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Tome 1[]

At the Knopfelspiel Mill, just before you move the cart, notice the house in front of the mill. Jump onto the fence, and from there onto the verandah, the first Tome is in a small hole in the roof.

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Grimoire 1[]

Just past the wall you climb over with a ladder there are two shacks to your right, followed by a house. The first Grimoire is the in the backyard of the house.

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Inside the house there is an Explosive Barrel that you will need.


In the shack adjacent to the house there often a second explosive barrel. (Don't destroy it as it doesn't respawn)

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In the cellar of the house, there is a barrel-sized hole, make the hole bigger with black powder. Then proceed through to the backyard.

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The first Grimoire sits near the Ammo Crate.

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Grimoire 2[]

Just before you open the barn, the second Grimoire is on the scaffolding around the tower near the barn. To reach it you will first need to climb on top of the hut nearby (two ladders)

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Jump across to the tower and the head left, proceed around the scaffolding clockwise to find the grimoire on the other side.

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Yours for taking.

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Tome 2[]

At the front of the barn, the second Tome sits on top of a small shelter above some hay. Once you enter the barn, you can drop down through the second story window. You can also grab this tome by jumping at it from underneath.

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Tome 3[]

After you exit the barn, head to the far back-left corner.

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Keep following the fence, and you'll soon come upon the edge of the river.

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In the creek, where a fallen tree meets the water you will find the third tome in a crate.

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