunter
Portrait saltzpyre bountyhunter.png
Blessed Shots
Locked and Loaded
Hit Points

Bounty Hunter is one of the three Careers from which Victor Saltzpyre can choose.

This career is available at level 7, after Witch Hunter Captain and prior to Zealot at level 12.


When dealing with his superiors, Saltzpyre learned the hard way to temper the zeal of his obsession with the Skaven. After Ubersreik, he could no longer contain himself and spoke his mind. His superiors responded harshly, threatening Saltzpyre with severe reprimands. Victor, feeling betrayed and disillusioned, cut his mental ties with the order. Officially, he remains a fully authorized Witch Hunter. In his mind, however, Victor continues his quest alone, and will now, if the need arises, secure funds for his quest by working as a Bounty Hunter.

In battle as the Bounty Hunter, Saltzpyre dons heavy armour and prefers to kill his Enemies with Ranged Weapons before he has to suffer their foul stench up close. The Bounty Hunter combines melee and ranged combat, with more brute force (and less finesse) than the Witch Hunter of old.

Skills and Traits[]

Ability Description
Bounty hunter locked and loaded.jpg

Locked and Loaded

Career Skill

  • Victor fires a powerful shot that pierces through enemies.
  • This skill consists of 2 components: one powerful bullet fired at the crosshair and a cone of pellets around it.
Bounty hunter blessed shots.jpg

Blessed Shots

Passive Ability

  • Guaranteed ranged critical hit every 10 seconds.

Ammo Pouches

Passive Ability

  • Increases ammo capacity by 50%.

Quick Release

Passive Ability

  • Increased reload speed by 15%.


Melee Weapons
Saltz rapier icon.png
Saltz falchion icon.png
Saltz axe icon.png
Saltz 2 handed sword icon.png
Flail icon.png
Axe and Falchion.png
Axe and Falchion
Saltzpyre Bill Hook.png
Bill Hook
Ranged Weapons
Brace of pistols icon.png
Brace of Pistols
Saltz volley crossbow.png
Volley Crossbow
Saltz repeater pistol icon.png
Repeater Pistol
Saltz crossbow icon.png


You may select one talent from each tier and change them freely in Taal's Horn Keep.

Level 5

Blood for Money





Melee critical strikes and headshots grant 2 Temporary Health. Critical headshots restores twice as much. Melee killing blows grant temporary health based on the health of the slain enemy. Healing yourself with a First Aid Kit or a Healing Draught also heals your nearby allies for 20% of their maximum health. Removes any Wounds.
Level 10

Open Wounds


Steel Crescendo


Weight of Fire

Critical hits cause enemies to take 20% increased damage for 15 seconds. Does not stack with similar effects. Upon firing the last shot, gain 15% attack speed and 15% power for 15 seconds. Ranged weapon magazine size increases ranged power level by 1% for each Ammunition available.
Level 15





Enhanced Power

The first enemy hit always counts as Staggered.

Deal 20% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Bonus damage is increased to 40% against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect.

Deal 20% more damage to staggered enemies. Each hit against a staggered enemy adds another count of stagger. Headshots and critical hits instead inflict 40% bonus damage, as do strikes against enemies afflicted by more than one stagger effect. Increases total Power Level by 7.5%. This is calculated before other buffs are applied.
Level 20

Blessed Combat


Cruel Fortune


Prize Bounty

Melee strikes makes up to the next 6 ranged shots deal 15% more damage. Ranged hits makes up to the next 6 melee strikes deal 15% more damage. Melee kills reset the cooldown of Blessed Shots. Reduces cooldown on Blessed Shots to 6 seconds. Shots affected by Blessed Shots consume no ammunition.
Level 25

Rile the Mob


Dual Action


Job Well Done

Ranged critical hits grants Victor and his allies 10% movement speed for 10 seconds. Killing an elite while out of ammunition restores 20% of max ammunition. Melee kills reloads Victor's ranged weapon (1 bullet/bolt) Killing an elite or special enemy grants 1% damage reduction buff, stacking up to 30 times. Lasts until end of mission or death.
Level 30

Just Reward




Return on Investment

Ranged critical hits reduce cooldown of Locked and Loaded by 20%. Can only trigger once every 10 seconds. Modifies Victor’s sidearm to fire two powerful bullets in a straight line. Scoring a headshot with this attack reduces the cooldown of Locked and Loaded by 40%. Modifies Victor’s sidearm to fire two blasts of shield penetrating pellets in a devastating cone. Each kill with the blast increases the amount of pellets in the next blast. (Max 20 additional pellets)
Hero bounty hunter.jpg

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