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Bile Troll
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Chaossymbol.png Chaos
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Vomits, Regenerates health.
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The Bile Troll is a type of Chaos Monster in Vermintide 2.

Bile Trolls are a corrupted form of normal Trolls, which are already monstrosities by themselves. A Bile Troll stands about 10-feet tall, has long arms and is covered in spikes. Due to the experiments performed on it, it is covered in scars which can glow an eerie green, with an additional toothed mouth located on its belly. It wears pieces of old plate armour on its right arm and wields a giant axe in battle. On top of that, it has natural regenerative abilities and can spit acid bile to injure and blind its enemies.


Trolls are known for their indiscriminate appetites and raw, physical might. Bile Trolls, being forever altered by the warping might of the Dark Gods, are even more ferocious.

Though Trolls are dim-witted in the extreme, it is a foolish soul who underestimates such an opponent. Should a blade penetrate its tough – almost-rocky – hide, the Troll’s formidable regenerative abilities will knit the wound together in a matter of moments. Worse, the attacker will now find himself in easy range of beady-eyed retribution. A fortunate soul will contend only with a pulverising blow fit to shake the hillside. The unlucky perishes in a flood of seething, acidic vomit that scours flesh from bone.


The Bile Troll has four types of attacks. In general, attacks using his right arm can be Blocked to negate the damage, while damage from his axe partly penetrates a block for decreased damage.

Axe Sweep[]

With his axe, the Troll sweeps in front of him, damaging players and sending them flying. Damage can be blocked partly.

Axe Slam[]

The Troll uses his axe for an overhead slam while walking forward, damaging any players standing in front of it. Damage can be blocked partly.

Arm Sweep[]

Using his right arm, the Troll sweeps in front of him. Players hit will be damaged and thrown away. Damage can be blocked.

Spit Bile[]

The Troll can spit bile in two different ways:

  • It can projectile-vomit bile in a straight line towards the player, covering the ground from the troll towards the player.
  • It can drop his head and spit bile directly below him, covering the ground around himself with bile.

Players hit by a stream of bile are covered in it, damaging them over time and blinding them for multiple seconds. Additionally, when standing in the bile lying on the ground, players also take damage over time, have impaired movement and have their Stamina slowly drained.


Bile Trolls regenerate health in two ways during combat:

  • When avoiding damage for a certain amount of time, Bile Trolls slowly regenerate health (about 2% per second).
  • When the health bar of a Troll reaches a certain threshold, it drops on all fours for a certain period of time and gets a new, yellow health bar on top of its red one. During this period, the players can drain this yellow health bar by attacking the Troll. If the health bar is depleted before the period is over, the Troll stands up and continues fighting. If, however, the party fails to drain the whole yellow health bar in time, the Troll gains the amount of health that is left on this health bar. This process occurs twice: at 50% health (maximum regeneration to 100% health) and at 25% health (maximum regeneration to whatever percentage the yellow health bar was dropped to last time).


  • All attacks from his right hand can be blocked, while all attacks with his left hand (his axe hand) cannot. In melee combat, keep strafing left in in order to minimize the risk of being hit with his left-hand attacks.
  • The bile of the Troll stays on the ground for a long time. If fighting in alleyways or tunnels, try to lure the Troll to open areas, as this minimizes the risk of walking and fighting in the bile.
  • Even if you are running away as a party, try to damage the Troll from time to time, as this will prevent its regeneration ability from kicking in.
  • When the Troll gets on all fours and starts it regeneration period, make your way over to the side of its head first so you can make head-shots to maximize damage.
  • The Bile Troll cannot be staggered during his regeneration period, so don't waste your Abilities or Bombs at that time.
  • During vomiting, the Troll keeps his head relatively still, which allows ranged combatants to get some head-shots in.
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