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Chaossymbol.png Chaos
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Creates a storm which disables heroes.
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The Blightstormer is a type of Chaos Special in Vermintide 2.

Blightstormers are large, bloated creatures with a naked upper body and metal face-mask. They carry a book with them that they use to conjure up great storms which move around on the battlefield, dragging anyone in who is foolish enough to get too close.


Chaos Sorcerers draw upon the full fury of the Winds of Magic. Unlike the tutored wizards of the Empire, whose rituals and rites offer protection against the ravages of Chaos, Sorcerers trust to their wits and the fluxsome favour of the Dark Gods to endure the ravages of raw magic. Few are entirely successful, and certainly none are successful forever. Magic is the stuff of Chaos itself, and those who wield it without safeguard are destined to warp, body and soul, beneath its baleful power.


  • Blightstormers will begin audibly chanting when they spawn, and will spend some time walking in the background before teleporting to a spot from which to cast their spell. Use this time to locate and kill them with ranged weapons.
  • When a Blightstormer begins to conjure their storm, the spell will travel from them to their target as a series of glowing green tendrils. Trace these tendrils back to the Blightstormer and kill them before they finish casting.
  • When the Blightstormer completes their conjuration, they will spawn a disabling storm that will chase a single Hero at moderate speed. The storm also widens and shrinks unpredictably, so stay a good distance away from it or be sucked in, incapacitated and thrown away from your party.
  • If the storm throws a Hero off a bottomless cliff, it will kill them instantly. If you are near a bottomless cliff, prioritize killing the Blightstormer as quickly as possible.
  • Killing the Blightstormer will immediately dissolve its storm. After conjuring a storm, the Blightstormer will teleport away to a new location, so try to locate them while keeping a safe distance from the storm.
  • The storm behaves like a regular enemy; closing a door in front of it will delay it until it breaks the door and jumping of cliffs makes it hard for the storm to follow.
  • Storms affect enemies as well as Heroes, and can be used strategically to control hordes. It does not damage enemies, however, and won't affect Chaos Warriors, Monsters and Bosses.
  • A Monster and a Blightstormer together can kill the whole party very quickly. Have one Hero disengage from the monster and focus on taking the Blightstormer out once his chanting is heard.
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