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Athel Yenlui
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Main Mission
Helmgart Act 2
The Screaming Bell
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The Bridge of Shadows has been a boon, but it seems our enemies may have got wise. Olesya says there's interference in the Winds of Magic, centered around an old elf temple nearby. Take a wander, have a gander, and put a stop to whatever it is they're up to. We've a lot of work to do, and we won't stand a chance if you're left marching up and down the countryside.
~ Franz Lohner

Turns out Olesya is having trouble extending the Bridge of Shadows into certain areas around Helmgart. She traced the disturbance at the elven temple north from here. I need you to put things right. Otherwise, you'll going to be walking everywhere, and you just don't have time for that.
~ Franz Lohner


The Heroes travel through the Reikwald Forest to ancient Elven ruins in order to find an Elven temple, which is the center of a magical disturbance that disrupts the workings of the Bridge of Shadows. After finding that a large aethyr-powered mechanism in the temple had been sabotaged, the heroes realign the ley-lines and restore the balance of magic.


The heroes have to realign the ley-lines by using three Aethyr Crystals. Each crystal will cause one of the three rings to rotate counter clockwise. When the heroes activate the crystals, hordes of Infantry will spawn, sometimes with Plague Monks. Hold down the action button (default "e") until the two empty lines on the moving circle align with the blue lines on the edge of the mechanism. Correct alignment will cause the lines on the circle to glow blue as well. It is possible to rotate too far, which will require another rotation. Aligning all three rings causes Stormvermin and another horde to spawn, but after a short duration all enemies are destroyed by the device's energy-blast. Exit through the ivy-covered gate, and follow the tunnel to the Bridge of Shadows.


Not bad, heroic ones. The winds have calmed. My bridge should be able to get you home safely now. I have also learned a thing or two about Clan Fester. First off, they are quite desperate as their breeders, yes, the Skaven females, are suffering from some apparently incurable affliction. It's known as the Brood Blight and it affects the sole reason for the Breeders existence, which is, of course, their fertility. Here is when Rasknitt appeared, promising Clan Fester a cure from the Brood Blight in return for the capture of Ubersreik. So, after nearly escaping death by your hands, he went missing for some time. Upon his return to Clan Fester he somehow managed to blame the defeat in Ubersreik on the former, now dead, Warlord of Clan Fester. Yes, Rasknitt was never the leader of Clan Fester itself, only in charge of the Ubersreik assault. That is what they do - lead when it suits them. So now we have Grey Seer Rasknitt in command of the Skittergate and the pact with the Rotbloods, and the new Warlord of Clan Fester named Skarrik Spinemanglr. I will let you know when I have more on both of them.
~ Olesya Pimenova


  • Rosenhein, Reikwald Forest:
  • Howling Creek:
  • Old Grisbaum Wilds:
  • Clan Fester Outpost:
  • Grisbaum Quagmire:
  • Athel Yenlui:
  • Temple of Yenlui:


  1. Locate Athel Yenlui
  2. Proceed Through the Wilds
  3. Find the Source of the Disturbance
  4. X/3 Realign the Aethyr
  5. Survive Until the Alignment is Completed
  6. Escape Through the Bridge of Shadows


  • In the beta this map was called "Tempest"
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