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Locate all of the journal entries left behind by a former escapee in Blood in the Darkness

As you enter The Flooded Lurk take the first right, where you will find the first Torn Journal Entry behind a wooden partition in the far corner.

Not So Great Escape 1.jpg

The second page is under the wooden pathway when leaving The Cave of Teeth.

Not So Great Escape 2.jpg

The third page is behind some cages in the corner of the Central Gaol.

Not So Great Escape 3.jpg

The fourth page is hidden behind some crates next to a bookcase after the drop down to The Execution Yard.

Not So Great Escape 4 Obstacles.jpg Not So Great Escape 4.jpg

Near the final caged prisoner is a small alcove. You will find the fifth page hidden behind a wooden partition with 2 crates and a barrel.

Not So Great Escape 5 Alcove.jpg Not So Great Escape 5.jpg

Just before exiting The Old East Tower, jump over the barrel to your left and head upstairs. Look behind you to find the sixth and final page next to a dwarf's corpse.

Not So Great Escape 6.jpg


Remain inside the cellblock and defeat all enemies for the duration of the event in Blood in the Darkness

After activating the Windlass in the Central Gaol, do not use the Lever next to the locked Gate upstairs until all Enemies have been killed.


Rescue all prisoners from the Courtyard within 50 seconds in Blood in the Darkness


Return the skull in Blood in the Darkness

The Skull is found just after dropping into the Central Gaol.

Fellow of Infinte Jest 1.jpg

In the Cursed Sanctum, you will find a headless body on the central table. Place the skull on the table to complete the challenge.

Fellow of Infinte Jest 2.jpg


Find the torch to light the Ritual Chamber brazier in Blood in the Darkness

There is a Key to be found in a locked room in the Cursed Sanctum. The room is unlocked by way of 5 Loose Books.

Just across from the table where you find the second Grimoire are two bookcases. The first book is behind the curtain on the left.

In History's Light Book 1.jpg

As you head to the room's exit you will see the second book on the bookcase in front of you.

In History's Light Book 2.jpg

After you exit the room, you should see the third book on the second bookcase against the wall.

In History's Light Book 3.jpg

The fourth book is on the bookcase upstairs, directly above the first.

In History's Light Book 4.jpg

Finally, the fifth book is on the bookcase to the right of the stairs. This will unlock the Door next to you allowing access to the key.

In History's Light Book 5.jpg In History's Light Key.jpg

Unlock the door just below the collection of Supplies for the finale to reach the Torch.

In History's Light Door.jpg In History's Light Torch.jpg

Once in the Ritual Chamber, light the brazier in the left hand corner to complete the challenge.

In History's Light Brazier.jpg


Complete all mission challenges of Blood in the Darkness