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Bestigor are a type of Beastmen Elite introduced in Winds of Magic.

Background[edit | edit source]

Among the toughest and most skilled of the Beastmen are the Bestigors, the best the Beastmen have to offer in terms of natural fighting ability. With this given status the Bestigors are given the best in food, armour and equipment the Beastmen could bang into something vaguely counting for armour or scavenged from the battlefield and fitted around the Bestigor’s monstrous frame.

Wielding large two handed weapons and possessing brute strength, Bestigors can cleave a man in two. They can also ram into enemies with immense power using their thick skulls and jagged horns. They often lead many other of their lesser kin into battle, and charge with reckless abandon at full speed into the enemy baring their horns. A single Bestigor is a tough opponent that can cause massive damage if engaged carelessly. The Ubersreik Five have seen and beaten much worse though, so a single Bestigor is nary a problem to a player who knows what he’s doing. But when among a horde or even worse with a bunch of other Bestigors, they can become formidable opponents to face much like the Stormvermin of Clan Fester.

They also like the other factions form patrols that vary in strength depending on the difficulty, but on the higher difficulties much like any other patrol these are to be feared and avoided at all costs, lest your journey end in a bloody, dramatic spectacle.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Much like any other armoured type elite, the weak spot is the less armoured head which can bring these imposing warriors crashing down quick. Normal strikes are powerful yet can be parried and the heavy strikes are even more so but slow like the Halberd variant of the Stormvermin and are easily dodged, parrying is not advisable. But when the Bestigor is at its most dangerous is when it goes on the charge, usually done at a distance to get a good run up.

These cause heavy damage and throw back the player far and destroys your block, leaving you dangerously exposed. It is best to either kill the Bestigor on the charge using a ranged weapon or dodge aside where the Bestigor will stumble and trip, leaving himself extremely vulnerable.

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