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Legend: Line up all 3 Athel Yenlui leylines within 30 seconds

This challenge is fairly easy so manage. When entering the temple, no new enemies will spawn until one of the crystals is activated. Use this time to clear the area and position everyone at a crystal. The fourth player should have good ranged capabilities in order to cover all three players at the crystal (take Sienna for example). The players at the crystal should have some crowd control to manage enemies coming for them or stealth to de-aggro if surrounded. Good examples are the stagger abilities of the Mercenary and Witch Hunter Captain, or the prolonged stealth of the Ranger Veteran and the Shade.

Use the first enemy-free time to get as far as possible with the alignment. After the enemy waves spawn, only activate the crystal when you're sure you're safe. Once players are nearly there, they should stop to check if the other players are progressing in a similar manner, otherwise wait a bit until everybody is close to finishing. 30 seconds is a long time, so as long as you keep track of each others progress you will be able to complete the challenge. A chat prompt will let you know if you've succeeded.

Cheese Strategy[]

Using the cheesing-method described in the strategy section, the challenge becomes trivial. Note that this strategy might take a couple of runs, and should only be used if the party has a hard time completing the challenge normally.