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Dual Hammers
Bardin dual hammers.png
45°? ParryAngle3.png
Unlock Level
Unlocked by Okri's Challenges
Ranger Veteran
Outcast Engineer


Bring a flurry of blunt force trauma to the battlefield, with this set of dual warhammers.

Weapon Attributes[]

Crowd control, Fast Attacks, Wide Sweeps


You unlock the recipie by completing all the "Back to Ubersreik"-missions as Bardin, on any difficulty. The missions are a part of the "Back to Ubersreik"-DLC.

You can complete the missions from "Back to Ubersreik" via quickplay or via joining a friend who launches those missions for you. If you complete the missions and take a look Orik's challenges, you can see you have progressed. HOWEVER, if you haven't purchased the DLC, you cannot claim the recipie once it becomes available.

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