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Tome 1[]

Once you drop down into the Old Grisbaum Wilds, keep following the path straight. You will find an Elven pillar with a hollow tree to your right.

Atheltome1 1.jpg Atheltome1 2.jpg

Walk along the tree and turn right after, walk up the hill and behind two big rocks you'll find an upturned crate with the first Tome inside.

Atheltome1 3.jpg

Grimoire 1[]

Return to the spot where you entered the Old Grisbaum Wilds. This time, follow the left cliff side (as if you had turned left after the drop instead of right). Follow the left wall along until you find a short, steep climb as seen in the screenshot.

Athelgrim1 1.jpg

Walk up the hill and to the left you'll see some ledges, one of which has the first Grimoire.

Athelgrim1 2.jpg

To reach it there is a short jumping puzzle a bit further along the cliff, starting with some rocks. You can also grab it by standing against the cliff directly underneath it, and jumping.

Athelgrim1 3.jpg

Tome 2[]

Just before the drop-off to the cave with the Clan Fester Outpost, go right. There you will find the second tome inside a crate.

Atheltome2 1.jpg Atheltome2 2.jpg

Grimoire 2[]

When entering Athel Yenlui proper, you need to interact with thee Suspicious Bricks to open a secret chamber. When you first come to the ruins keep to the right, and go through the right archway.

Athelgrim2 1.jpg

There are two elevated areas, one on either side, both of these contain a Supply Crate, and a "Suspicious Brick".

Athelgrim2 2.jpg

First the right path: the brick is right behind the supply crate.

Athelgrim2 3.jpg

Then the left path: when you reach the supply crate, turn around to find the second brick

Athelgrim2 4.jpg

Drop down to the open area, proceed up the big marble stairs on the other side of the ruins to reach another plateau

Athelgrim2 6.jpg

The brick is in the back corner, obscured by greenery.

Athelgrim2 7.jpg

Interacting with all three Suspicious Bricks will reveal a chamber beneath the stairs used to reach the third brick.

Athelgrim2 8.jpg

The second Grimoire is on a protruding brick on the right side of the room.

Athelgrim2 9.jpg

Tome 3[]

After the area with the Grimoire puzzle in Athel Yenlui proper, there will be a drop-off. Immediately after you drop (before the stairs going up) turn right.

Atheltome3 1.jpg

The third Tome is in the back corner on a small cliff, jump up the rocks to the right to reach it.

Atheltome3 2.jpg

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