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Bögenhafen is a town in the middle of Reikland and the location where the Shadows over Bögenhafen DLC takes place.


The wealthy city of Bögenhafen thrives on its merchant trade, attracting commerce via its appealing harbor and bustling marketplace. Gold flows through the city along the River Bögen, but this trading hub is also a ripe target for Nurgle corruption.

Places of Interest[]

  • The Göttenplatz, also known as the Square of the Gods, is a high up square with a Temple of Sigmar on it. This specific temple has a Sanctum Malificarum, where the Blightreaper is kept safe.
  • North of the River Bögen is the Pit – a dangerous and filthy slum laden with crime and disease. A local gang of thugs called the Black Hook has its hideout here, and only the very brave or very foolish would venture into this area after dark.


  • The town seems to be quite large with a lack of long ranged communication or alarm signals in place. A celebration is seen starting in the upper city during The Pit and continuing during The Blightreaper, while other parts of the town are completely overrun with Skaven and Rotbloods.
  • The apparent festivities are speculated to be caused by the Carnival of Chaos, a group of showmen with colorful attire playing songs and dancing, who are in fact Nurgle worshippers. After attracting a town's inhabitants with their show, the entertainers reveal their true forms, being rotting and pestilent demons of Nurgle. The villagers close to the celebration are slaughtered, meanwhile the rest of the town falls to the plethora of diseases coming from the Nurgle caravan.[1]