Icon Preview Name Rarity Flavour Text Obtention
Bardin dfp1 Beardling's Drakktuk.png
Bardin dfp1 Beardling's Drakktuk preview.png
Beardling's Drakktuk Common Twin drake pistols carried by a young warrior. Likely a gift from a wealthy relative.
  • Default
Bardin dfp2 Warrior's Drakktuk.png
Bardin dfp2 Warrior's Drakktuk preview.png
Warrior's Drakktuk Uncommon Drake pistols borne to battle by an experienced warrior.
Bardin dfp3 Zintiaz Drakktuk.png
Bardin dfp3 Zintiaz Drakktuk preview.png
Zintiaz Drakktuk Exotic This pair of drake pistols has seen constant tinkering, to the point that most of the improvements have cancelled one another out.
Bardin dfp4 Naggrundak Drakktuk.png
Bardin dfp4 Naggrundak Drakktuk preview.png
Naggrundak Drakktuk Exotic Ostentatious, large-bore pistols, suitable for hunting anything from gobbos to wyverns. The concept of overkill has never truly caught on amongst dwarfs. Dead is dead.
Bardin dfp5 Rhuni Drakktuk.png
Bardin dfp5 Rhuni Drakktuk preview.png
Rhuni Drakktuk Veteran Rare runic drake pistols of uncertain origin. Traditional runesmiths are deeply suspicious of new-fangled engineering advancements, considering them unproven distractions from more important works.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Bardin dfp6 Nornak Drakktuk.png
Bardin dfp6 Nornak Drakktuk preview.png
Nornak Drakktuk Veteran Drake pistols with steel reinforced with dragon bone. Strongly disapproved of by traditionalists, but nowhere near as much by those caught in their sights.
  • Commendation Chests, General's Chests and above
Bardin dfp6 Nornak Drakktuk.png
Bardin dfp7 Grimdrakktuk bog preview.png
Grimdrakktuk Veteran Perfectly-balanced, finely-wrought and inexpressibly valuable drake pistols. Somewhere, a furious king is searching for a valued heirloom.
Bardin dfp8 wom.png
Bardin dfp8 wom preview.png
Weave-Forged Drakktuk Weave
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