A Quiet Drink

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A Quiet Drink
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Special Event
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Now, we've been together a long time, and Helmgart's surprisingly quiet. So I was thinking, why not pop along and have a drink or two to celebrate us all having our parts and pieces still intact?
~ Franz Lohner

It's gone a bit quiet hereabouts, so perhaps you lot should take advantage of the lull and have a spot of fun? Why don't you have a drink or two? Spot of team-building I guess you could call it.
~ Franz Lohner

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Ubersreik 5 are heading out to try relax in peace and quiet… Hopefully.

Event[edit | edit source]

After attempting to enter The Hungry Troll Tavern the Heroes are attacked by a Horde. After a brief period a second Horde attacks containing multiple Chaos Warriors.

Finale[edit | edit source]

While trying to reach a cask of Bugman's XXXXXX the heroes cause a stack of crates and barrels to collapse alerting a nearby horde. A fight ensues on the ground floor during which time a fire has spread due to a lantern that was knocked over below the Bugman's. Eventually multiple chaos warriors join the fray and the fight leads upstairs. Not long after a group of Plague Monks are finally killed, the chandelier breaks off and falls through the floor into the wine cellar creating an escape route. After rolling a large Wine Tun out of the way, the heroes escape via the Bridge of Shadows.

Post-Mission[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

  • Helmgart, Civilian Quarters: where the heroes begin.
  • Bernhard Boulevard: large open area with some carts, statues and carnival banners.
  • Bernhard Platz: public garden with a walkway running through the middle.
  • The Hungry Troll Tavern: the first drinking spot for our heroes.
  • Vermin Tunnels: rocky tunnels with plenty of warpstone and vermin technology.
  • Franz Erikson Barracks: tunnels and stairways leading out of the vermin tunnels.
  • Feuerblümchens Bier Haus: the second drinking spot for our heroes.
  • Taverna Bezirk: city streets with plenty of ale bottles for consumption.
  • Borchband Platz: large open area with a bonfire in the middle.
  • The Obese Megalodon: the final drinking spot and scene of the finale.
  • Wine Cellar: tunnels below The Obese Megalodon containing large wine barrels.
  • Bridge of Shadows: the same outside area from the Prologue.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Find More Ale
  2. Head for The Hungry Troll Tavern
  3. Enter the Tavern
  4. Survive the Attack
  5. Reach Feuerblümchens Bier Haus
  6. Have a Drink!
  7. Find The Obese Megalodon
  8. Enter the Megalodon
  9. Find Some Proper Ale
  10. Survive the Tavern Brawl
  11. Escape Through the Cellars
  12. End the Bender at the Bridge of Shadows

Notes[edit | edit source]

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