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Tome 1

Upon entering Haunted Oubliette, hug the right wall and jump off the rocks on the right up a steep ledge.


Head down the hallway and to the open door on the left at the end where you will find the first Tome.

BoD T1 2.jpg

Grimoire 1

After lowering the Gate and surviving in the Central Gaol, instead of crossing the bridge, go down the path on the right, identified by the vase on the pedestal.

BoD G1.jpg

Continue following the path until you reach the first Grimoire under broken furniture.

BoD G1 2.jpg

Tome 2

Upon entering into The Execution Yard, head left immediately towards an obscure hallway by the scaffolding.

BoD T2 1.jpg

Continue going down the path to re-enter Central Gaol to find the second Tome in a crate at the end of the path.

Blood of Darkness Tome 2.jpg

Tome 3

Head to the end of The Execution Yard where you save the last two captives.

Blood of Darkness Tome 3.jpg

Jump onto the crate next to the wall to reach the third Tome through a large hole in the ceiling.

BoD T3 2.jpg
BoD T3 3.jpg

Grimoire 2

After getting to the second level of the Cursed Sanctum, when entering the next room there is a path hidden behind the bookshelves on your right.

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BoD G2 2.jpg

Continue down the hidden path until you enter a large study where you will find the second Grimoire on a table on the other side of the room.

BoD G2 3.jpg
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