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Bödvarr Ribspreader
Chaos Lord Bödvarr Ribspreader.jpg
Chaossymbol.png Chaos
Armour Class
Fully Armoured
Weak Spots
Unique Traits
Charges and throws axe
Hit Points
Cata 2
Cata 3

Is it foolish bravery or Southland stupidity that drove you here? No matter, you'll die all the same!
~ Bödvarr Ribspreader


Bödvarr Ribspreader is the Chaos Champion of the Rotblood Tribe forces in Helmgart, and the boss at the end of The War Camp. The Heroes take him on after disrupting his plans around Helmgart, which makes him send out scouting parties to locate the Heroes, which in turn leaves his camp relatively defenseless.

Bödvarr wears magically enhanced, full plate armour, similar to that of Chaos Warriors. However, his armour has more ornamentation, a furry cloak and he wears a larger, double-horned helmet. He wields a greataxe called Grandfather's Blessing, decorated with bones, a skull and a human carcass. The axe has been repaired many times, clearly indicating Bödvarr was not the first champion to wield it in Nurgle's foetid name.


Heavy Hit[]

Bödvarr simply hits with his axe, similar to how Chaos Warriors attack. Damage can be blocked.

Overhead Slam[]

Similar to Chaos Warriors, Bödvar raises his axe above his head and performs an overhead slam. However unlike with Chaos Warriors, the damage can be fully blocked.

Boomerang Throw[]

Bödvarr throws his axe in a straight line, dealing damage and knocking heroes away. He stand in place and waits for the axe to return to him. Damage can be blocked.


Bödvarr steps forward and kicks a single Hero away. Damage can be blocked.

Seismic Slam[]

Bödvarr slams his weapon into the ground after raising it up, causing a shockwave that knocks anyone around him back. Damage can be blocked.

Chaos Charge[]

Bödvarr charges quickly in a straight line towards a single player, sending them flying. Damage can be blocked.

Additional Mechanics[]

Summon Rotbloods[]

Bödvarr will stop fighting, go to the center of the arena and call his fellow Rotbloods to his side, after which he resumes fighting. The Rotbloods consist of Marauders and on higher difficulties also might include Chaos Warriors.


  • Every single one of his attacks can be blocked to negate damage.
  • Remember that Bödvarr Ribspreader is basically just a much tougher version of a Chaos Warrior, which means that he will also have most of the same weaknesses. In his case, a majority of his attacks, with the exception of his Chaos Charge and Kick, are sluggish, yet very powerful.
  • He is vulnerable to staggering to the point that a prepared party with bombs and the correct Careers can stun-lock and damage him for a huge chunk of his health, before Bödvarr has a chance to attack.
  • A direct hit from the Trollhammer Torpedo will guarantee a stun on him, and by the time he gets out of it Bardin will almost be done reloading and be ready to stun him again.
  • While holding his summoning speech in the middle of the arena, it's often easier to attack him from a distance rather than get close to him, since he will simply use his Seismic Slam to knock you backwards.
  • Bödvarr will temporarily be completely still while performing his Boomerang Throw, leaving him highly susceptible to ranged head-shots.
  • Keep in mind that almost all of his attacks will knock you back with the exception of his ordinary Heavy Hits and Overhead Slam
  • Never keep your eye off the Rotbloods that Bödvarr summons into the fight, as they are just as much of a threat as Bödvarr himself.


Trigger Quote
Monologuing You dare trespass on my domain? I shall face you alone.
Come! Hack me down, if you can! I need no aid against weakling southlanders!
Southlander weaklings! Face me in the arena! I'll take you all, by myself!
Hack me down if you can! I need no aid against Southlander weaklings.
Summoning horde The ones I seek come to me! Stealers of slaves, torchers of loot, defilers of Lords... You'll suffer for it all!
Do you bow down to Southlanders, brothers? Show them how Rotbloods fight!
I know you, Southlings. My slaves. My spoils of war. Lord Ghûlmagak. You will pay for them all!
Who else wants to try these Southlings? Prove you're a true Rotblood!
You want to prove yourselves, Rotbloods? Start with these southlanders!
Fighting My slaves. My spoils of war. Lord Ghûlmagak. You will pay for them all!
Heavy Hit Enough!
Chaos Charge (roaring)
For Mire!
Boomerang Attack Catch!
Seismic Slam Hah!
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