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Safe Strategy[]

The safest way to complete the event is to move from one crystals to the next as a team, activating them one by one. Appoint one player as the one to align all ley-lines, preferably the one with the least crowd control. The others are tasked with keeping that player safe by killing enemies trying to attack the player or using crowd control to push enemies of the ledge, and sniping Specials.

  • As the slopes up to the crystal run up in a clockwise direction, it is best to move clockwise as well.
  • Mind the Plague Monks spawning as each aethyr crystal is activated. As alignment-player, don't be afraid to stop to help out with fighting if the other players get overwhelmed.
  • For the defending players it is important to know that enemies can climb up very near to the crystal, so do not only stand back to back with the aligning player.

Fastest Strategy[]

By making use of good crowd control and stealth, it is possible to align all ley-lines at once by splitting up the group. For more on this and the associated Okri's Challenge, check the page

Cheese Strategy[]

By making use of the maximum threat level and stealth/speed to de-aggro enemies, it is possible to raise the threat level of the map to a point where no more enemies can spawn. This happens when the team can shake off enough enemies just before the finale. The easiest way to do this is to let all party members die, except a Handmaiden with the Gift of Ladrielle talent, which runs the last part of the mission. This way, no enemy spawns during the finale and finishing the mission becomes trivial. Keep in mind that this strategy often results in a non-full book run and does not always work, as enemies left in the map might de-spawn. There is no way to check this, so in case enemies spawn revert to one of the strategies mentioned above.